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    Is there a way to fix the jets flying into the air during a tow? or Lifting a jet with lifting. Both seem very bugged A jet that is Lifted- can land inside the vehicle. And as you can Imagine, Droppings this vehicle will MOST LIKELY, destroy both the heli and the jet due to this bug.
  2. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    Change the skins of the traders to ones not holding guns Didnt know this would be related to WAI in any way as you dont modify Fn_SelActions which is what controls you targeting something to be scrollwheel-able
  3. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    could i just use name="Tradercitystary"; name="AirVehicles"; these names in the array? or does it need specificly the blacklist area?

    Is there a way to diag and get the results of the admin who spawned the event? rather than get the entire adminlist results?
  5. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    How does Blacklist Work? Can somebody explain how i would set this up. example shows blacklist1, blacklist 2, but unsure what this means
  6. Server Bans

    ban ip through firewall if they spam it-
  7. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    This is what i use to allow players to destroy base parts, can pick which objects you wish to be destroyed

    Does not specific need to be Rubble Town, My end goal is to make a new event/new buildings and save a vehicle that players can claim. and would use rubble town as an example-

    Is there a way to Spawn a mission- For instance RubbleTown- and than add a VEHICLE to spawn and save to hive(can be a non keyed version)
  10. [1.6 FLYBE Player_supply] EVENT

    See Chat- this is when the heli is shot at any way to remove this? do we need to change sides?
  11. [Release] Heli Guard on DDOS

    script download is taken down
  12. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    Built a cave- How do you get the ai to spawn UNDER the cave- i have the Z axis set to 0, so they should be spawning at ground level- but they are spawning 200 meters in the air with the huge cave i built for the ai island
  13. Would it be possible to make a "claim your vehicle here" area? Just thinking this could remove some of those issues for people on the servers having issues like that? i would even consider just doing the heli pads being required nearby in order to do it? just thinking outside box.
  14. 1.6 Safezone

    expCond="(player distance zoneaircraft) < 100;"; these are your distances from safe zones--- change this to match what you place in your safe zone protections. both of these should match i actually have mine set to 15 meters further so you cant step in/out of safe zone and run back in as easy.
  15. 1.6 Safezone

    is it the actual safe zone, or just the message class Item0 { position[]={4063,365,11664}; TRGDEF name="zonebash"; expCond="(player distance zonebash) < 300;"; expActiv="[""trader city Bash"",true,""enter""] call player_traderCity;"; expDesactiv="[""trader city Bash"",true,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; }; located in mission.sqm--- could be what your seeing?