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  1. Turn off your ad-blocker on the forums, it works fine then. The layout is a horrible disorganised mess compared to the old forum however
  2. Uro

    Epoch 1.0.6

    Came across this thread and thought I'd shed some light on some of the questions & requests - These issues have been covered in various threads & github, but necroing old threads doesnt achieve anything :) The reason those previously suggested model packs were never included (no damage models) is because when those vehicles are destroyed on a server, the client & server FPS will tank after a while and can and usually does result in a server crash after annihilating the FPS down to a completely unplayable level. Plus you need an authors permission to include thier assets ;) Regarding including more terrains: Again, you require the authors permission to include thier assets within your mod, in fact these days most terrain authors insist on including a dependency on thier terrain if your using it within your mod/addon/mission file rather than including it inside your mod. Terrains, thier data and config files take up a large portion of any Arma mod,. DayZ-Epoch contains 2 terrains (Napf & Sauerland) + mission files for most of the Arma 2 CO terrains you get with the game anyway (Cherno etc). Models/Vehicles/Objects/Sounds, thier data and config files take up a large chunk of DayZ_Epoch mod too.. Some quick examples of some of file sizes of pbo's used in DZE: dayzero buildings = 30mb enterable warehouses = 30mb dayz mod vehicles/weapons/objects/character assets = ~170mb usec_ch53 = 30mb sauerland = 630mb napf = 447mb napf objects = 400+mb dayz_epoch & dayz_epoch_b (epoch assets) = 334mb The client code portion of DayZ_Epoch, even though it has hundreds of thousands of lines of code - has a tiny filesize in comparison: dayz_code = 7.5mb Anything that involves custom assets/content - whether that be sound packs, models of vehicles, weapons, skins and all the way down to cans of drink - will increase any mod's over all size massively compared to the code portion of the addon. :)
  3. Uro

    How to remove

    You cannot over-ride cfgWeapons without an additional client addon/mod, cfgWeapons is processed at initialisation of the game and therefore cannot be patched via a mission file. All of the mission-file patchable cfg* entries are listed on this page on the biki - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext
  4. Nice looking test terrain dude :) :D :D :D I find the BI Skype groups to bear the best fruit when im stuck on something, the terrain group has a bunch of helpful people onboard who think of the unthinkable ;)
  5. Because BE checks for updates and updates itself server-side when you run your server. A client also check for updates on joining any MP server - these BE updates are automatic, sometimes they require an Arma restart and usually follow a BE server update. It's all done without user intervention. Nothing to worry about :)
  6. Uro

    Map Icons

    difficulty = "Veteren"; // difficulty settings: veteran == NORMAL, mercenary == HARDCORE You have a typo there ^ :)
  7. It's also a cached list, so not a true "real-time" representation of server numbers or player counts. :)
  8. Surely it's better for EVERYONE when issues with an Arma3 patch and Epoch are fixed without hundreds of server owners having to do multiple updates as issues are fixed? Unless you and your playerbase prefer you updating your servers multiple times per night, with multiple restarts disrupting thier gameplay further....... No? thought not ;) AWOL pushed out the client files prior to the server files to test on a core group of unmodified servers to further test the hotfix before unleashing it to the general populous., Now you have the added benefit that all your players who have downloaded or pre-loaded the new version will be ready to play as soon as you have updated your server just one time.
  9. Uro

    Linux Performance

    I pulled this from Fred's ASM thread on BI forums regarding CPS:
  10. Someone already has sumrak's permission to port Namalsk to A3, they haven't released anything yet. OT: Since your so into terrains - going by your numerous posts about the topic on these forums and BI forums. Why not create your own? - Try a 5km x 5km Island to get started. Then you might appreciate just how much effort goes into one and then maybe you will halt your various insulting forays into terrain authors threads on BI Forums offering what you see as "constructive criticism" when it is nothing more than disrespectful comments, bad manners and trolling of content authors - most of whom give a TON of stuff back to the community for free off thier own backs as well as giving thier insight/assistance to other people working on Arma projects, again for free because they want to help educate others by sharing thier knowlege - something obviously you have no concept of. TLDR; Quit going into content authors threads and slating thier work when you have zero knowlege of content creation in Arma.
  11. It works fine for me :D They have to snap to a vertice on your polyline, they wont snap onto the line without a vertice being there :)
  12. Placing roads in TB is much simpler than in Vis3,. It's a bit fiddly to get setup - look in the terrain forum on BI Forums for more roads info. It's basically as simple as placing poly-lines where you want your roads - adding extra vertices where you require junctions and using the snap tool to connect your polylines to them,. Then select them all and set them up in the Database. Once your done export them as a shapefile,.. point your map config to the correct file for your roads, and setup your RoadsLib.cfg and wallah - it's almost too easy ;) :P NB - You need to setup proper roads + AIpathOffset's in your RoadsLib.cfg - Or else AI will not see your roads to follow them and the offset lets them know which side of the road to drive on ;) - If anyone uses your map for a mission involving AI, they will not work as intended as they have no "paths" to follow regarding the roads. NBB - When roads are placed clutter is automatically removed from the paths they take.
  13. Uro

    Marksman DLC?

