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  1. just when I was beginning to miss the juandayz´s mods you come to share this. Thank you very much Chi and Juan.
  2. Fixed with the info provided by salival. Tnk you!
  3. what is that error? 0:10:59 Error in expression <playerName]; } else { if (_sourceWeapon == "") then {_sourceWeapon = "unknown we> 0:10:59 Error position: <== "") then {_sourceWeapon = "unknown we> 0:10:59 Error ==: Type Array, expected Number,String,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Team member,Task,Location 0:10:59 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerDied.sqf, line 49 im using the default 1.6.2 server_playerDied.sqf // DEATH MESSAGES _suicide = ((_sourceName == _playerName) or (_method == "suicide")); if (_method in ["explosion","melee","shot","shothead","shotheavy","suicide"] && !(_method == "explosion" && (_suicide or _sourceName == "unknown"))) then { if (_suicide) then { _message = ["suicide",_playerName]; } else { if (_sourceWeapon == "") then {_sourceWeapon = "unknown weapon";};/////////////////LINE 49 _message = ["killed",_playerName,_sourceName,_sourceWeapon,_distance]; // Store death messages to allow viewing at message board in trader citys. PlayerDeaths set [count PlayerDeaths,[_playerName,_sourceName,_sourceWeapon,_distance,ServerCurrentTime]]; }; } else { // No source name, distance or weapon needed: "%1 died from %2" str_death_%1 (see stringtable) // Possible methods: ["bled","combatlog","crash","crushed","dehyd","eject","fall","starve","sick","rad","runover","unknown","zombie"] _message = ["died",_playerName,_method]; }; my custom configVariables.sqf // Death Messages DZE_DeathMsgChat = "none"; //"none","global","side","system" Display death messages in selected chat channel. DZE_DeathMsgDynamicText = true; // Display death messages as dynamicText in the top left with weapon icons. DZE_DeathMsgRolling = false; // Display death messages as rolling messages in bottom center of screen. DZE_DeathScreen = true; // True=Use Epoch death screen (Trade city obituaries have been amended) False=Use DayZ death screen (You are dead)
  4. Hello @salival im getting kicked by Battleye Script Restriction #36. i cannot join to my server. Im using a fresh server files with only zsc. (not global banking) my scripts.txt ( lines 16,19,74 contain your changes.) https://pastebin.com/CzNhibb4 my scripts.log my rpt. https://pastebin.com/R6DbVM5b ºIf i change my scripts.txt by the old one that i had in 1.6.1 i can join to the server and coins works fine...but if i press ESC i get kiked by publicvariable #0. ºIf i use my server without coins... battleye do not kickme. ºI have the battleye folder in DZE_Server_Config (out of the server root)
  5. @icomrade @salival just another question for my test server. in the launcher.bat i have> @echo off start "arma2" /min "C:\epoch162\arma2oaserver.exe" "-config=C:\DZE_Server_Config\7_lingor.cfg" "-cfg=C:\DZE_Server_Config\basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\DZE_Server_Config" -name=server "[email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" what is the value for this entry -name=server is -name= DZE_Server_Config
  6. Hello everyone. Someone knows what to do with gtx since the `DZE_Server_Config` folder should be into the root of the drive C:\ or a similar locations. I mean I can still put that folder in the server root as the old instance_11_chernarus folder where HiveExt.ini config.cfg and basic.cgf is located... But i would not want to do the update if gtx is going to change his structure. Also ask about the new 1.6.2 sql tables. I do not have permissions in my gtx phpmyadmin account to update them. I know "You should ask the support of gtx" but if someone already has this information please.
  7. ask because in the donnova´s post found that: To have a 3 hours day, change the line "donn_multi = 2;" in time_control.sqf: donn_multi = 1; -> 4 hours day donn_multi = 4/3; -> 3 hours day donn_multi = 2; -> 2 hours day
  8. @Schalldampfer @l1nkrx7 works great. Just a doubt. How can I use it on my 4-hour server? What value do I need here? donn_multi = 4/3;
  9. could someone please explain me how blacklist custom zones? for example i have this coord : [8246,15485,0] Ho do i introduce it? use_blacklist = true; // use blacklist blacklist = [ [[0,16000,0],[1000,-0,0]], // Left [[0,16000,0],[16000.0,14580.3,0]] // Top ];
  10. He said status bar, not debug monitor..much than clear. Dont know why you allways be a hostile member.
  11. Remember something like this in 151 . Lets give a try! Tnk you cherdenko!!
  12. gernika


    Well this is a lot for me. Thank you so much friend. Muchss gracias
  13. gernika


    THank you a lot. Yes this is perfect. Another quest.. is thers others ways to check items? Just to learn.
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