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  1. Thx guys Seems i got 2 left hands so u dont see me running around with hammer and nails (more with bandage and sore thumb) Its the yes we want to build mode , all is ok now (and even my thumb seem to survived at construction)
  2. Got the same problem place a plotpole and u can upgrade it / delete it After server stop /restart the only options make spawnpoint and maintain are visible this on existing database and a fresh made by server soly running on /mpmissions/epoch.altis.pbo Logs dont mention placing or trying to upgrade the plotpole/jammer btw CfgActionMenu_target.hpp only show maintain and select_jammer not the other 2 options while say: vehicle has repair/replace ,remove and upgrade Looks like upon creation of a plotpole/jammer the 4 options work , but after restart only the 2 options in epoch_config/Configs/CfgActionMenu/CfgActionMenu_target.hpp appear
  3. umfufu


    Problem was it just didnt update so signing was still on 1.30 After few logins/kickout i lookedup in steam and saw that workshop update was done , but still 1.30 signing File checking didnt solved it ,so had to remove the epoch files and had to check files again to start a new download wich fixed the problem
  4. umfufu


    So alot of probs with the 1.3.1 update , not u guys but steam my plea is , would it be possible to download the @epoch main files from github coz last 2 times its been a hassle to do so (steam wise that is) Tia
  5. Its a 3 days waiting period , then If the FBI doesn't either approve or deny its a go
  6. Thx grahame now on tanoa u dont need to walk around the building to see the doorman refuses u to enter due to wearing sneakers and not having a tie
  7. /* Build a fireplace and while adding a woodlog its back to the desktop Tested with a vanilla epoch also same result , most likely a A3-1.68 event */ Well this shows how stupids like ME messup they make changes to the 3 files like Heman mentioned https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/c477b9bf58fa77858eab189bb7ce2faacd4330d0 And we do so , so we still fine And next made some coffee got back and just replaced the folderwith the old former 1 , ergo we just undid/do/done the fixes So we could delete this stupidity , but i think this realy shows how stupid can you go !!! Must be a wetawd that has his bwains eaten
  8. Would it be wise to use the experimental tree as in total , or just the corrected lines in the 3 files stated by he-man ?
  9. Did that but seems iam getting rusty at it , hence the 14 times being the bitten one So its going back ,practice and dance
  10. Thx He-man will do that Too bad for snakemeat then ,prizes on the blackmarket will go skyhigh now Hope that they will be a part of the food chain once again
  11. @vbawol How do we kill the snakes these dayZ ? Was literally owned by the ground sliders , and died 14x (iam now a playermanhandsbag )
  12. @vbawol How do we kill the snakes these dayZ ? Was literally owned by the ground sliders , and died 14x (iam now a playermanhandsbag )
  13. class CfgEpochClient { epochVersion = ""; baseHTLoss = 4; <<<<<<< add this with your value in \mpmissions\epoch.Altis\epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient.hpp sapperRngChance = 100;
  14. This would require everyone to also download your version of this client side pbo. Wich we have , but it might be easier if the armor= could be set inside the missionfile (CfgEpochClient.hpp) Also something like the walk/running speed and the mixing of different kind of the zombies (spiderzeds only are a real pain in the behiny in the bushes)
  15. u can set the armor = 10 by default higher u can find this in A3_epoch_configs.pbo Dont know if any adding to the ryansmod inside mission.sqm has any effect on the zombies inside the epoch mod wich u could try to let them throw cars etc to much to do and so less time to try
  16. might be this issue But again it seems a fair solution ,else like in the A2-dayz picking other players with termal
  17. U did this from the 3th comment Coz they do spawn but more like the sapper/uav do , not always but on a regular basis And if u move quickly out of a area town/village i may be u just missed the party club
  18. umfufu


    maybe he was a happy good zombie
  19. Might be u been moving to fast trhu the terrain and by that missed the happy gathering of the zombie club I had seen them occasionally but with some dashing running movements (or just getting in the car) i seem to lost them So 1 time i did try to get some friendly suggestions wich they answerd with a growl and slapping attack , ofcourse i did that after i respawned as a new me Else i had shot them on sight
  20. me 2 , but didnt experience problems with vanilla 0.39 Anyways raining summer and guess ever darn time i login , poring rain and no umbrella to be found
  21. didnt alter that so in version 0.3.9 b561 using the default But also a very plain Epoch running no other mods ,except a status bar
  22. No problems with fps here also , server up and 5 players all ok with 0.3.9 b561 later 12~14 more logged in but still ok
  23. umfufu

    New update

    Ryan zombies is now version 4.5 at steamworkshop At work now so cant test right now , but if any1 needs the zombies he might give it a shot
  24. Yeah saw this also a few days ago in epoch_config/Configs/CfgObjectInteractions.hpp and epoch_code/compile/EPOCH_unitSpawn.sqf Looks like u either get surprised by a snake a cloak/sapper or a zombie Darn hole week no time for a tryout , i will have to wait
  25. Last time i got blown out of the 6legged highcabin , a uber sapper found it needed to detonate close to 1 of the legs Result cabin partially destroyed and the level (was on 2e floor) was gone me falling to a certain death (hiding wasnt such a good idea) Maybe i should avoided him by running and taking shots at his head (you must have a gun for that tho )
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