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    when attempting to upgrade my doorways. im getting not setup yet error. no errors in rpt other then one thats been spamming it the entire time. i dont know if this error is causing the other issues im having that iv made other post about Error Type Any, expected String 0:36:42 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSync.sqf, line 41 0:36:55 Error in expression <ceFoot = 0;
  2. 2:08:04 Error Type Any, expected String 2:08:04 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSync.sqf, line 41 2:08:12 Server: Object 3:54 not found (message 70) 2:08:12 "Server_PublishVehicle2 error: Wrong parameter format" 2:08:12 "Trader Menu: jeffdog (76561198147272349) purchased 1x BAF_Merlin_DZE into gear at Aircraft Trader for 1 ItemObsidian" 2:08:12 Error in expression <ceFoot = 0; trying to buy aircraft from the default aircraft trader. never touched any of it and it giving this error. no vehicle spawns. it shows the arrow. EDIT: i tried other traders, all vehicles dont spawn when bought.
  3. 4:08:49 "WAI: [Mission:[Hero] Black Hawk Crash]: Starting... [8511.13,6290.94,0]" 4:08:50 "WAI: Spawned a group of 5 AI (Bandit) at [8511.13,6290.94,0]" 4:08:50 "WAI: Spawned a group of 5 AI (Bandit) at [8511.13,6290.94,0]" well seeing this probaly means it started. idk what i did different this time, maybe the fresh pbo or something. i was almost begining to wonder if it was bc folder locations
  4. well, i did put it back together. how do i know that the addon started?
  5. lmao ik that......... i move them off into another folder :) iv hosted a ton of servers before :)
  6. im re working the mod back in, i deleted the pbo, didnt just move it like i should have
  7. i got my server running temporily. always have a backup.
  8. when i had this before [older version] it did the same thing. with research, it usally due to server_monitor that will cause this. i followed the readme exactly.
  9. looked, there is no errors in it. my rpt is showing a error for something i think that is unrelated.
  10. how do i fix it.... followed the instructions, fresh server .pbo.
  11. im stuck at waiting for server to start authorization.
  12. i downloaded this and followed the exact instructions. after, when attempting to join the server it would sit at waiting for server to start auth. i check rpt and no erros but a few error warnings saying it cant find sqfs in the server.pbo. it should have no problem doing this
  13. and i have looked non stop into this. i can not find anything that helps me.
  14. home hosting a test server, how would i go about changing the spawning of the heli crash sites. i been on a server that had heli sites everywhere. also how would i go about adding events like bandit captures, medical supply areas, ect.
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