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  1. class_levels not being saved after leaving server. Any suggestion?
  2. Me BEC # This config file is only provided as an example file. # Edit it to sute your needs. # For more info on how to edit this file. use the Readme.txt file or visit http://www.ibattle.org/install-and-configure #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Bec] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set the ip to your server. normally will be fine. Ip = # Set the port to the server. default port is 2302 Port = 2302 # Set the path to the BattlEye directory that is currently in use by the server. BePath = C:\servidordayzmod\cfgdayz\BattlEye # Set the path to your Admins.xml file containing your admins. Admins = Admins.xml # Set the path to your Commands.xml file. Commands = Commands.xml #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Misc] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Auto run loadbans when ban file(s) changes. # 1 or True will turn it on. # 0 or False will turn it off. # If this parameter is not defined it will use False as default. AutoLoadBans = True # Set which type of hacks that will be added to your banlist. # 0 = none. 1 = GameHack. 2 = Battleye Hack. 3 = both GameHack & Battleye Hack. # value 3 is set as default if this parameter is not defined. Ban = 3 # Set the names of your custom ban files, Separate each file with "," (comma): file1.txt, banfile2.txt, newfile.txt # If you do not use any custom ban files. delete this option or leave this option commented. # This option will check ban files for changes and automatic do a loadbans file when a file gets changed # Do not specify the default bans.txt file here. # BeCustomBanFiles = Bans1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt # Set the height & width of Becs console window ConsoleHeight = 45 ConsoleWidth = 165 # Only allow english chars. AsciiNickOnly = False # Only allow english chars to be typed on the chat. Note, Warnings must be enabled. 0 or more. AsciiChatOnly = false # If AsciiChatOnly is set True. you can define none english chars that will be accepted. # You separate each char with a , "note you need to define lower and upper case of the chars." IgnoreChatChars = €,£,æ,Æ,ø,Ø,å,Å,ö,ä,ü,ß # Set the amount of warnings a player will get before kicked. -1 is disabled. 0 instant kick # 1 == one warning on a bad word. next bad word results in kick Warnings = 2 # Kick players who has listed chars in their name when they connect DisallowPlayerNameChars = []{}()0123456789 # Min length, kicks players who has to short name when they connect. MinPlayerNameLength = 3 # Max length, kicks players who has to long name when they connect. MaxPlayerNameLength = 16 # Set the name of your Arma3server.exe if it has been renamed from arma3server.exe to something else! # if the exe has its original name. comment it out. # DO NOT SET FULL PATH TO THE EXE FILE # ServerExeName = NewArmaExeName.exe # Set path to the file containing a list of bad words. Note, Warnings must be enabled. 0 or more. WordFilterFile = BadWords.txt # Set the path to the file containing whitelisted guids. # WhiteListFile = WhiteList.txt # Set custom whitelist kick message. Text must be in ascii letters. MAX 58 CHARS. BE only does ascii on messages WhiteListKickMsg = You are not whitelisted on this server. # Kick people with offensive names NickFilterFile = BadNames.txt # Set the path to the Scheduler.xml file. Scheduler = Scheduler.xml # Kick people who are idleing in the lobby, kick will happen after given time, Min time is 90 sec. use 0 to disable this function. KickLobbyIdlers = 600 # If enabled. Bec will create separate chat files for each channel along with the