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Found 13 results

  1. Outdated, already built into Epoch 1.0.7 Hi guys, Quite a few admins asked me to release my Change Code script so here it is, It comes with BattlEye filters, too. This will allow players to set the code on placement/upgrade of doors, lockboxes and safes as well as changing them after they are placed. https://github.com/oiad/changeCode
  2. Heya, I've been trying to tinker with this issue for a week. Here's the situation: I've placed a LHD built in mission editor. I managed to add a Agent there as a trader which functions fine and exists constantly without vanishing into the ocean, right so that functions properly. The issue is with purchasing a vehicle. It doesn't function as expected. I have included a HeliHCivil on it with a set position that its height should be about the same as carrier's deck. (I tested it previously that if you increase its Z it will spawn the machine exactly at that height and remain frozen in air until touched.) When purchasing a air vehicle it spawns 500m into the air as title informs, it is unclear to me whether the hitbox of the carrier just happens to be that huge or why it does it, this is beyond my ability to comprehend it. This happens if there are a structure on the spawn point, if none exist it spawns precisely how you'd want it. I tested it by making it spawn above ocean it worked and then placed metal floors about it and bought it again. vehicle spawned in the air again. I tried to lower the Helipad's height with -X (with X being amount added) but it results in the purchased vehicle spawning in the center of the map. Are there any solution to how to make it spawn on the helipad even if the helipad is on top of a building or similar? I might've exhausted all my options. Thank you. Update on When purchasing on ocean the vehicle spawns on the bottom of the sea instead of on the helipad.
  3. So, as many will know, there is an issue in A2Epoch (possibily from DayZ) in the unique identifier generation not always producing unique identifiers. What is the unique identifier and how is it used ?. Epoch uses two object identifiers. ObjectID ObjectUID ObjectID is generated by the MySQL DB backend. ObjectUID is generated within the ARMA 2 game world via SQF code. Why two identifiers ?. For some reason... there is only one HiveExt.dll call to get the ObjectID for an object in the DB. This call is the one used to load all the DB objects in to ARMA. The offshoot of this is that when a new object is created and saved to the DB, the DB creates a unique objectID but this objectID cannot get back to the ARMA 2 game world until the ARMA 2 server process is restarted and all the objects are then read from the DB again. To get around this, the ObjectUID is created when a new object is created in the game world. This is used to reference the object in the game world and on the DB if the ARMA 2 engine does not know the DB assigned ObjectID. So, what is the problem ?. Whilst the code to generate a unique objectUID looks fairly good, it does not always create a unique ID. THis means that manipulation of any new objects that have not yet got an objectID in the game world (ie. created after the last server restart) but having an objectUID that matches the objectUID of an object currently in the DB will cause all sorts of problems. How is the objectUID calculated currently ?. There are three functions used to calculate the objectUID currently (all defined in server_functions.sqf). dayz_objectUID - No longer used it seems. dayz_objectUID2 - Used for objects objectUID generation. dayz_objectUID3 - Used for vehicle objectUID generation. dayz_objectUID just works out the required input parameters and then calls dayz_objectUID2. dayz_objectUID2 generates the objectUID for the object by applying the following calculation. x,y,z coords each multiplied by 10. Results made positive if required by multiplying by -10 and rounded to a whole number. 3 numbers are concatenated together (X + Y + Z). The objects direction (in degrees) after rounding is then concatenated to the result. dayz_objectUID3 does the same but adds the mission time (time in seconds since the ARMA 2 mission was started) to the direction value before adding it to the result for the x/y/x/ * 10 part. Worked example for dayz_objectUID2 Worldspace = [351.545[11079.8,11834.3,-0.380997]] = X = 11079.8 * 10 = 110798 Y = 11834.3 * 10 = 118343 Z = -0.380997 * 10 = -3.80997 * -10 (make positive) = 38.0997 round = 38 DIR = 351.545 rounded = 352 = concat 110798 + 118343 + 38 + 352 Calculated objectUID 11079811834338352 Stored ObjectUID 11079811834338352 So why is it not random ?. A set of coodinates ( [dir,[x,y,z]] ) for an object of [0,[1,1,10]] will produce the same result as a set of coordinates of [0,[1,10,1]]. The uniqueness plays on the probability of combination resulting in the same onjectUID being generated as unlikely. The more items you have in your DB then the more likely it is to happen. Ok, so what can we do about it ?. So this is the purpose of this thread. Both to highlight the issues to those who were not aware and to have a discussion on peoples thoughts on a better solution. I am curious as to why the code does not start at 0 and each time a objectUID is needed it just increments (possibly by 2 / 5 / 10). A server global variable could hold the current value and be populated on server restart by the highest objectUID found in the loaded objects. The only issue I can see is if multiple requests for a new objectUID resulted in the same objectUIDs being given out to multiple requestors as the global 'current objectUID' variable cannot be updated quickly enough. Presumabily that ould be managed by a basic schedualing system enforcing a FIFO queue so each request could be processed one at a time. Any other thoughts or observations ?. I am hoping we can all come up with a better solution that does not require any custom .dlls or DB table changes. Good news is that any new generation system should be pretty easy to plugin to Epoch. Over to you...
