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NAPF environment mod

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If you are running a post apocalyptic Napf map I think you may want to use this.

I made a small mod with permission for Napf. It can be found in the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

Here is a link to a 1 minute video. I don't know if this is the correct place to post. Feel free to move it.




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    • By ReidenXerx
      Greetings! I need some help
      in running arma 3 epoch mod server on a napf map.
      I found out that I need a file with the coordinates of map buildings for spawn loot like this one used in altis map (if I understood correctly).

      I found it in the file "epoch_server_settings.pbo" in the folder "epoch_server_settings\configs\maps", there is also a file for napf, but the problem is it is almost empty.
      I do not know what to do.
    • By harcosgoogle
      How to add napf map dzms mission System?
    • By harcosgoogle
      How to add custom ai spawn Dzai or Wai? Napf map
      Explanation of DZAI_spawn_units (For spawning infantry AI)
              "1489.94,3657.41,0.002",    //This is the marker name to be used as the patrol and spawning area.
              2,                         //This trigger will spawn a group of 2 AI units.
              1,                        //Weapon grade setting. 1 = weapon chosen from Military loot table (see below for explanation of Weapon Grade)
              true                    //(OPTIONAL)* Respawn setting. True: AI spawned will respawn (Default). False: AI will not respawn. Spawn area will be deleted when all units have been killed.
          ] call DZAI_spawn_units;
      Not worked.
    • By harcosgoogle
      How to install sector C or Z overpoch server?
      Is there no newer?
    • By rvg?!
      [UKGZ] running Napf Pure Survival
       AI Missions (RMS, VEMF) & Ground Patrols, 1st Person AI Combat Land, Supply drops, Heli Crashsites, Spawn selection.
      No Spawn Gear, No Blackmarket, No Safezones, Rare Loot, Rare Vehicles ...
      Just pure survival as it's meant to be!

      Needed Mods:
      Epochmod 0.3.8 0
      CUP Core Terrain
      NAPF Island
      Visit us: http://www.UKGZ.EU
      Port: 2344
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