main file. ChatChannelFiles = true # Set the amount of Normal players who can connect. Set it to -1 to disable it. # If set to 0 it means only players who are listed in the Admins.xml, (or whatever you call it) will be able to connect to the server. # Quick Example 1: server can holed 50 players. and you want to reserve 5 slots for admins. then set SlotLimit to 45. # Quick Example 2: server can holed 50 players. and you want to reserve 5 slots for admins and 5 slots for friends. then set SlotLimit to 40, # AND edit your admins.xml. ADD in all your frineds guid and remaining data, put them in group example 100. or whatever you feel likt. # by using this method you can give some of your friends some access to some commands if you like or none. # in general this is works like .Whitelisting X player slots for admins and friends, while leaving the remaining Y slots for public. SlotLimit = -1 # Set the message people will get when they try to connect and is not whitelisted. Text must be in ascii letters. SlotLimitKickMsg = The Server has reached its player limit. # The amount of time Bec will wait for the server to start up. Timeout = 60 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Reporter] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Reporter account. Fill in the username and password for your reporter account. # GameHacks, BattlEye Hacks will be reported to a database. all players who connect will also be checked against this database. # Set the Username for your account #User = alfred # Set the Password for your account #Password = 123456 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ChatRestriction] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set max amount of chat lines a player is allowed to send for each channel. # Going passed the number will result in kick. -1 is disabled, 0 instant kick. # If the number is higher than 0 players will be sent warnings. Lobby = -1 Global = -1 Side = -1 Group = -1 Vehicle = -1 Command = -1 Commander = -1 Direct = -1 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ChatSpam] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Set max amount of chat lines per channel allowed within given time frame. # Set the values to 0 to disable this function(s) # Quick Example: # Lobby = 5 # Lobby_Time_Lower = 10 # Lobby_Time_Upper = 15 # If the time between each new chatlines from a player is less than CHANNEL_Time_Lower the spam counter increases by + 1. # Consider the CHANNEL (Lobby) as the spam counter. # When a player has (CHANNEL - 1) in spam counting. a warning will be sent to whom it may concern. # If the time between each new chatline from the player is Greater than CHANNEL_Time_Lower and Less than CHANNEL_Time_Upper the spam counter stay as it is. # If the time since the last chatline is greater then CHANNEL_Time_Upper the spam counter is reset to 1. # To get optimal result play around a bit with the values on your server. Lobby = 0 Lobby_Time_Lower = 0 Lobby_Time_Upper = 0 Global = 0 Global_Time_Lower = 0 Global_Time_Upper = 0 Side = 0 Side_Time_Lower = 0 Side_Time_Upper = 0 Group = 2 Group_Time_Lower = 1 Group_Time_Upper = 3 Vehicle = 0 Vehicle_Time_Lower = 0 Vehicle_Time_Upper = 0 Command = 0 Command_Time_Lower = 0 Command_Time_Upper = 0 Commander = 0 Commander_Time_Lower = 0 Commander_Time_Upper = 0 Direct = 0 Direct_Time_Lower = 0 Direct_Time_Upper = 0 I'am start with this @ echo off pushd %~dp0 cd /d %CD% taskkill /f /im bec.exe taskkill /f /im arma2oaserver.exe ping -n 2 >NUL rem ***if you are using a different map, then call a different batch file below. call 11_chernarus.bat ping -n 2 >NUL cd "C:\servidordayzmod\cfgdayz\Bec" start /min Bec.exe -f "Config.cfg" ping -n 2 >NUL exit
  3. Warburgg


