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  1. Loot tables and spawn points are bound to object classes, so such is your garage you are using (dont know if its default). If you want to remove them from safezones you might use server-sided script handling this loot objects, or you may ask AWOL for any resctirctions possiblity in header configs.
  2. If you want to use owner carefully, just check the object presense before with !isNull(object) as a condition. You also may check for some object parameters, since sometimes object may leave reference to it in server memory (known problem of Object not found. on server) with something like damage, getHit, or any global variable present on object.
  3. Hi there, CfgPricing.hpp header only defines the prices, but not the spawn list of anti-hack. Currently Epoch supports CUP mod and may read configs not in a wildcard. I cant tell excatly, as no time to examine. Im sure someone will answer faster than me, so consider this a detailed BUMP.
  4. Demellion

    Thermals and 0.3.8

    Pity, but dont try changing root object classes like CfgWeapons, CfgMagazines, as they are compiled to final in game/mod engine. You cant override it with #inlcude or any other pre-process functionality.
  5. Post what configuration changes you have made against vanilla Epoch build, because I dont have any RPT messages of that type on vanilla even with VEMF on it. Checked in several instances.
  6. Found that happening in some cases on vanillla 0.3.8 19:05:22 Scripting function 'bis_fnc_execvm' is not allowed to be remotely executed Its only used to initPlayerServer.sqf execution, but still want to know if its global issue, or local for me.
  7. Thanks much.
  8. Something went wrong while installing as Vanilla build doesnt show me any. VEMF is indenpendent and will not generate faults in Epoch, im sure, using it much. So basicly some maths messup, like this scripts trying to add number to object, etc. Check twice if your build is vanilla 0.3.8.
  9. Heres an example for you http://pastebin.com/NMeT8G4r http://pastebin.com/8GGJ6wg4 I didnt get your question exactly, but in my example you can see that I added separate classes for RHS loot and added in on top of another in MainTable. This shortens the time spent and gives you ability to control spawn rate for all type of items, neither detailed one by one. P.S You can also go the most easiest way: instead of adding to each MainTable class, you can add to existing LootTable. aka adding RHSRifles to Rifles in LootTables - but this may cause problems in balancing loot chances overall.
  10. Theres no default code for stuff like this. You probably mentioning VEMF missions output in systemChat? If so, theres a special server-client code for that.
  11. If you wish to override/remove gui, you simply can go straight to scripts that control them and comment out/replace code that contains something alike: displayCtrl, ctrlSetText... etc.
  12. You can do it on your own, if you have code knowledge using this article: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/User_Interface_Event_Handlers Also, you can follow A2 Epoch github to see how it was done there to recreate the same. I believe Epoch Team doesnt have that much time to pay attention on such minor stuff, since they gone Share-Alike.
  13. Hi there, anyone can give an advice how to convert mission.sqm from pre-3DEN format to a newer (you can compare diffreneces from 0.3.7 and 0.3.8 builds of Epoch). Older: ... class Mission { class Intel{}; class Groups{}; class Vehicles{}; class Markers{}; }; ... Newer: class Mission { class Entities { Item0 { type = "Group"; ... }; Item2 { type = "Vehicle"; ... }; Item2 { type = "Marker"; ... }; }; };
  14. Check if you updated server side properly, since this doesnt happen in vanilla RPT log. My big advice is to start assembling your server from clean 0.3.8. This malfunction will definitely cause your vehicles will not be saved, as there should array, not object(s).
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