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  1. FYI.I ran a test server for 70 hours. 3-4 players. In low pop I saw 2 main issues. Cars were sunk into the ground up to the axles. These would kill you when you repaired and entered them. My quick and dirty fix was to spawn them in with all 4 tires. No car repair deaths after that. After 28 restarts, the 29th resulted in all placed objects disappearing,including everything underground, all barrels, and all base objects were gone. The cars, the car inventories, and all the players gear was not deleted. I keep getting told by people that this hasn't happened to them, that it must be a "server crash" or a "bad restart". It wasn't either of these things. I went over every log. There is nothing there. I should have been able to figure out what happened but I can not. Just a heads up.... not just server crashes and odd restarts for me.
  2. I never said anything about Uploading content to Steam? I never said anything about an Arma 3 mod?..........so......I guess you didn't understand what I was talking about.
  3. I need advice from this Epoch forum. There are 2 issues I need to decide what to do. Do I delete them or keep them? First is the Unleashed mod files. I fixed these and it plays well. Do I just toss them?I tried to share this with the creator of the mod but he didn't seem too interested. Would be nice if it was on a launcher. Other people would probably enjoy playing this mod, seems like a waste? The second issue is my own personal mod I made. I made this for my wife and I to play, I never intended to share it but I think people that like survival play would enjoy it. The problem being I used content from; Dayz mod, Epoch, Unleashed, 2017,Epidemic, and some other "things". ( and yes,even a couple things of my own ). The thought of nobody else ever playing this is kind of starting to bother me.:( It was well worth the 1000 hours it took( I'm slow), but I wish others could enjoy it too. I don't want to piss anybody off so I was just going to delete them, BUT, that is proving to be a difficult task. Soooooo..... Delete or not? Where do old files go to die? WTF should I do? Help? Edit= problem solved

    NAPF environment mod

    If you are running a post apocalyptic Napf map I think you may want to use this. I made a small mod with permission for Napf. It can be found in the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. Here is a link to a 1 minute video. I don't know if this is the correct place to post. Feel free to move it. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/sP8Z_nMUMXo

    Napf for A3 Epoch

    Just in case you didn't get this working or some one else runs across this. The Armaholic version is correct. Also Flattermann just added the Napf map to the Steam workshop here,https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1425442364&searchtext= Both of these versions work fine. Your start bat for GTX servers is almost correct. There is no Quotation marks(") needed for GTX. You only need @CUP Terrains - Core to run Napf. If you are running your own dedi you're going to need quotation marks around the mod line if you have spaces.Like this example....."[email protected];@Napf Island A3;@CUP Terrains - Core;" Run your map and CUP Terrains - Core , client side. That is the -mod= line . In your mission.sqm ....list "Napf" in "addons[]=". Make sure the mission file is named the same as the template. Also on GTX it says EPOCH START LINE. That means @Epoch is already configured and you don't need to include it in the line at all. Same for the -servermod= line, no @EpochHive needed. I hope this helps. EDIT= Epoch may have pre-made mission files? Sorry , roll my own.
  6. Do you still need help? Sometimes questions don't get answered because there isn't enough info in the question itself. I would suggest, what type of AI are you trying to set up? Are you are adding a map marker to tell everyone where the AI are? Check your coords with the map editor. Post your files you have edited! <<< (most important). Without that info we are just guessing which is really just a waste of time.People here are very helpful, they just need more info.