  4. [RELEASE] Door Management - No More Codes First release ONLY for Plot 4 Life users. Tired of giving in codes? Which code belongs to which door anyways? Geezus, some guy put a bot on my door to break the code. FUCK THAT Here comes Door Management. Throw away your codes and enjoy a simple eye scan. Add your friends to your list on the door an enjoy a stress free "door opening" experience. Door opening too fast? dont worry just put the opening time a bit longer. Inspired by plotManagement but now for Doors! If you press the unlock action you will not see a code dialog anymore. My dialog overwrites this dialog with my personal one. Here you get to simple action to press EYE SCAN. This will open the door after 2 seconds of scanning. Fails when you are not on the manage list ofcourse. Only people on the manage list can manage the door ofcourse. Owner will be alwyas highest authority and can never be erased. (Thanks P4L - Rimblock). [insert Image of the manage window here when i'm @ home, or anyone else provide it in the meantime] If you press manual code you get the old dialog back. You can disable this in the config section. This Scripts DOES not change anything gamebreaking or database related. The door code is still being used, but only codewise (back-end). You dont see anything in the front-end. Instructions 0 - Download the files from github: https://github.com/DevZupa/DoorManagement 1 - in your description.ext: ( Mission PBO ) Add to the bottom: ( THE DEFINES IS UPDATED, overwrite any other defines i gave u at other mods of mine!) If you get any duplicates of classes, just delete them from the defines.hpp, problem solved. #include "doorManagement\defines.hpp" #include "doorManagement\doorUnlock.hpp" #include "doorManagement\doorManagement.hpp" #include "doorManagement\ComboLockUI.hpp" 2 - In your compiles.sqf: ( Mission PBO ) Add the following lines /*DoorManagement Zupa*/ DoorGetFriends = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorGetFriends.sqf"; DoorNearbyHumans = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorNearbyHumans.sqf"; DoorAddFriend = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorAddFriend.sqf"; DoorRemoveFriend = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorRemoveFriend.sqf"; player_unlockDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_unlockDoor.sqf"; player_unlockDoorCode = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_unlockDoorCode.sqf"; player_manageDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\initDoorManagement.sqf"; player_enterCode = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_enterCode.sqf"; player_changeCombo = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_changeCombo.sqf"; /*DoorManagement End*/ Above BIS_Effects_Burn = compile preprocessFile "\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS\destruction\burn.sqf"; AND place "//" infront of the normal player_actions so it looks like this: // player_unlockDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "defaultfile.sqf"; //player_changeCombo = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "defaultfike.sqf"; 3 - Variables.sqf: Add somewhere at the top: NOT FIRST LINE: /**DoorManagement Config**/ DoorAdminList = ["-2","-3"]; // List of Player Id's of admins that can manage all doors AllowManualCode = true;// 2 reason| 1: Allows breaking codes (if 2nd config = false and code = 3 digits) | 2: Friends can access access not owned doors until owner gets on. HarderPenalty = true;// Cen's Penalty: Flashes screen white. And kicks player to lobby if failed more then (random number between 4 and 14) times. // AllowUncrackableCode = false; // in next release: if set to true, player can change code to more then 4 digits, The manualCode will always fail when he does. THIS is for AntiCodeCrack servers that allow Manual Code for people that like that system. // in next release. AllowManualCode will allow players to change the code in the DoorManagement Menu. /**DoorManagement Config END**/ DZE_DoorsLocked = ["Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked","Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked","Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked","CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ","CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ"]; 4 - FN_SELFACTIONS.SQF: a - Add the following player removeAction s_player_manageDoor; s_player_manageDoor = -1; // u might also want to add this to variables reset in your variables.sqf Under player removeAction s_player_barkdog; s_player_barkdog = -1; player removeAction s_player_warndog; s_player_warndog = -1; player removeAction s_player_followdog; s_player_followdog = -1; b - Place the following: //Allow manage door if((_typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { if (s_player_manageDoor < 0) then { s_player_manageDoor = player addAction ["<t color='#0059FF'>Manage Door</t>", "doorManagement\initDoorManagement.sqf", _cursorTarget, 5, false]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_manageDoor; s_player_manageDoor = -1; }; above //Allow owner to unlock vault Now in the Server.pbo 5 - server_monitor.sqf ( Mostly found in dayz_server/system/ if you are not using any modded one). a) place if (typeOf (_object) in DZE_DoorsLocked) then { _object setVariable ["doorfriends", _intentory, true]; }; under _object = createVehicle [_type, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; B - Find ( IF NOT USING PLOTMANAGEMENT ) if (count _intentory > 0) then { Replace that with if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { B - IF USING PLOT MANAGEMENT, REplace: if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { With if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") && !