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  1. is it possible to do this with player id ? rather then humanity?
  2. thank you bud, i misunderstood the code :) i will add the change to code at our next restart if i am still up, if not will be early tomorrow
  3. dose the body auto spawn or is it done when you are with in a distance of it ? dose the ai show as dead body on antihack ? the code for showing body you give if i am not mistaken would show to everybody exactly where the body is ?
  4. I have tested the new edit several times in the last 24 hours or so, not seen a dead body, even with admin tools looking for a dead body none showed up in the mission area
  5. @juandayz my server restarts in about 15 mins, so will let u know very soon if the new file works :)
  6. @juandayz same results for me , body dissapears instantly (needs to be shot first) and the other edit no body at all , also the versions where you shoot the body it still despawns very fast whilst u are looting the items. for me that version would be fine, dose not hurt players to use bullet, but body needs to stay on map longer so payers can loot it with out having to be super fast
  7. @juandayz thanks for the fast reply, i will add that line in at our next restart,apart form the body despawning quick my players are loving the event :) i should of realized about the body needing a name as that was happening on ai convoys as well, when you shoot the ai he goes to dead body like any other ai so clean up grabs him :) our next restart is just under 2 hours , will report back to let u know :)
  8. i havent had time to test the new edit juan put up, hopefully it works cos its a pretty cool event :)
  9. shoot the body before u walk close to it and it stays and has loot inside it, body dose despawn very fast after that tho maybe 10-20 seconds @juandayz have you fixed the body despawning so fast ? i am presuming it is a sleep function ?
  10. that's incorrect, 0 is a number and it starts at 0, several dayz scripts use that method and all start at 0
  11. That's not quite correct, 0 1 2 is 3 items , the 0 is always included , changing the 0 to 3 will mean whatever reward is in 3 might not be located as 3 would be the 4th item
  12. i have to shoot the body for the loot to show, but having issues with marker not removing after mission is completed, and not showing for players who log in after it spawns
  13. dayz noob

    NOS Script

    even with efforts to add it so antihack dose not stop it the script still dose not work. the script from i think sandbird where you have to install nitro works however
  14. dayz noob

    NOS Script

    It works as long as you do not use infistar, if you do then it dose not work. That was my experience anyway. I have not checked it in a long time tho, so not sure if a fix was found for epoch 1061 with new infistar
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