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Found 31 results

  1. This is the changed DZMS to have n Major Missions and m Minor Missions: 1) To configure the number of Major and Minor Missions, open the file DZMSConfig.sqf. 2) Inside it change the value of the variables: DONN_DZMS_Maj_n = 3; DONN_DZMS_Min_n = 3; Where the first is the number of Major Missions and the second is the number of Minor Missions. 3) When using static positions, make sure the number of positions is equal or greater than the total number of missions (Major Missions + Minor Missions). 4) Other changes: Bots only spawn when players get at a minimum distance of 700 meters from the mission. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ty6o1swda11gmnb/Multi%20Mission%20DZMS.7z?dl=0
  2. Download the files for DZMS Overpoch Here: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem-Overpoch This is an update to the DayZ Mission System by Vampire that was updated for DayZ Epoch by ebayShopper: https://github.com/ebayShopper/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem This includes adding a few missions from EMS 0.3 by Fuchs: Updates: 1. Added a variable in DZMSConfig.sqf to enable the AI to have money in their wallets if ZSC is installed. //If you have ZSC installed then you can set this to true to place money in ai wallets. DZMSAICheckWallet = false; 2. Added the Overwatch weapons to the AI and Crate configs. 3. Expanded the selection of gear and vehicles available to the missions, AI config, and crate spawns. 4. Created additional crate spawning options. 5. Changed "UH60Wreck_DZ" to "UH60_ARMY_Wreck_burned_DZ" in minor mission SM4 because of "Cannot create non-ai vehicle UH60Wreck_DZ" error. 6. Converted the format of a few EMS 0.3 missions and added them to the mission spawning arrays. 7. There is an issue with the new small ammo boxes and medical crates which is not resolved. Here is a list of all of the Major and Minor missions with a few notes. Demo Video
  3. Grahame

    A3E DZMS

    ARMA3 DayZ Mission System (DZMS) This is a purely derivative port of the DayZ Mission System to ARMA3/Epoch. I have added functionality where appropriate (equipping uniforms for example) and stripped and replaced ARMA2 or DayZ/Epoch specific code in this implementation. The DayZ Mission System is a very good, lightweight and modular mission system. Credits There are a lot of people who have contributed to DZMS on A2/DayZ/Epoch. Please check the links below for many of them. Personally they all have my thanks for providing a solid mission system that has been a lot of fun to play in the years I've spent on DayZ/Epoch: Download Download from GitHub at: https://github.com/morgoth0/A3E-DZMS Installation Instructions If using Vanilla ARMA3/Epoch, and you just want to just try it out simply download and upload the DZMS.pbo in the @EpochHive folder into the @EpochHive/addons folder on your server. The source files, including the three config files are located in the DZMS folder on GitHub Coming soon All the missions included within the latest version of DZMS 1.1 uploaded by @JasonTM will be implemented using CUP Terrains Core for use on maps and servers that support it. A module to support Static weapons at missions More diverse and varied loot tables for custom crates A port of the DZMS Hotspots code for roadblocks and other such interesting things The ability to run multiple major, minor and hotspot missions Better configuration instructions and a mission file design tutorial
  4. DZMS is a logic and useability rewrite of the DayZChernarus Mission System. DZMS should be considered as an "updated" DayZChernarus Mission System. Why Use DZMS instead of DayZChernarus MS? DZMS has a simple Configuration File, no more digging through code No more junk code! (Anyone who has read add_unit_server will understand) Simple Install! DZMS Requires a single line edit. No more server_cleanup confusion! No more messy mission code! DZMS uses functions for most code. DZMS is rewrote with all maps in mind, not just Chernarus. Hence the Generic Rename. DZMS is completely server sided! No marker files needed in the Mission PBO! No more "Novy Sobor Bug"! Plus, many features have been added! Option to save vehicles to the database! If Vehicle Saving is off, Users are warned when entering vehicles! Randomized Crate Loot! No more static crate loot! Adjustable Body Despawn Time! Optional: AI Ran Over have no gear! More! The Current Version is v1.2 Download Instructions: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem Project Tracking: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem/projects (Note: I have given The Fuchs permission to use DZMS as the base for EMS.)