    I do love these DLC threads that crop up every now and then,... DLC's enhance the game through expansion (extra vehicles/weapons/skins/features) and the platform updates that go hand in hand with the DLC's - expanding features of the game - everyone gets these. They also expand the abilities of modders through improvements in the game mechanics, extra code functions/commands, more config options, more features, more content, improvements to the overall engine - BIS do listen to the community and actively respond to issues/suggestions on the feedback tracker - again helping to improve and build upon the game itself. I'm sure everyone will be getting the expansion when it comes out - because it will incorporate a new terrain (who isnt bored of the Mediterranean yet?) and there will be more gripes about that im sure.. But nobody gripes about the free platform updates they get when every DLC/Expansion is released.. Without the development and purchase of the DLC's none of the cool stuff we have now would have been added to the game (FFV / Logistics / AFM - to name a few) - The DLC's help to fund the continued development and enhancement of Arma 3. The way that BIS are doing the DLC's now - optional - they aren't required to play on server's running DLC - compared to Arma 2 / Operation Arrowhead - where you could only play on those server's IF you have the expansion - is a fuckton better allowing ANYONE to play on ANY server. Overall it's a vast improvement to the way DLC/Expansions are handled in the Armaverse. And for those who dont support DLC's (I do see your point, even if I do not agree with them :) ) - you get the platform updates for FREE, with every DLC/Expansion that's developed - So how can DLC's be a bad thing? ;) Anyway, I'll leave you with this video from Dslyecxi - that is definately worth a watch all the way through - it crosses some serious points regarding DLC and Arma in general. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh3webkCo4Y
  14. Yeah Megasound has his head screwed on, as do Laxemann & JSRS, unfortunately BI do not when it comes to sound fidelity. Personally I'm awaiting Megasound to finalise his default soundpack replacement a little more,. maybe one day all the sound mod guys will bring thier skills together and make a mega-pack for Arma3 incorporating all the best bits from each mod - who knows - seems to be a lot of community collaboration efforts coming out now that MANW is done with...
  15. Epoch has it's own path, it's a survival mod based in a simulation sandbox - not a battlefield realism mod. I would love some of the previous ACE features in Epoch - but Epoch is at a very early stage of development in Arma3 and im sure the dev's have a good load more tricks up thier sleeeve's and plenty more cool things to add into the mod, to which im quite happy to wait in anticipation for and keep on supporting thier development of Epoch through continued Alpha hosting & testing. :) Regarding ACE3: Personally I gave up on eating bananas and milsim stuff in Arma3 due to a lack of realism like ACE/ACE2 brought to the Arma/Arma2 tables,. Very much looking forward to ACE3, a lovely bunch of ripe bananas and getting back into milsim stuff :D
  16. You'd be better off making your proposition on the BI forums, and generally not on the website of another Mod, that's just a bit cheeky :rolleyes:
  17. Nice, your sat mask is coming along well dude :)
  18. mmmm delicious batch files... :P plus I use PWS for large amounts of mods / keeping them up to date and server specific mod-packs :)
  19. Uro

    name change

    Try looking here: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders :P
  20. Uro

    in game chat menu..

    Your looking for this option within Arma3, set it to disabled. You will find it under Configure > Game. It removes all the in-game messages/sidechat from displaying on your screen - handy for streamers/youtubers. :)
  21. Uro

    name change

    you'll have to pm a forum administrator :)
  22. There's a few guides kicking around this forum on BI forums -> http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?173-ARMA-3-MODELLING-%28O2%29 I'm in the process (when a spare moment arises) of learning modelling with Arma in mind, I'm using an old-somewhat out-dated guide for creating plants/trees I found. But hey it's a start, everyone has to start someplace right? :) Here is a render of some leaves I modelleled / textured / UVMapped etc, for my WIP tree :D Onto the twigs next, followed by branches, and then the trunk!, I have to then link them into one object and this is just the high-poly model :blink: Then I have to get the beast-tree into Arma itself, config work mostly and I do love a bit on configging :rolleyes: Anyway better get back to it! :D
  23. If any A3 objects/houses have hiddenSelectiontextures, they can be retextured to have snowy roofs for example,. I'll have a poke around and maybe throw some test object retextures together and see what I come up with :) I'm not a modeller by a long shot, I am learning but baby steps! - I am however getting pretty good with photoshop though, but I have a bit of a mentor I can ask for advice about techniques or quick how-to's over teamviewer :) If i come up with anything worthwhile, you never know I may make another retexture object pack, here's hoping! :)
  24. The only thing this achieves is the stifling of development,. the RC version of the server files were released to Official Hosts running unmodified servers to gather uncorrupted test-data and to bug fix any issues with the RC before general release. As Tobias said ^ we have all been approached about "selling" server files,. In fact there has been some discussion in the official hosts skype group about this very issue,. The whole idea about RC's (release candidate's) and closed testing is just that - a standard set of files to check for any issues before release. The dev's obviously pushed out the client files to get players onto the Dev/Official Servers to increase the players involved within the testing of the RC - and expand the different scenarios in which issues may arise, since without play/load testing an RC you cannot guage if any issues will arise,. which in turn speeds up the delivery of tested-bug-free files to everyone.. Some people seem to think it's server population war though,. those people need to get a grip I cannot speak for every Official server out there, they are entitled to thier own opinion, but I can speak for mine, -[uG]-, we are not in this for population, we're in this for the long haul, for the survival experience, whether that be on a server with 1 player, or 100, -[uG]- do not care about petty server population fueds. Now someone has leaked files to the detriment of the Devs and thier Mod, all EpochMod server hosts (Official and Un-Official) and every one of you who play Epoch. Such a shit way to treat the Epoch community as a whole... :angry:
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