(typeOf( _object) in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { 6 - server_UpdateObject.sqf ( Mostly found in dayz_server/compile/ if you are not using any modded one). Change _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; into ( IF NOT using PLotManagement) _isNormal = true; if (typeOf (_object)in DZE_DoorsLocked) then{ _isNormal = false; _inventory = _object getVariable ["doorfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item }; if(_isNormal)then { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; }; IF USING PLOT MANAGEMENT Change if (typeOf (_object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") then{ _inventory = _object getVariable ["plotfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item } else { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; }; Into _isNormal = true; if (typeOf (_object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") then{ _isNormal = false; _inventory = _object getVariable ["plotfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item }; if (typeOf (_object)in DZE_DoorsLocked) then{ _isNormal = false; _inventory = _object getVariable ["doorfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item }; if(_isNormal)then { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; }; Infistar Antihack If you're running Infistar Antihack, add this to the dialogs array; 711195, 41144 And this to the '_cMenu =' section "DoorManagement","Entercode" IMPORTANT FOR NON PLOT 4 LIFE USERS
  5. Want to laugh? Want to cry? http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=26821
  6. Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of setting up an overpoch server and everything worked until I tried to install Plot for Life (follow the tutorial and got the files from here: ). What happens is when someone tries to join it loads everything but fails to authenticate. I know its not just my arma because I have had several people try it and the same thing happened to everyone. To get it to work again I just have to change the init file back to normal and the server works fine again. In the client logs there is this in the end but there are no other errors: Client: Network message dc9b (update info 317910e0) is pending Client: Network message dc9c (update info 31790fc0) is pending Client: Network message dc9c (update info 31791018) is pending Client: Network message dc9d (update info 317910c8) is pending Client: Network message dc9e (update info 31790f68) is pending "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Retrying Authentication... (76561198044993880)" "PLOGIN: Authentication Failed (76561198044993880)" "End Mission" I don't know where the server logs are but if someone can point me to them I'll upload them. If there are any other file or any other information let me know and I'll upload it. I appreciate any help I can get, thanks. P.S. I already have several mods installed but I don't remember what they all are but I can find out if necessary
  7. Hai, I was wondering if anyone can help me a second, I want to add a custom trader menu to the Hero and Aircraft dealer, How would I go about doing that? (Completely basic please, I know very little about Sql and shiz) Thanks!
  8. R2Clan Gaming Community is looking for skilled individuals that can help script/code missions and events into our A3 Epoch 2.5.1 server. If anyone here is interested please Contact me at [email protected] or Join our TS (ts3.R2clan.net) or join our webpage (R2clan.net) or even jump in our server (epoch.R2clan.net)
  9. hey guys thought id post here about my armaholic page that went up today. hopefully if the devs like it and use it, they will smash out code alot faster so we can all have some great fun :D. its basically a syntax highlighter + autocomplete + quick docs for the SQF language. i know alot of work gets done in c++ but hey thats what visual studio is for. and hopefully for the pbo side of things this will help :) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26952 also great work with epoch feels like you guys have a solid base to work from which is only promising for the future of the mod. and finnally excited for this combined with shoting from vehicles. life will be complete. any feedback or issues / suggestions to make it better greatly apreciated thanks.