  5. New W.I.C.K.E.D Gaming Overpoch W.I.C.K.E.D GAMING PVP /Building Box/bank/AI /Paycheck https://gyazo.com/8f1c739fe5b0b965db7f3f6df451efc9
  6. - What is VEMF? - VEMF is the Spiritual Successor to DZMS. VEMF Stands for Vampire's Epoch Mission Framework. VEMF is going to be a mission system designed specifically for Arma 3: Epoch. - How is VEMF different from DZMS? - VEMF is being designed to be a Mission Framework. VEMF will be more modular than DZMS allowing anyone to easily create an "Addon" for it. VEMF will not be a "fetch the box" mission system, it will be much much broader; A-B, Multiple Ending, Vehicle Convoys, Vehicle Capture, Manhunts, Investigation/Exploration, and more! VEMF will run entirely on the server side, in a server-side PBO. - When Will it be Done? - VEMF is still a work in progress. The current version is WIP. - Example Videos - - Github - https://github.com/SMVampire/VEMF
  7. Hi! How to add napf map dzms mission System?
  8. Before I get into this... THANK ZUPA FOR THE SCRIPT! DZMS Ai with Gold Coins Script / Addon Onto the tutorial! Open up: DZMSAISpawn.sqf which is located in: Server.pbo > DZMS > Scripts Once you've opened up DZMSAISpawn.sqf, search for this: //Add the behaviour _unit enableAI "TARGET"; _unit enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; _unit enableAI "ANIM"; _unit enableAI "FSM"; _unit setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; Below the last line add this: //Zupa Currency _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; So it will look like this: //Add the behaviour _unit enableAI "TARGET"; _unit enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; _unit enableAI "ANIM"; _unit enableAI "FSM"; _unit setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; //Zupa Currency _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; Once you have done this repack and upload! Your done! Configuration Value If you want to change the value of the money spawning on each AI,change the value: _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; to _unit setVariable["headShots",WHATEVER YOU WANT,true]; Souls HIVE If you are using Souls HIVE, then instead of: _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; Change to: _unit setVariable["CashMoney",5000,true]; Variable Value If you want the AI to spawn variable values then add this: _cash = round(random 20) * 1000; // number between 0 and 20 000 Above this: _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; But change the line above to _unit setVariable["headShots",_cash,true]; This will spawn money on the AI between 0 and 20,000 Gold Coins on each AI Special thanks to: MCPimpin - Original Poster Zupa - Single Currency and AI Addon Soul - Custom Hive for Single Currency TheVampire - DZMS Links: I take no credit, just informing people! See it working at:
  9. With permission of TheVampire I'm releasing a modification of his DZMS. All credits go to TheVampire. Further thanks to Smitty Jagerman and NigeyS for coordinate contributions. DZMSHotSpots basically is a copy of DZMS, configured to run a permanent treasure hunting mission, incidently creating PvP-HotSpots as well as roadblock ambushes. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/90098571/DZMSHotSpots/DZMSHotSpots.rar Major Missions: A crate is hidden on the map. Possible locations are marked but players have to search for the correct one. Markers are circles with a question mark in their center. The crate is somewhere in this circle, but not in the center. The map markers will create hotspots for your players to converge and have PvP, typically in a close quarter environment. Each mission starts with a different set of possible locations, thus making lurking at likely positions infeasible. There is always a major mission running. As soon as a mission is finished, a new set of possible locations will be marked on the map and a new crate will be placed. Minor Missions: Roadblocks are created, these are not marked on the map. Some AI are manning the ambush. In the missions "RBFort","RBSandBags","RBTankTraps", a small crate is placed within a static scenery. "RBVehicleArmed" features an armed vehicle as prize. Installation & Configuration: Miscellaneous: Edit 2014-08-27: Screenshots Edit 2014-09-05: Info about new minor missions (roadblocks) added above. Screenshots: Edit 2014-09-06: changes to map markers and minor mission intervall, see post below. Edit 2014-09-08: Debug mode expanded: Edit 2014-09-13: optional DZAI damage handler enabled. With permission from Face now the sophisticated DZAI damage handler can be used for DZMSHotspot AI! See post 31 and the installation instructions above for details. Edit 2014-10-10: info about Takistan and Mirislavl coordinate contributions added. Edit 2016-12-16: replaced dropbox links
  10. I am wanting to edit what spawns in the mission crates for DZMS and WAI, Im just wondering if anyone has some already modified configs i could look at for ideas.
