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  1. Hello szabitiz, An Admin already contact you to solve your prob, pls use teamspeak in future to contact us for issues or bugs. Theres a lot of possible issues that can decrease your gaming experience. For example: Far distance to the Server=High Ping that cause desyncs, or a firewall that block necessary Programs needed to play Overwatch... try to sort all of these. Overwatch login screen instead of Server login Screen? Fix: Start Steam as Administrator Low FPS after building Base Objects? Fix: Go to lobby and log back in DZLauncher dont start? Fix: Restart Steam and start DZL as Administrator
  2. Added some new Features: -Scan your enviroment for enemy Players/Ai/Vehicles from 1000m up to 2500m (Right click GPS) -Remote Control for Vehicles (Right click Vehicle Key) -Zombie Shield at your Plotpole Radius -Bomb Crate Mission -Gas Station Attack (Get some good loot) -Basejump (you can jump safely out of your Base)
  3. NWDZ - North Wales DayZ Server IP: Server Features: -Base Starter Kit -High View Distance -High Loot -Active Admins -Semi Militarised with some Specials AND MORE....
  4. That's What I changed and it seemed to be Functioning for me now Dont work for me. Cant remove anything. no fresh placed walls and stuff
  5. Yeah i know that. But i want that the when a player builds a plot hes allready in plotfriends. btw the code: dont work for me. i cant delete any modular items after placing them. there is no menu for it. this code works only until i die.
  6. How to add plot builder to plot management directly when plot is placed? my players dont get it to add themself to plot after build it
  7. how can i make plotmanagement,banking and door management look like this? any updates from you zupa?
  8. Its like all mission buildings get not cleared after finish them. BTW ive got only original missions from WAI no extra missions
  9. Finished missions dont cleanup buildings any solution for this? WAI 2.2.0 running My config is this wai_clean_mission = true; wai_clean_mission_time = 300; btw AI corpse get deleted after set time. Only error in RPT: WARNING: Function 'name' - Abdul-Basir Jalali is dead (seems to be an AI)
  10. Ah ok got it. My "max vehicle" should be around the amount of vehicle in dynamic_vehicle or lower right?
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