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    • By salival
      Hi guys,
      Quite a few admins asked me to release my Change Code script so here it is, It comes with BattlEye filters, too.
      This will allow players to set the code on placement/upgrade of doors, lockboxes and safes as well as changing them after they are placed.
    • By Warburgg
      Hello everyone. I would like to ask for help regarding a problem I have been having on my server.
      Items stored in the vault are not being stored in the SQL database.
      I have tested with the safe and the lockbox and both are not working but with the tent it works and saves the items in the database after the server restart.
      ArmA2OA.RPT: https://pastebin.com/X2cT7BBU
      arma2oaserve.RPT: https://pastebin.com/rqFNGbDy
      server_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/ZVWAzgNP
      Please help me. My players do not want to stay on the server because of this and if I remove the safe and leave only the tent (which is what saves the items) they will cry hahaha
    • By xDUKEx
      Sorry if this post is in the wrong area on the forum ... I'm not sure if there would a better place to ask this question.
      The Actual Script can be found here:
      I've added the script and it works perfectly, however, I can't get the signs to populate around the safe zones.  I believe I need to be adding in actual coordinates to the script but I am not sure of the placement.  Can I stick them all within the [   ]'s and use commas to separate them ... or do I need to create a separate entry for each new location?  
      Here is the bit of the script I am using:
    • By Z80CPU
      NoKillScript – Prevents any ‘Safe Zone’ killings and damage to player’s vehicles.
      Version:  1.16

      Tested On:  ARMA 3 (should work on ARMA 2, though untested)
      Tested Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer (Dedicated Server)
      Tested Environments:  Standard ARMA SP/MP, Epoch, Exile
      Script Executor:  Client
      Script Host:  Server or Client
      Format:  script, SQS
      NoKillZone (NKZ), is a script that helps put an end to the notorious ‘safe zone’ killings that plagued MP environments such as Epoch and Exile.
      Simply place a marker on your map, and then put the marker name in the scripts parameters, and that’s it!  It is a simple script to use.  Nothing fancy here.
      Once it starts, it just loops over and over checking to see if player has entered or left the mark area. Matters not if they teleport into the area, fly over it, or respawn in to it – the script will detect all players in the zone regardless how they arrived or left.
      100% client side and consumes almost no resources from the client.
      Runs till client exits the server.
      No triggers are used.
      This script is for players only, it does not detect/react to any AI units.
      To mark a ‘safe area’ where players can be safe and not have to worry about being killed by anyone.
      It is possible, if desired for example, to have player protected at 100m and then at 50m, their vehicle protected.  This is done by using 2 scripts.  One with the DISTANCE parameter set to ‘100’ and the other set to ‘50’.

      MARKER = Map marker name - In quotes
      DISTANCE = Radius of protection in meters
      TEXT-IN *  = Text to be shown via Hint when entering the zone - In quotes
      TEXT-OUT *  = Text to be shown via Hint when leaving the zone - In quotes
      PROTECTION *  = Allows you to choose protection for player or player and their vehicle.
      * = Optional parameter
      ["CentralSZ",500,"You Have Entered The Central Safe Zone","You Have Left The Central Safe Zone",1] exec "NoKillZone.Sqs"
      Full documentation can be found in the top lines of the script.  Just open it in a text program such as NotePad++ to view.
      For servers, call script from 'INIT.SQF' and/or 'OnPlayerRespawn.Sqf'.
      For SP, you can also call it from the INIT.Sqf or you can activate it via the debug console or other means such as a radio trigger.
      Once launched, you will get a 'confirmation' message showing script is active, what zone, and if vehicle protection is active.

      Other Notes:
      While not ‘optimized’ and the ‘cleanest’ looking script, it does work and work well.  If you wish to spend one to two hours ‘optimizing’ it to save a few milliseconds, be my guest!  ;-)

      Known Issues:
      Script can be run many times for the same location (marker).
      There is no way to exit the script without the player quitting the game.
      Not all parameter errors are detected, though some are
      (The above issues are set to be addressed in the future)
      Video Example:  No Kill Zone Example
    • By Demellion
      Tested much, and still found the same ways to avoid (EPOCH_Locked) variable state of the vaults. 
      Result: I am still able to violate access of the locked vaults via inventory glitches.
      My advise still to use this fix:
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