  11. This Server is Concentrated on Hardcore survival, build anywhere, do anything. This server is NOT easy and not for people who are easily frustrated. It Will test your patience and most of all, your skill. Stay alert. IP: Our only rule is: No sky/ floating bases and no ridiculous tower bases. Other than that, BUILD ANYWHERE, DO ANYTHING. ( hackers/ dupers will be banned obviously ) IP: Server Additions: -100 Meter Plot Pole - Roaming AI heli and ground patrols -Dayz Mission system -Wicked AI mission System -Disabled Player play as zombie. -Basic Starter gear -Upped vehicle ammo crate spawns -Decreased roadblock spawns -over 500 vehicles -Lootable Rocket Launchers (rpgs) -Repair(costsgold)/refuel/Rearm(costs gold) at gas stations & fuel pumps Additions to come: Vehicle Additions like m113, t-34(maybe), BMP HQ, BTR 60. IP:
  12. Feature's -towing/lifting - AI missions -Admin Events -Convoys (you can amush and raid) -Clans -Rp -Admin Armies -War Zones -Towns -Military bases -Day and night -Active admins -Milatarized A few of these things might be new to you and that's okay. Admin Events Admin events happen when a few of the admins come together and try and hold a position for a certain amount of time. Anyone one can come and try to kill the admins and then get the amazing loot if the succed.The events normally happen a few times a week. Convoy's The convoys are kind of like an admin event except they happen when one of the admin armies are going somewhere to fufil their mission (more will be explained later on that subject).It is basically a bunch of vehicles in a line with a preset coarse that people can try to ambush and try to steal the equipment, vehicles ,and people (prisoners). Clans Our server openly welcomes clans. Current Clan's ---------------------------------------------------------------- [The Brother Hood Of Steel] Status- High Amount's Of Member's. Currently Recruiting [U.S Marines] Status Low Amount's Of Members. Currently Recuriting War Zones War zones are areas of the map that are currently having a lot of conflict between the Clan's Say if some of the Brother Hood Of Steel had a temp base setup in a town to give out supplies the Marines Might Try To Raid It For Supplies. The Brother Hood Of Steel would then have to send back up and same for the Marines... The Battles could last 5 mins to a few hours. You could sit back try not to get caught in the crossfire and watch or you could pick up a gun and join the fight and get some browning points with an army or get some supplies. Extras Anyone who joins on friday while an admin is on will recieve a gun of his/her choice and a vehicle (the vehicle depends on your choice of gun).Just say when you join that you came because of the steam post.If you are in a clan or just have a lot of friends and they join with you we will give you all a major reward (depends on the amount of people) The Game Server IP is And The Teanspeak IP: and the name of the server is Dayz Outbreak's Roleplay Server|No Whitelisting|Active Staff|
  13. In my server,I only install the epoch mod and DZMS mod. But no missions were started or showed on map after I entered the game. Is it necessary to start a mission by the server admin manually?Or it will start automatically, so I need be patient? Please help, thanks.
  14. DayZLauncher - Mods Required for the servers are DayZ Epoch, Overwatch 0.2.5 Panthera Overpoch Panthera @ Teamspeak info: Server Features: • 24/7 Day • Tow/Lift • Custom Loadout • Custom Missions. • Overpoch LOOT!!! • Clan's • Self Blood Bag • Deploy/Repack Bike, • Auto Refuel/Rearm/Repair @ trader heli pads & gas stations • Snap Build Pro • 1 Step Build • No Weight • Active Staff • Car Radio • Rentable Houses With 24/7 Security Team!!! • Admin Supply Drop's • BTK Cargo • Admin Event's Server Location - Dallas Texas U.S.A And More!!! -Sincerly [TFG-Founder] Trevor[Owner] :)
  15. Hey, These are my additions to Vampire's DZMS, specifically for Epoch First of all, install DZMS the normal way. Now download the following files: Major Missions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gq62gji8t5q90jl/Major.rar Minor Missions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qbikof7eb75ftk/Minor.rar DZMSWeaponCrateList.sqf: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eehb0971wgdism0/DZMSWeaponCrateList.sqf DZMSBox.sqf: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j8m5k73f6a417kt/DZMSBox.sqf Overwrite the default DZMS files with these. Features: - Nearly ALL weapons in ArmA - Random vehicle arrays - Armed Vehicles - More weapon classes - More types of loot crates - Missions using all of the above! Please leave any bugs/suggestions/feedback here :)
  16. Hello, I installed DZMS on my server and it was working fine missions where popping up no problem. Next i installed WAI and that worked fine but i noticed that the DZMS missions were no longer popping up. I also installed DZAI 3rd and the roaming AI are working. In the install directions for DZMS it told me to put this [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf"; in my server_monitor.sqf at the bottom of the WAI and DZAI lines like this [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\dzai_initserver.sqf"; [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf"; [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf"; allowConnection = true; anyone have any idea why DZMS would stop working after WAI was installed? Are they not compatible Thanks Alec [note:] sorry if this is the wrong place for this.
