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  1. Black Hole gaming has been running this script for a bit now. It has been working great! Thank you @BigEgg
  2. ive noticed, key in crate- the vehicles spawn to close to crate, and players are unable to access crate due to vehicle being locked/too close, anyway to make the distance on all vehicle missions spawn a bit away from crate?
  3. This was due to my infistar spawning missions- not related to the script- Thanks iben for the help
  4. 2018/01/11, 18:14:09 "WAI: [Mission:[Hero] Hippy Commune]: Starting... [10306.5,8514.39,0]" 2018/01/11, 18:14:09 Error in expression <sion); _car = (_mar select 4); _cia = (_car select 1); _type = (_mar select 1)> 2018/01/11, 18:14:09 Error position: <_car select 1); _type = (_mar select 1)> 2018/01/11, 18:14:09 Error Undefined variable in expression: _car 2018/01/11, 18:14:09 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\addons\IWAC\mission_init.sqf, line 85 Getting this error that is spamming- Thoughts? or how to fix?\ Also, is there a way to add static missions having this to warn players when others are going to ai compounds
  5. i would love to know a fix for this as well- ive lowered the spawn height, but than people bitch more- would love an option that if ANY dialog is open- cuts the chute! insta fixed when they cant repeat and die-
  6. Is there a way to fix the jets flying into the air during a tow? or Lifting a jet with lifting. Both seem very bugged A jet that is Lifted- can land inside the vehicle. And as you can Imagine, Droppings this vehicle will MOST LIKELY, destroy both the heli and the jet due to this bug.
  7. Change the skins of the traders to ones not holding guns Didnt know this would be related to WAI in any way as you dont modify Fn_SelActions which is what controls you targeting something to be scrollwheel-able
  8. could i just use name="Tradercitystary"; name="AirVehicles"; these names in the array? or does it need specificly the blacklist area?
  9. Is there a way to diag and get the results of the admin who spawned the event? rather than get the entire adminlist results?
  10. How does Blacklist Work? Can somebody explain how i would set this up. example shows blacklist1, blacklist 2, but unsure what this means
  11. DieTanx

    Server Bans

    ban ip through firewall if they spam it-
  12. This is what i use to allow players to destroy base parts, can pick which objects you wish to be destroyed
  13. Does not specific need to be Rubble Town, My end goal is to make a new event/new buildings and save a vehicle that players can claim. and would use rubble town as an example-
  14. Is there a way to Spawn a mission- For instance RubbleTown- and than add a VEHICLE to spawn and save to hive(can be a non keyed version)
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