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  1. You been Keep the most valuable secret in the world. Please Say more.
  2. Set up a macro key. Make your mouse click the I key.
  3. Basicly the files that need changing. Mission.pbo **Note: Change the mission files name to end with the map name. (.cherno .Namalsk .Panthera, Ect) -Mission.sqm -Spawn Points, Trader traggers, Map icons, Change map from Cherno to new map -Servers_Traders.sqf -Readjust to "Mission.sqf" Server.pbo -/missions/Dayz_Epoch_11.chernarus/mission.sqf -Traders, NPC and Objects
  4. Namindu

    Exile or Epoch

    Thats most played mission. Theirs over 1000 server that have zero players. Every time some one join even if they mis-clicked it gets counted. Epoch is not even in the top 20 servers list on gametracker. (Yes, its not the best measurement, but this a fact). Therefor you statement of it is the best is false and Altis life is consider the best by both server rank and most played.
  5. if(_isNormal)then { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object // zsc _object getVariable["bankMoney",0] ]; }; You forgot a " , " on the second last variable in the array. Causing "server_updateObject.sqf" to be broken. Causing what every other scripts the use this (mainly all the important ones) to also be broken. What it should look like: if(_isNormal)then { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object, // zsc _object getVariable["bankMoney",0] ]; }; its on line 75, so just add the " , "
  6. post both the Server RTP and your Client RTP (%appdata%/Local/Arma 2 OA) Use Spolier tags or upload to pastebin.
  7. Are you sure its not the starter inventories?
  8. First dont show the uids. Why are you using "If" commands? Installing them the default way puts them into the server pbo (Per server). So the admins list stays different on different server if you set the up right.
  9. the other ones like: Is what he means. Those tell the server what that is. For example "atm_01_f.p3d" thats an atm. It tell the server that this is an atm and it uses the object file instead of classname to define what is what. So you could be this rock "stone_medium_f.p3d" in the atm array and the server will make that rock an atm.
  10. kill yourself and see if you spawn as a normal player.
  11. Upload server rtp and also your client rtp (appdata\LocalArma 2 OA) is the location.
  12. Make sure you installed the visual packs and start the game (like you where to play singleplay, just exit at the main menu). http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 also some docs: http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/Server_Installation_Instructions
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