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Found 18 results

  1. Hello Epoch community, I'd like to present you our Epoch Chernarus Redux Server: Here are some Server features: Increased Epoch Loot, added ground loot and increased object loot Vector Building Armed Vehicles (up to 40mm Grenades) Zombies (Epochs Ryanzombies) AI Patrols (Cars and Helis) Added Military Buildings and Skalisty Bridge Changed Trader Positions and added Advanced Safezones with Vehicle Protection Rearm/Repair/Refuel options at Service Points CUP Vehicles and CUP Weapons Advanced Towing Shorter building delays 7 Days of Base maintenance Blackmarket Traders for Vehicles Guns higher than 7.62 are more rare then usual guns Serverwebsite: nox-epoch.de Everybody is welcome ( excludes Glitchers, Haxors etc. :P ) Hope to see you soon! :)
  2. Custom Balota Airfield (my first Work) Hello to every looking at this post right now i made this really awesome custom military area to balota That contains alot of barracks, Med Tents and Loot spawns and this is my first work so i will like to get some Critic back so i can imporve making this and im willing to do custom map work and install for free since im bored as f**k Well here is some pictures Here is your download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwabhxxbipydkox/Balota%20Military%20Area.rar?dl=0 OBS! This is edited it just needs to be uploaded to your server and then enabled
  3. Hi guys, this is a multi-release from me. This is my enhanced version of Zelenogorsk together with 3 military type compounds/bases that I created. Zelenogorsk now has a town center with a fire station, hospital, school and police station. I also added some apartments near the church and some trees and stone walls for cover along the dirt road as it felt very open. The military bases are situated at Bor, Dichina Hill (similar to DayZ Standalone) and at Novy Lug. Each military base is surrounded by a wall/fence and loot-wise has a military house, 2 or 3 barracks, a guardhouse and some tents here and there. I always found they were great for placing 2-4 AI at them for players to go to for a little challenge. Here are some coords for a map marker and 2 AI coordinates for each area: Bor Map Marker - 2882.0723, 4492.1831, 0 Bor AI 1 - 2888.9021, 4475.9678, 3.0517578e-005 Bor AI 2 - 2880.7908, 4490.1411, -3.0517578e-005 ---- Dichina Map Marker - 4482.2632, 8297.4492, 3.0517578e-005 Dichina AI 1 - 4454.1675, 8281.6689, -6.1035156e-005 Dichina AI 2 - 4500.3486, 8299.2656, -3.0517578e-005 ---- Novy Map Marker - 9339.9453, 11508.91, 7.6293945e-005 Novy AI 1 - 9331.9229, 11506.843, 0.00021362305 Novy AI 2 - 9283.7344, 11499.81, -0.00010681152 Enjoy! Screenshots of the areas Zelenogorsk - http://imgur.com/a/58wMJ Military Bases - http://imgur.com/a/UnCVT Links to the .sqf files Zelenogorsk - https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/zeleno.sqf Bor Base - https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/basebor.sqf Dichina Base - https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/basedichina.sqf Novy Lug Base - https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/basenovy.sqf ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - Kamenka - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Vybor -
  4. Hey folks, I really didn't like how empty the Northwest Airfield was, so one night I decided to attempt to remedy that. The end result is what you see here :) It still has a lot of empty space, so I might decide to continue working on it, but for now I'm pretty happy with the end result Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/4qBQm Required files https://github.com/MrThatch/Epoch/blob/master/nwafbase.sqf Installation Instructions 1. Download and unpack your server.pbo if necessary 2. Create a folder called buildings in the root of it. 3. Now place the nwafbase.sqf you fetched from the above link into that folder 4. Add the following line to the very bottom of server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\nwafbase.sqf"; //Northwest Airfield Military Base 5. Now repack and upload your server.pbo where applicable I hope you like it! And any feedback / criticism is more than welcome My other work:
  5. Hey everyone! Recently, I have been making some new map additions for my community and I decided that I would release this military base. It features: 6 Barracks 1 Aircraft Control Tower 3 Medical Tents I like a simplistic look so if you are like me, you will love this addon! The base is located near Mogilevka, hence the name Mogilevka Military Base. Pics: Mogilevka Base File: Marker (make sure you change the class item # to the appropriate # for your mission.sqm): class Item15 { position[]={7769.396,0,4485.5698}; name="MogilivikaBase"; text="Mogilevka Base"; type="Depot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; };
