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20 Foot Death Spawn - Instant Spawn in Death

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1. The server you were playing on.

CCG Epoch 1 Altis -  and all other CCG Epoch/Overpoch related servers now.


2. What arma3 build and what Epoch build you are using.

ARMA 3 Build 462666 Epoch Build:0250


3. What it was you were doing

Spawning into the game after having previously played 12+ hours over several days.


4. Is it repeatable.

Happens on every Epoch based server I join irregardless of other mods loaded (Overpoch for Example).


I had recently downloaded and started to play the Epoch MOD on ARMA 3. Once I downloaded this MOD (via CCG launcher), I die instantly upon entering any ARMA 3 Epoch modded server. Video of repeated death upon spawn: http://youtu.be/DPkhvvpXxQc

I started with the usual resolution methods:
Created multiple new profiles, same result

Verified ARMA 3 Game Integrity, same result

Changed Loading Slots on initial login screen, same result

Deleted and Redownloaded all mods packs (Via Launcher & Torrent), same result

Deleted all Profile Data located C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Arma 3

Uninstalled ARMA 3 completely, then laucnhed via steam once
Deleted and Redownloaded mod pack (Via CCG Launcher & Torrent), same result

Other users are also experiencing this issue in mass (several dozen have had same issue). Forum thread here @ CCG for additional proof: http://customcombatg...h-upon-respawn/

Please advise.



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Actually I might have found the issue out on my own today doing some testing.


This appears to be player profile related, specifically, a profile using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.


I changed back and forth between two profiles with all the same options minus one name being all lower case and one name being all upper case.  The all upper case name seems to be why I kept dieing upon respawn.  Can someone else test this out and verify please?

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