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Can Not Update to 103718 in DZC or Manually, Help Please


Hello, thanks in advance for any help you may provide.


So, after playing last night, I wake to find my version is not the correct one to play on the server where I'm an admin, but it is not "my" server, so I'm no guru at this stuff. I tried a few things in DZC, nothing worked so I went on the internet to find help. A thread here seemed quite useful, Brockie's thread about downgrading version 1.63 to 1.62 and on it there was a video from Spooney showing another, similar way of doing the same thing.


I did both of those and they worked in getting my Arma2 OA version down to 1.62.95248 which is what the goal was. Great. But the final step in both those tutorials is to select which patch version you want in DayZ Commander and install it, then good to go... only it doesn't work for me.


In DZC, it now says my current Arma2 version is 95248 and when I install 103718 it starts to do it, tells me it cannot be interrupted, etc. and asks to continue. I click Yes and then the installer starts but at 3% I get the message "Wrong CD KEY" and yes, I know that's "normal" but the install has jumped to 100% and doesn't seem to have changed anything. Clicking Ok on the CD key message and the completed install window but DZC still says my Arma version is 95248, not 103718 like it should be.


I've tried this so many times, I've tried uninstalling Arma2 OA and DZC and installing the patch manually and still nothing. Please, someone help me! :D This is my favorite game, it's all I really play and I found myself staring at my Steam Library for an hour before settling on something else... There's got to be a solution somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Why doesn't it update like every tutorial says it should? I literally tried for 3 hours today...


-Booch, a very sad Booch

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What I've gathered is that steam/dotjosh have worked out a way to keep you from leaving the steam patch. No way to downgrade that I've found yet.

Then again there is the slim chance that dotjosh screwed up commander. 

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use play with six launcher or just replace your exe files in your operation arrowhead with your old ones thats what i done or go ingto your dzc files and delete the newest update then replace with the old ones either way works fine.

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Thanks for the replies, guys, much appreciated.


I tried downloading the patch manually from there yesterday, actually, but installing it leaves the version at 95248, NOT 103718 like I just installed, or tried to.


Where in my DZC files do I find the arma version being used? I just had a look but don't see anything obvious. Where should I look to replace those/that file/s?


P.S. I'm afraid I don't exactly know how to run something as a .bat file... I'm not a computer wizard, I'm a welder, LOL. Any more help or advice would be very much appreciated! :)

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Here's how to switch your Arma2OA to old beta version 103718:


  •  Go to your Steam Library
  •  Right click on Arma2 Operation Arrowhead
  •  Goto Properties
  •  Goto tab BETAS
  •  In the drop down box select - 1.62 older version of the game.
  • Let Steam Update
  • Close the Properties window.
  • Your Arma2OA is now running 1.62.9****
  • Download this beta-patch from BIS - http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/beta/ARMA2_OA_Build_103718.zip
  • Open the zip file and use the installer within.
  • Click through the steps in the installer
  • Once this is done your Arm2OA version will be on 1.62.103718 and you can launch it through the Expansions\beta folder in your Arma2OA folder, or via DayzCommander.


I don't know why your server hasn't updated yet,  non-steam versions of Arma2 are no longer actively protected by BattlEye,  I'd strongly recommend updating your server to the latest patch for security reasons.

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Hello, thanks to everyone for the replies and I got it working. Seems I needed to use the OLD version of DayZ Commander as well. I was directed to this thread by someone and this was the missing link for my issue. Even downloading the patch from that site, installing manually, would leave my Arma version unchanged in DZC.




By following what I found here I was able to get version 103718 applied in DayZ Commander. If anyone else has a similar issue try that, although I don't think it worked for the O.P., it worked for me.


Thanks again guys

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