    I installed the dynamic climate script and it happens that it rains on the server but only lasts 10 seconds and stops. Is it because I use the script that speeds server time? I currently use Control Time which allows the server to have 2 hours of day and 1 hour night. The other climates such as overcast and fog last the forecast time 5-20 minutes but the rain does not. In my logs show: 16:52:30 "39:2 Debug: Rain set to 0.92421 for 10.6582 minutes". It rains until it rains but soon stops.
  4. I have been having problems and they are as follows: 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f82 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f82 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f82 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f82 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f84 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f84 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f84 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e1f86 is pending 21:49:33 Server: Network message 4e207d is pending 21:43:14 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #1234031237, users.card=14 21:47:34 "INFO - Player: PID#36(Arnossagineguer)(UID:76561198122194802/CID:472) Status: LOGGING IN" 21:47:44 "z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSetup.sqf: Error, failed to find a suitable spawn spot for player. area:[12048,8352,0]" 21:47:44 "INFO - Player: PID#36(Arnossagineguer)(UID:76561198122194802/CID:472) Status: " 21:47:44 Error in expression <layerObj call fa_plr2str),((_worldspace select 1) call fa_coor2str)] call dayz_r> 21:47:44 Error position: <select 1) call fa_coor2str)] call dayz_r> 21:47:44 Error Zero divisor 21:47:44 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSetup.sqf, line 248 I do not know what the problem is but sometimes it happens that my players are born off the map. My server setup is: Intel Xeon E5-2574 v4 @ 2.30Ghz 2.29 Ghz, 16.0GB RAM, 64 bits but... https://imgur.com/a/7Pu6nfi Thanks for HELP!
  5. I am creating my DayZ MOD server and I have seen that the only mission system compatible with Vanilla is DZMS but AI is very dumb. Even with the skill at 1.0 she does not see me in front of her. Thanks for help
  6. My script: private["_serverTitle","_serverSubtitle","_teamspeak","_time","_hours","_minutes","_restartTime"]; /************************* CONFIG *************************/ _serverTitle = "SERVER NAME HERE"; _serverSubtitle = "WEBSITE/MESSAGE HERE"; // DELETE line 40 if you don't want this to show _teamspeak = "Teamspeak: TEAMSPEAK IP HERE"; // DELETE line 50 if you don't want this to show _restartTime = 180; //total time before server restart (3hrs = 180 minutes) /************************* CONFIG *************************/ while {debugMonitor} do { _time = (round(_restartTime-(serverTime)/60)); //Want it to count up instead of down? use _time = (round serverTime)/60; _hours = (floor(_time/60)); _minutes = (_time - (_hours * 60)); switch(_minutes) do { case 9: {_minutes = "09"}; case 8: {_minutes = "08"}; case 7: {_minutes = "07"}; case 6: {_minutes = "06"}; case 5: {_minutes = "05"}; case 4: {_minutes = "04"}; case 3: {_minutes = "03"}; case 2: {_minutes = "02"}; case 1: {_minutes = "01"}; case 0: {_minutes = "00"}; }; // Want to change the colors? http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp // Use the #xxxxxx color code you get on that website and place it with any of the //<t size..... lines below format: color='#xxxxxx' // You can delete any of the <t size..... lines that you do not want // THE LAST LINE MUST HAVE A ", hintSilent parseText format [" <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Zombies Killed: </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%1</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Headshots: </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%2</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Murders: </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Bandits Killed: </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%4</t><br/><br/><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#ffe13f'>Coins </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%6</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#ffe13f'>Bank </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%7</t><br/><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#1E90FF'>Humanity </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%5</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#C70000'>Blood </t> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%10</t><br/>", (player getVariable['zombieKills', 0]), (player getVariable['headShots', 0]), (player getVariable['humanKills', 0]), (player getVariable['banditKills', 0]), (player getVariable['humanity', 0] call BIS_fnc_numberText), (player getVariable['cashMoney', 0] call BIS_fnc_numberText), (player getVariable['GlobalMoney', 0] call BIS_fnc_numberText), (dayz_Survived), (count playableUnits), r_player_blood, (round diag_fps), (round(120-(serverTime) / 60)) ]; //Don't modify this part sleep 0.5; }; I already tried everything and when it seems that solved it appears another graphic error like for example "Murders" has two zeros.
  7. Warburgg

    Help me with this

    I know that, my friend. But is not that a mistake? If so, is the error correct?
  8. Warburgg

    Help me with this

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I did not modify anything I just took the WAI folder and put it inside my server. https://pastebin.com/LuJYjF3v Thanks!
  9. I thank everyone for their help but I started the server again. I'm going to install the admin tools now and see if that was the problem.
  10. Hello everyone. I would like to ask for help regarding a problem I have been having on my server. Items stored in the vault are not being stored in the SQL database. I have tested with the safe and the lockbox and both are not working but with the tent it works and saves the items in the database after the server restart. ArmA2OA.RPT: https://pastebin.com/X2cT7BBU arma2oaserve.RPT: https://pastebin.com/rqFNGbDy server_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/ZVWAzgNP Please help me. My players do not want to stay on the server because of this and if I remove the safe and leave only the tent (which is what saves the items) they will cry hahaha
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