  6. Hi again! Once again, this has been done many times before, but I feel like my Balota is different from what other people have created and as such I wanted to share it with you guys. I have tried to bring some elements of Standalone over to the mod, in terms of graphical enhancements with my areas. Balota was the first area I decided to rework after having seen what it looked like in Standalone. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell Standalone, but some things they have done are nice and perhaps I can bring some of that over to the mod! As usual, my areas won't have crazy barracks and weird buildings placed everywhere. I have surrounded the entire airfield with a wall/fence and added some military loot areas and a few areas of interest. The runway also has lights so it will look good on servers with night enabled! I have updated the file with a new industrial area just south of the airstrip near the dock there. This will add some anti-sniper spots for those annoying fire station campers! It is entirely optional, so remove the section AFTER the update marker in the .sqf if you do not want to have the addition! If you DO however use it and want to use the optional building that is enterable please remember to add "warehouse" to your AddOns section in your mission.sqm to stop that annoying error! The unenterable version which causes no errors is the default one used in the .sqf file. Link to the .sqf file https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/balota.sqf Screenshots of the area http://imgur.com/a/oUI5L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Kamenka - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Vybor - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases -
  7. New airfield salt flats Almyra Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/Almyra-Airfield You got two options to add this area to your server: 1. Pack the folder "a3_epoch_custom" into a .pbo file and throw in your @epochhive\addons. PLEASE NOTE: I wasn`t able to test the .pbo as the file was crashing my arma every time i tried to join my testserver so i can`t guarantee that the objects will spawn if you are using option 1. The server was running fine tho and the .rpt log file showed a running pbo. I can`t seem to say what is causing mentioned crashes unfortunately. Hopefully it`s just on my machine so that you can use the easy install version. Just try out if it`s working for you and if you encounter the same then you still have option 2. 2. Unpack your a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo(being located in @epochhive\addons) and replace your "altis.h" (being located in a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps) with mine. If you already have an edited altis.h file then just add the content of "almyra.txt" to it. Make it a .pbo again and throw back into @epochhive\addons. Regards
  8. This area i used for the Sector B script (by Suppe). You can just put it on your server or you can use it for the Sector B as well. If you didn`t do any changes to your altis.h then just replace yours with mine. If you already got your file edited then just copy/paste the lines from my sector.txt (and don`t forget to place commas if needed). I`ve to mention that all the areas i built are not finished. I still add content whenever i got some time to do it. Within the next couple days i will add my mission.sqm to github so that you only have to put the Sector B files from Suppe into your epochhive folder. Download: https://github.com/BoleParty/MilitaryAreaFeresSelakano This is what it looks like: Regards
  9. I would like to share a military base i built in front of the terminal at altis airfield. Feel free to use it for your server. Download from github: https://github.com/BoleParty/Military-Base-Terminal-Altis-Airfield
  10. This is my custom made Military/Industrial compound located on NWAF , functional and provides everything you might need when you come across it regardless if it's day or night in chernarus. Features: Functional street lights within the compound Refueling station inside the compound Refueling stations for planes on south side of the runway 10 Barracks Firestation Industrials Hospital No grass inside Images: http://imgur.com/a/0f4Nl
  11. Hi guys, it's me again! Another release from my series of Chernarus Enhancements. This is a dual-release as both areas are in close proximity. North East Airfield has been done by many people but I feel like my version is different from what other people have created and wanted to share it with you guys. I have surrounded the entire airfield with a fence and added some military loot areas and a few areas of interest. The runway also has lights so it will look good at night and a turning area for large aircraft so you can finally takeoff and land a C130! Krasnostav now has a hospital area with parking and details added around, added apartments near the general store with a parking lot, some added detail around the back of the store and there is also a small industrial area on the outskirts towards the airfield. As always, my areas won't have crazy barracks and weird buildings placed everywhere. Links to the .sqf files Krasnostav - https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/krasno.sqf North East Airfield - https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/northeast.sqf Photo albums of the areas Krasnostav - http://imgur.com/a/Z6FIA North East Airfield - http://imgur.com/a/HGaBR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - Kamenka - NWAF - Vybor - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases - Enjoy!
  12. Hey Guys its me again !!Today ill present you Underville!! Where is it on the Map? How does it look like? Features: custom roads militarycamp gasstation a little airfield full lootspawns Download it here ======>>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/blr2og8jwf99png/underville.sqf
  13. I have a unique issue I have not seen ever before. I run a militarized Overpoch Taviana server and have a problem with vehicles like tanks, jets, and armed helis unlocking themselves after a server restart. Anyone have any ideas what the problem may be and/or solution? Thanks for any help!
