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    • By salival
      Vehicle Service Point is part of Epoch now.
      With Axe Cops permission I am releasing my updated version of his amazing Service Points script. 
      This includes support for original briefcases, gems (from epoch 1.0.7) and coins.
          (original github url: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point)
          (original install/discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/3935-release-vehicle-service-point-refuel-repair-rearm-script/)
      **** *REQUIRES DAYZ EPOCH 1.0.7* ****
      Major Changes:
          This version adds support for both single currency and gems (from the epoch 1.0.6 update) as well as the original epoch briefcase currency system. 
          Instead of pricing things like the original way, prices are now done on a "worth" similar to how coins are done. The price value of items are below.
          If you are using coins, I would recommend using the _currencyModifier variable since coins typically are 10x the value of briefcase based currency (1 brief == 100,000 coins)
          (You can either set this _currencyModifier variable to 1 then set the proper value or use the modifier, the modifier is mainly for dual currency servers)
          1 silver = 1 worth
          1 10oz silver = 10 worth
          1 gold = 100 worth
          1 10oz gold = 1,000 worth
          1 briefcase = 10,000 worth
          Please see dayz_code\configVariables.sqf for the value of gems (DZE_GemWorthArray) and their relevant worth if they are enabled.
          Example config settings for _refuel_costs, _repair_costs and _rearm_costs:
          All 3 sections can either be made free, disabled or a specifc price with the following examples:
          ["Air","free"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" free for the specific action.
          ["Air","disabled"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" disabled for the specific action.
          ["Air",2000] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" have a worth of 2000 for the specific action.
          ["Armored_SUV_PMC",2000] will make the specific vehicle have a worth of 2000 for the specific action.
          ["Armored_SUV_PMC","free"] will make the specific vehicle be free for the specific action.
          ["Armored_SUV_PMC","disabled"] will make the specific vehicle be disabled for the specific action.
          Valid vehicle config classes as an example: "Air", "AllVehicles", "All", "APC", "Bicycle", "Car", "Helicopter", "Land", "Motorcycle", "Plane", "Ship", "Tank"
      Visit my Github page to download and read the README.MD : https://github.com/oiad/service_points
      Old Epoch Version can be found here: https://github.com/oiad/service_points/archive/refs/tags/Epoch_1.0.6.2.zip
    • By webbie
      Hey all, trying to track down the code that determines what the multigun Vehicle attachment will fix. Here is why. A player of mine noticed that the vtols can not be repaired. After some testing on both the epoch and vanilla variant I couldn't get either to work and actually found I couldn't do much with repair on them at all, I'm wondering if this is the same as the Hitpoint issue???
      As always thx in advance for any help or suggestions, always appreciated :)
    • By harcosgoogle
      Repair and Salvage Script
    • By Halvhjearne
      so i realized that some server owners has been checking out my github and noticed the Taru pods mod/script i made.
      however, unfortunatly not as many has had the courtesy of actually reporting back to me about functionality/bugs, so i decided to just release it here for everyone to enjoy and i can see what everyone has to say about it.
      What is this?
      this script was inspired by this mod:
      one of my players asked me to add this mod, but i feelt that this could be done without having to add an extra mod to every client, so i created this:
      this is a script that will allow players to attach the taru pods to the base taru that does not have a pod attached by default, if the pod is dropped above 25m height, the pod will be dropped in a parachute, else the pod is just dropped.

      (more pics soon)
      i also made possibility to sell pods at the traders without getting in as driver (claim action) that i will be uploading to my github soon.
      to attach a pod:
      Land "on" the pod with a wheel on each side as close as possible make sure wheels are touching ground scroll and use the attach scroll action to attach a pod scroll to detach/para drop it again.
      to make sure the pod saves new position after being moved, then either enter the pod or change inventory in it.
      pods should now save when dropped.
      so here goes:
      to install this, add to the bottom of your init.sqf:
      execVM "addons\taru_pods\taru_init.sqf"; (or wherever you decide to install it, folder is not important)
      if you have antihack, you will need to disable attach and scroll actions checks (more info on this will come soon).
      you will also need to add the pods to traders / epochconfog.hpp
      the pod classnames are:
      "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_bench_F" "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_covered_F" "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_F" "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_box_F" "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_fuel_F" "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_repair_F" "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_ammo_F"
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