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  1. How the hell did Epoch not win ? Who the hell play's that crap that won ? Dammn Russians! :)
  2. Maybe because in the database the items in vehicles are standalone items , it doesnt take into account the contents of those items, in a perfect world it would be stored in a array inside the vehicle array but i think that is not the case. This is also an issue on A2 Dayz Epoch i think.
  3. The larger the amount the longer it takes. It fails if you move or move the mouse. I think the time it takes to deposit or withdraw should be reduced if we cant be aware of our surroundings whilst depositing ( because if we move the transfer fails ) then there is no point in banking in a highly populated server or with AI in towns, a sapper once killed me because i couldn't hear him ( he made no sound and this his frequent in 2.5.*) and when i heard the footsteps was too late. I'm sure the dev team is working on this, it clearly needs some attention.
  4. I noticed that too, sometimes placing walls also gets you killed as the wall pushes you into a wall or other solid structure , its 2035 and the future doesnt seem bright when the buildables take revenge on you :) Nice feature, wrong mod lol.
  5. I was about to say that the guy is greece thus the negative balance, clonecost makes more sense though.
  6. Vampire, its a matter of culture, in my country we can fit any mag into any gun(or animal) Just give is the right tools and some lub lol :)
  7. My trick for that issue is instead of picking the gun to the gun slot i place all the guns inside the backpack and only after that place it in the gun slot. Works everytime :)
  8. I've seen it happen too, the glitched i experienced is client side though , relog fixed this for me everytime.
  9. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=340WIP since 2013 :) Wait for it ... BAM! http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=7173
  10. Hopefully the devs are aware of all these issues and can fix them. True story, the thing that kills or damages my character the most is base building, Snapbuilding/VectorBuilding was fine in arma 2 the priority should make all the parts ghost models so they at least don't kill the player, then we can be frustrated with building but alive :) Not to mentions that when you die you are left with 0 energy and cant proceed with the building for a while.
  11. I don't think is the loading order in most of the cases , sometimes the heli looks fine at restart and just blows when a player gets close. I've recorded one of the many times it happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSsmFBSZ584&list=UUQepmnNs6HFLLNKNvnzKHKg And thats not the whole story , people have been reporting that the same behavior occurs on parked helis on flat ground. Also don't know if everybody noticed but even cars seem to fall from a few inches when a player gets close the first time after restart.
  12. Yep, stacking the items is the way to go, nice one mike!
  13. Its not a mouse issue , happens on all servers , if you ar enear the vehicle but not facing it sometimes you will be able to access the inventory with the vehicle locked. This vehicle lock unlockstuff has to be reviewed, serves no purpose as it stands.
  14. Or some cheese. I found chemlights in a oven so im ready for anything, HIT ME!!
  15. Yep and also gather metal from vehicle wrecks and wrecked metal buildings. Looting does'nt provide enough of these to build a fairly decent base.For mortar we could mine for clay( same as rocks but different color in specific areas and craft with water or something else. Its a great idea and would give players another set of things to do besides looting whole towns to find some binos and a coke!
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