    Thank you to all the Epoch devs for your Arma mods. I wish you well in all your future projects.
  8. PBO manager has a prefix tool? Blue gear icon at the top?
  9. sounds like you are launching with the wrong client file / check expansions just to make sure. I do this sometimes. = multiple servers.
  10. You can and probably should change the 50. I have mine at 35, works better. if (!_canDrink) then { _objectsPond = nearestObjects [_playerPos, [], 50];
  11. Okay, just an idea. I seem to remember weather being stuck to players?A glitch. Just use area for trigger. Attach to player instead of specific area.
  12. For cold weather = make a folder called whatever you want to call it, "custom" in this example.Put it in your mp missions.Go to your client file / dayz_code/compile/ and COPY fn_temperature.sqf. Put it in the "custom" folder. Go to dayz_code/actions/and COPY player_useMeds.sqf. Put it in the "custom" folder. //////////////////////////////////// If you overwrite your compiles.sqf just put the calls in like this= player_temp_calculation = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\fn_temperatur.sqf"; player_useMeds = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\player_useMeds.sqf"; //////////////////////////////// If you have your complete compiles.sqf in mission you would edit it like this=comment out this line then add your path like this= //player_temp_calculation=compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_temperatur.sqf"; player_temp_calculation = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\fn_temperatur.sqf"; /////////////////////////////////// Do the same for player_useMeds.sqf if you want extra hot heatpacks. //////////////////////////////////////////// you will be editing this part in fn_temps, these are mine for Chernarus with some extra stuff, mess with the settings until you're satisfied. ///////////////////////////////////////// //Factors are equal to win/loss of factor*basic value //All Values can be seen as x of 100: 100 / x = minutes from min temperetaure to max temperature (without other effects) _vehicle_factor = 7; _moving_factor = 5; _fire_factor = 100; // more than snowfall/snow/night/wind total _building_factor = 10; _sun_factor = 1 _water_factor = -50; _rain_factor = -20; _snowfall_factor = -30; // ADDED /K. _snow_factor = -15; // ADDED chernarus winter surface/ K. _night_factor = -10; _wind_factor = -20; ////////////////////////////////////////// if(isNil ("snow")) then {snow = 0}; _snowfall = if(snow > 0) then {true} else {false}; //ADDED K. _raining = if(rain > 0) then {true} else {false}; _sunrise = call world_sunRise; ///////////////////////////////////// Edit your player_useMeds.sqf, this gives extra heat for heatpacks. This will take it from freezing to death to cozy warm. Change dayz_temperatur + to 15, like this example. case "ItemHeatPack": { player removeMagazine "ItemHeatPack"; dayz_temperatur = (dayz_temperatur + 15) min dayz_temperaturmax; //edited K. cutText [localize "str_player_27", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; That is it ...........you are cold.
  13. First make it snow...In case you don't have it snowing, this is easy. Make a folder called ... well , "Weather", put it in your MP mission. Download then put these files in it....... /////// DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf = http://pastebin.com/Bisq5G8A ////// fn_dzn_snowfall.sqf = http://pastebin.com/nmmFrJyZ >>comment out the call in your init, when you're done it will look like this........... //execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\external\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf"; //start winter execVM "Weather\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf"; >>you may edit this file so it snows a lot or whatever. Now I place this ................. class CfgFunctions { class DZN { class Functions { class snowfall { description = "Simple snowfall script"; file = "Weather\fn_dzn_snowfall.sqf"; }; }; }; }; >>under "class RscPicture", in description.ext so it looks like this................................... class RscPicture { access=0; type=0; idc=-1; style=48; colorBackground[]={0,0,0,0}; colorText[]={1,1,1,1}; font="TahomaB"; sizeEx=0; lineSpacing=0; text=""; }; class CfgFunctions { class DZN { class Functions { class snowfall { description = "Simple snowfall script"; file = "Weather\fn_dzn_snowfall.sqf"; }; }; }; }; In your description.ext it appears you have moved this..??.....That is snowfall. Very simple.This is Namalsk stuff . Thanks goes to them.
  14. Okay, so everyone has to learn this way, by trying. I will try to help but you have to clean up this init up to start . This is what I would do, there are other ways I'm sure. Between progressLoadingScreen 0.5; and 1.0 I do not add any progressLoadingScreen. This is taken care of elsewhere.There are 2 ways I can bring my compiles to my mission. Here is all you need.................EXAMPLE= call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\compiles.sqf"; // Overwrite compiles You can COPY your whole compiles.sqf from dayz_code and put it in your mission, then comment out the call to dayz_code. Edit it any way you like. That makes the mission download bigger. Or you can make a blank compiles and put JUST your EDITS in it and run it so it overwrites the the dayz_code ( like the example above). Anyway you do it you put all your compile edits in one custom compile and change your paths. Be patient. No errors. I don't know "cold weather script". There are 3 things I do......., cold , snow falling, and snow on map.
  15. Do you still need help? What exactly are you trying to do in weather?Cold weather? Snow falling? Snow on the ground? I can help with that but I don't know anything about bloodsuckers.Why do you have 3 compiles being called? Just curious.
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