  10. So when I join this particular DayZ Epoch Taviana server, my client joins the lobby and upon pressing OK, my client loads the white bar under DayZ Logo until it finally gives my a small error about a config file (which I think it would normally pass) and then crashes. After 2-3 seconds a message box pops up and says "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf not found." This is an ArmA 2 OA window and that's about all I know. Most research led me to believe it may be server-side and on the client receiving a response from the server with the code. Also attached is a snip of the window that pops up. Also forgot to add that I'm using DayZ Epoch and server is running 1.0.4 as I couldn't manually download 1.0.4 without using DayZ Commander (which doesn't seem to want to download any mods for some reason). Any help is much appreciated, Bazerama
  11. I could not find any ArmA2 debug tool that worked with Epoch so I developed my own little script and dialog to do just some simple things like execute SQF code on the fly (client and server side via custom remote execution). Also I have added my own little extension (DLL) for remote logging to a separate window on the server, so essentially if you want to log some debug info it pops up in that window and not in the RPT file. That logging extension is optional of course but i use it for debgging myself, not on the live server. Is there any interest in tools like this? I can publish my stuff if any admin or script/mod developer may need something like this.. :) Here a simple screenshot what the debug dialog looks like atm: you can enter any valid SQF script code in the large text field and then execute it locally on the client or via remote execution on the server, the result of the code is displayed in the lower text field (also the result of remote exec), just to simplify it so you won't have to add a log call or "hint str (1+2+3)" instead of just call "1+2+3" or whatever (and yes you can use this as a calculator lol) some screenshots of the remote log: I've just added a simple log filter at the bottom, so you are able to filter the log entries to match a specified text in real time. the number in the bottom right cornor means 9 log entries filters out of 26 log entries overall. this ain't pretty but might help with script debugging a lot. the code to log something in this example is pretty simple: format["Refueling %1 with %2 fuel",_name,_fuel] call DT_fnc_log; this is called in my service point refuel script, just as an example how it can be used (keep in mind the refuel script is client side and the log window on the server). :) Download: http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/ArmaDebugTool1.0.zip Installation Script Console copy the files RscDebugDialog.hpp and debug.sqf to your MPMission folder/PBO open your description.ext file and include the debug dialog at the end of the file like this: #include "RscDebugDialog.hpp" execute the debug.sqf from your init.sqf (at the very bottom it needs to be executed on the client and server) execVM "debug.sqf"; you can open the debug console by invoking the function DT_fnc_openDialog yourself or by default just press the minus key on the numpad to open it if you are in-game (key can be changed with DT_openKey variable in the debug.sqf file) call DT_fnc_openDialog; you can now use the debug console in game, be aware the custom remote execution on the server might be tricky if you leave BattlEye enabled because many script values are just blacklisted in the publicvariableval.txt filter file, also you need to add BattlEye exceptions for publicvariable.txt: !="DT_logMessage" !="DT_remoteExec" I suggest to just disable BattlEye if you want to make use of the remote execution, since this script is only intended for use on a test server anyway ond not for a live server! If you want to use this on a live server make sure only admins have access to the script console! :P Installation Remote Log Extension (optional) If you want to use the external log window in combination with my log command DT_fnc_log you need to install the extension first. By default the log window is displayed on the server only, it can be used on the client but on the server makes more sense I think. The following steps are only server side! copy the files jni.dll, jni.conf and ArmaDebugTool.jar in your ArmA:OA installation directory (next to Database.dll and the other Epoch files) since the extension is written in Java you need to install a 32-bit (x86) Java 7 Runtime Environment (JRE), if you don't already have that on your server open the jni.conf and change the JAVA_HOME path to your JRE installation if necessary that should be all, you can now use the DT_fnc_log function on the client or server and it should open a separate window with the first log call. e.g. "log text" call DT_fnc_log; (position player) call DT_fnc_log; // on the client (count vehicles) call DT_fnc_log; // server or client or whatever you want to log, string conversion is done automatically so you can log any value or object. If there are any problems with calling the ArmaDebugTool.jar or Java-VM there should be a jni.log file next to the jni.dll with error information in it. Also for performance reasons the log window is limited to 1000 log entries, it will remove the oldest one from the top if you log more messages. References The Java Extension for Arma 3 (jni.dll) was created by micovery: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167749-Java-Extension-for-Arma-3-(jni-dll) Source code for my debug scripts: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/debug Source code for the log extension (ArmaDebugTool.jar): https://github.com/vos/ArmaDebugTool
  12. Hi there I have been recently Trying To use the Teleport Feature that Comes with Blue Phoenix Admin tools on my server, However When I attempt to use the Teleport Feature I am Quickly Reverted back to the Location I initially Tried to Teleport From. I believe this Is because of the Anti-Tele Script Within DayZ. If anyone Has A Solution or a possible way to get around this, and disable it that would be of much appreciation. thanks,
  13. Hello, I'm the admin of my server and someone told me when they placed the safe / vault down a code didn't appear on their screen, is there anyway I can retrieve this code from the server database? Any help would be greatly appreacited.
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