  17. Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions We are a new overpoch server!! We have the best addons and the best admins there is in the dayz community ! Here are a list of some of our addons! DZAI WAI DZMS EMS Action Menu DoorManagement select Spawn Group Management Take Clothes Right Click Deploy Bike Snap Pro No VoIP service Point AI City Safezones Custom GUI Tow & Lift And that is just some of them !!!! We have an amazing group of players and we can't wait to add you to that group ! To join the server you can search the name of the server which is Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions Or you can join by ip which is - We can't wait to see you in the game ! Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  18. hey guys, so me and my friend wanna add 50 .cal to DZMS. I tried to spawn in the machine gun as a building(vehicle) in missions, and they do spawn in, but seems like the AIs don't use it. Is there a way to spawn it with an AI using it or can't do this on DZMS? This is what I add in each mission sql: i add in "_gunner" in private private ["_missName","_coords","_base1","_base2","_base3","_base4","_base5","_base6","_base7","_base8","_base9","_base10","_base11","_base12","_base13","_base14","_base15","_base16","_base17","_veh1","_vehicle","_crate","_gunner"]; then i add in spawn in gunner as a building before spawn in AI units //gunner _gunner=createVehicle ["M2StaticMG",[(_coords select 0) - 7.5078, (_coords select 1) + 7.2578,0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; Once again, the machine gun do spawn in, and player can use it, but the AI don't use it
  19. Hi, I have a script that I got somewhere in this forum that allows me to define an AI helicopter patrol by setting waypoints to define their path. So I have a squad of three that go around both Tavi islands before starting all over again. This was before I started playing around with DZMS, DZAI, and WickedAI. I I haven't nearly learned enough about them yet but was looking for some assistance to shorten my learning curve. Things I what to be able to do... If they spot a player, have the helis land and let out some soldiers to hunt them down, improve their aggressiveness, and also let them spot players on foot. I'm told that AI in air vehicles cannot spot players on foot but I recall playing on an Origins server a long time ago where they would also spot people on foot as well as in vehicles. So is it possible? I believe I also saw some missions (I think in WAI) that had helis land and deploy troops so it seems that it would be possible to do that as long as the AI can spot players. If I could create roving heli patrols defined by a set of way points in any of the current systems (DZMS, DZAI, WAI), I'd make the switch but most seem to just define a patrol area based on a center point and radius. So can any of this be done? Thanks, Bob
  20. I'm changing the loot/weapons on AI in DZAI from epoch weapons to overwatch, if anyone can post their files of their DZAI for an overpoch server I would appreciate it. Tried looking for a public one but couldn't find one. Cheers
  21. I have no RPT errors on this matter, and both AI systems are leaving the AI on the map after the missions time out. Loot disappears, and static guns, but walking AI stay behind. I have replaced all the files for both systems, and I am hoping for some suggestions/ thanks. williamv
  22. Hi, I noticed on the dzms missions that players are dying from ai in one shot, even though they still may have above 0 blood. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this and how to do so. Thanks!
  23. I use DZMS along side of WAI in my chernarus overpoch server with no errors but on taviana i get this error on every major mission finish. But everything mission wise is fine, all items and ai spawn/despawn properly as well as displayed messages. waitUntil {DZMSMajDone}; DZMSMajDone = nil; };> 0:58:38 Error position: <DZMSMajDone}; DZMSMajDone = nil; };> 0:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: dzmsmajdone 0:58:38 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSMajTimer.sqf, line 42 0:58:38 Error in expression <or Mission %1.",_varName]; any ideas or fixes?
  24. Hey guys, I need a working script for that will remove AI from safezones. I am using "InfiSTAR's safezone script", "WAI" and "DZMS". Anyone have a link to a working and tested script? Thanks!
  25. Alright I've hit a wall and hopefully someone can help me out. I'm adding the C130 (EM1.sqf) mission in and my goal is to make this particular mission much harder but with better loot in the boxes. I have created another DZMSBox.sqf (DZMSC130Box.sqf) and DZMSWeaponCrateLoot.sqf (DZMSC130WeaponCrate.sqf) with the intention of calling the new "boxes". I have added the new calls to the init and Functions hoping this would load the new files. I'm either missing something or this is not possible... All of the crates are still filling up with the default loot. Someone please advise. I will paste the configured .SQFs below: DZMSInit: http://pastebin.com/gNiQhTBQ DZMSFunctions: http://pastebin.com/qXv57w09 DZMSBox: http://pastebin.com/q2QER1J6 DZMSC130Crate: http://pastebin.com/AzjzQL63 EM1 Mission: http://pastebin.com/HPZNgGkt
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