  14. It had been two weeks since the infection hit Chernarus. This new air born virus supposedly came from one of the crew members on the tanker that had crashed at Rify which spread to Berenzino. The United Nations was brought in to contain the outbreak of pathalovan virus in cities. They had set up quarantine zones and checkpoints around Chernarus hoping to minimize the spread of the infection but quickly became an outbreak in major cities. I remember soon after it all started I had packed food, a couple bottles of water, a Colt 1911 with a just a single magazine, and a medical kit into my Red Volkswagen Golf and tried to head out of the city. I had been driving for some time and got to a slowed line of cars that looked to have the same intentions as myself. It was a United Nations checkpoint at Krutoy Cap scanning for any signs of infected or "sick" people trying to leave the country. I remember the high H-barrier walls that lined the road like high cliffs in a valley and the smell, the smell was something I had never smelt before but would become very common in the coming months. After waiting for almost ten minutes I had finally gotten into the checkpoint and I was directed to go through the tents for a random search, "random my ass." I whispered under my breathe as I was escorted through. They patted me down to check for any weapons finding my Colt wedged in the back of my waist and confiscated it. I was then taken for further inspection by some doctor who later deemed me to be what he called "questionable." The guard that had the ghastly job of escorting random people around had an M4A1 which was in a pretty rough state with some sort of red dot sight. The god awful smell that lingered around the checkpoint was so potent it was starting to make me feel sick. I was at what seemed like the twentieth tent where I couldn't take the stench of the area and was sick all over the floor. That was a really bad time to be sick. While I was on the ground vomiting everything that was in my system up all over the floor I noticed an increase in the amount of people circling me. When I was finished painting the floor with my digested food I looked up to see rifles, shotguns and hand guns being pointed at my face with every one screaming something different at me. After a couple seconds of panic by the guards of the checkpoint I was grabbed by the arms and dragged to a train platform. Turns out I was being going to be deported to who the hell knows where. While I sat there waiting for something to happen whether it a train or me to be shot for being infected I discovered what the smell was, it was a the smell of death. Corpses piled on top of each other in a mass grave just burning, they were burning infected people that weren't being sent on trains. After sitting at the platform for about half an hour a train came and I was thrown inside one of the three box cars. I picked myself up off the wooden floor of the box cart only to see the door close and hear the sound of a heavy padlock and chain lock the door shut. I sat there for what seemed like hours while I heard others being loaded into the other box carts and the doors being locked. The train jerked forward in an attempt to start moving and soon we were slowly starting to move down the track. Little did I know that this was going to just be the beginning of the hell I was soon to endure. Hope you guys enjoyed that a little bit. I kind of enjoy a back story to add ons but maybe that is just me. XD Screenshots to the add on: http://imgur.com/a/YKL3b Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzswu1lle2a8lxi/Krutoy-Cap-Cleansing-Facility.sqf?dl=0 Init.sqf This is my first published add on so please leave some positive or negative criticism but please be polite. Also please notify me if a link is broken or if it in general doesn't work. Thanks -Uncle
  15. So this is my second attempt at an addon so please help me if there is stuff all over the place or if your dedi explodes. I have created a Novy checkpoint and survivor safe haven to stop people coming out of Stary. Most servers do not aloud this sort of thing but on our server that will be up soon we intend to have US army being a very prominent force on the server as one of the groups. Also they won't shoot on sight so I am not to worried about it. Download link: (please notify me if the link stops working) https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7avfd72jatc3v1/novy%20checkpoint.rar?dl=0 Instructions: 1. Unpack your server.pbo 2. Create a folder in the root of the server.pbo called: Maps 3. Drag the novy checkpoint.sqf into this folder. 4. In the init folder you will find a file called server_functions.sqf, at the bottom of the file add this line: execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\Maps\mapedit.sqf"; Please feel free to leave any criticism as long as it is constructive. Also any ideas for the server are welcome. Thanks. :)
  16. So for whatever reason the various buildings on the Array island in the north aren't spawning any loot? The same with AWOL airfield. A] What is going on? B] How do I edit my loot tables and choose what spawns where? Aren't there different classes I can set up?
  17. Hi, 1° step of a project of military base in taviana north of kameni download and instruction : https://github.com/W4lly63/W4lly63
  18. i checked every trader city but i can't find out where to buy the military and bandit/rebel clothes http://dayzepoch.com/wiki/index.php/More_Wearable_Clothing :S
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