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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, Quite a few admins asked me to release my Change Code script so here it is, It comes with BattlEye filters, too. This will allow players to set the code on placement/upgrade of doors, lockboxes and safes as well as changing them after they are placed. https://github.com/oiad/changeCode
  2. Hi, since the 0.3.6 update, accessing safes and lockboxes seems to be random. Running version Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. When you can't, you only get the examine option which does nothing. Can't seem to work out the difference between when it works or not. have tried unlocking everything around etc. Doesn't seem to make a difference.
  3. Is there any way to perform full backup of the database file copying? My server is Vilayer Host, and want to make a local backup because I'm having trouble on the host. Downloading the file '' dump.rdb '' could only recover player character. Unable to recover buildings on the map. How to back up the constructions on the map?
  4. Can anyone confirm this 100 % either way? Thanks.
  5. Hellou I was playing yesterday on MGT epoch server on Arma 3 offcourse. I putted down a lockbox and putted som stuf in it. Todey only hatchet and multigun was gone from it. I think its a bug becouse my friend and i tried an I was only one who was able to use it after I putted it down. And the lockbox and the stuff was the and only those two items was gone. Even the energypacks was there. Hoping u devs can fix this. Peace on the Epoch Streets! Cya!
  6. Ok guys Im looking for data on lockboxs. Please post here with a screeny of what it looks like packaged and what it looks like after building. Aslo is it looted or crafted? How much does it hold? If looted please post loot location. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Devs, Found my first lockbox last night, when i tried to use it, message of "building is disabled" (even in build mode). Then tried to sell it to trade, double clicked it to the center "250 krypto", clicked trade and the screen disappeared, no money, no lockbox on the trader or myself (sad face).
  8. Probs not even finished with it yet, but found lock box, can place it but cant put gear in it, and only get lock unlock option, cant put imems in it Cheers
  9. Ok so i was building a little camping spot and i tried to place a lockbox to put a rifle or 2 just in case. But as soon as i clicked on "place lockbox" the model of the lockbox apeared infront of me and imediatly folowed by a crash to desktop with "arma 2 oa has stopped working". Since then i can't reconect to the server. My game crash during the loading just befor i'm supposed to spawn... a bit like on minecraft when you happen to corupt a chunk and crash everytime you try to reconect. Now i'm waiting for the server to reboot and i hope it will solve the problem.
  10. First post on here, even though I've been playing on a few PVE Epoch servers since around release! On to the questions, considering the safe is so expensive (unless you play more than 6 hours a day)... Wouldn't you prefer the lockbox, especially since the spawn frequency has been increased on the business suit zombies... Another thing I'm considering before buying/looting is which will be better for Lingor, even though it doesn't matter as much. Anyone have any ideas on the vodnik vs armored suv decision, or has anyone played on Lingor with them? I have enough for both, but, considering Lingor is tropical will many lakes and rivers to cross, the slow, but nevertheless, watertight vodnik will cross these rivers with ease. Armoured SUV however won't, right? But it is, I think, a little more armored and clearly has the better gun (M134 Minigun) which can mow down AI... Looking forward to your thoughts :P Thanks in advance, Seb ^_^
  11. Hi! I am new there. I have just read info about increased chance to loot lockbox. I play alone and I haven't time to save money for vault. I would to loot that lockbox from suit zombies, but there is Murphy's law against me. I was seeing that kind of zoombie's recently but now I can't find any. Where could I find that kind of zombies?
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