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Found 21 results

  1. Vehicle Service Point is part of Epoch now. Hi, With Axe Cops permission I am releasing my updated version of his amazing Service Points script. This includes support for original briefcases, gems (from epoch 1.0.7) and coins. (original github url: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point) (original install/discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/3935-release-vehicle-service-point-refuel-repair-rearm-script/) **** *REQUIRES DAYZ EPOCH 1.0.7* **** Major Changes: This version adds support for both single currency and gems (from the epoch 1.0.6 update) as well as the original epoch briefcase currency system. Instead of pricing things like the original way, prices are now done on a "worth" similar to how coins are done. The price value of items are below. If you are using coins, I would recommend using the _currencyModifier variable since coins typically are 10x the value of briefcase based currency (1 brief == 100,000 coins) (You can either set this _currencyModifier variable to 1 then set the proper value or use the modifier, the modifier is mainly for dual currency servers) 1 silver = 1 worth 1 10oz silver = 10 worth 1 gold = 100 worth 1 10oz gold = 1,000 worth 1 briefcase = 10,000 worth Please see dayz_code\configVariables.sqf for the value of gems (DZE_GemWorthArray) and their relevant worth if they are enabled. Example config settings for _refuel_costs, _repair_costs and _rearm_costs: All 3 sections can either be made free, disabled or a specifc price with the following examples: ["Air","free"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" free for the specific action. ["Air","disabled"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" disabled for the specific action. ["Air",2000] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" have a worth of 2000 for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC",2000] will make the specific vehicle have a worth of 2000 for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC","free"] will make the specific vehicle be free for the specific action. ["Armored_SUV_PMC","disabled"] will make the specific vehicle be disabled for the specific action. Valid vehicle config classes as an example: "Air", "AllVehicles", "All", "APC", "Bicycle", "Car", "Helicopter", "Land", "Motorcycle", "Plane", "Ship", "Tank" Visit my Github page to download and read the README.MD : https://github.com/oiad/service_points Old Epoch Version can be found here: https://github.com/oiad/service_points/archive/refs/tags/Epoch_1.0.6.2.zip
  2. Alright! i tried to instal this five times. clean installation without other scripts. I see this work without battleye, but with it I get three restrictions. I tried to fix this with bfe.marma.io because I'm noob. but I get another constraint that I can not fix. this log are pure clean install without my modifications: i have edited for not showing my useless data. . RPT.log script.log server.log script.txt //new2 5 addAction !raddAction !"\"addAction\", " !", \"\\z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !"],DZE_build_vector_file,[vectorActionState," 5 addBackpack !"addBackpackCargoGlobal [_x,(_objWpnQty select _counter)];\n_counter = _counter + 1;\n} count _objWpnTypes;" !"addBackpack _item;\n};\n};\nformat[localize \"str_c" !"case 3: {_holder addBackpackCargoGlobal [_item,_amount];};\n};\n\n\n" !"}) then {\n_newUnit addBackpack _newBackpackType;\n\nd" !"(_this select 0)) then\n{\n(_this select 0) addBackpack (_x select 1);\n};\n};" !"(_this select 0) addBackpackCargoGlobal [_x select 1, 1];\n};\n};\n} cou" !"addBackpack _backpackType; \ndayz_myBackpack = unitBackpack player;\n\n\n\n_backpackWpnT" !"};\n} count _wpns;\n\nif (_bcpk != \"\") then {\nplayer addBackpack" !"1 == \"trade_backpacks\") then {\nDZE_myVehicle addBackpack" !"7 addBackpackCargoGlobal [_create,_qty];\n};\nif (surfaceIsWater" !"case 5: {_item addBackpackCargoGlobal [_itemOut,_countOut]};\n};\n} else" 5 addMagazine !raddMagazine !"\"addMagazine\", " !"if (isClass (configfile >> \"cfgmagazines\" >> (_item))) then {_unit addMagazine _item;};\n};\n};\n};\n};" !"_vehicle addMagazineTurret [_ammo,_turret];\nplayer removeMagazine" !"if (dayz_actionInProgress) exitWith {" !"addMagazine _x;\n};\n} foreach _items;\nformat[loc" !"addMagazine 'Hatchet_Swing'" !"addMagazine \"ItemAntibiotic\" + str(_remain" !"sumeDrop\") == 0) then\n{\nplayer addMagazine" !"ion) do {\ncase \"CfgWeapons\":\n{\nplayer addWeapon _item;\n};\ncase \"CfgMagazines\":\n{\nplayer addMagazine" !"addMagazine [\"12Rnd_Quiver_Wood\",_qty_quiv" !" >> \"containerEmpty\")" !"plant) select 1;\n{\n_item addMagazine" !"addMagazineCargoGlobal [_itemtodrop,1];\n\nformat[localize \"str_f" !"addMagazine _attachment;\n\n\n(findDisplay 10" !"addMagazine getText (configFile >> \"CfgMagazines\" >> _x >> _water" !"};\n};\n\n\nswitch _type do {\ncase 1: {_holder addMagazine" !"do {\n_animalbody addMagazine _rawfoodtype" !"addMagazine _item;\n};\n};\n_idc = _idc" !"_newUnit addMagazine [_x select 0,_x select 1]" !"addMagazine _x } count MeleeMagazines;\n} e" !"_meleeNum < 1) then {\nplayer addMagazine" !"addMagazine _qtyRemaining;\n};\n};\ntrue" !"bag\";\n};\n};\n(_this select 0) addMagazine" !"addMagazineCargoGlobal [_item, 1];\nif (surfaceIsWater (_this s" !"addMagazine \"wholeBloodBagBNEG\";\n};\n};" !"_qty > 0) then {\n_firePlace addMagazine" !"ONEG\" }; \n};\ndayz_myBackpack addMagazine" !"addMagazine _x;\n_countmags = _countmags +1;\n};\n} count _gmag" !"E\"];\n_lootpile addMagazineCargoGlobal [\"TrapBear\", 1]" !"With\n{\nplayer addMagazine (_this select 1" !"lder addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,(_objWpnQty select _counter)];\n_counter = _counter + 1;\n};\n} co" !"soldItem\"];\n{\n_object addMagazine" !"systemChat localize \"STR_EPOCH_TRADE_" !"if (_silver_1oz > 0) then {\nif (_silver_1oz == 1) then {\nplayer addMagazine" 5 addWeapon !raddWeapon !"\"addWeapon\", " !"if (isClass (configfile >> \"cfgweapons\" >> (_item))) then {_unit addWeapon _item;}\nelse" !",0]] call dayz_NutritionSystem;\n" !"Remove) == 1}) then {\nplayer addWeapon _create;" !"Display 0;\n\n\nif (_weaponInUse) then\n{\n_muz" !"failChance) then {\nswitch (_selection) do {\ncase \"CfgWeapons\":\n{\nplayer addWeapon" !"addWeapon _fixedItem;\nformat[localize \"str_f" !"_wepcounts = (getWeaponCargo _plant) select 1;\n{\n_item addWeapon" !"addWeapon _repair;\n} else {\n\n[_repair" !"player addWeapon dayz_onBack\n] select 0;\n};\n\n" !"player addWeapon _addWeapon;\n\nif (vehicle player != player) then {\n_display = find" !"};\n};\n\n\nswitch _type do {\ncase 1: {_holder addMagazineCargoGlobal [_item,_amount];};\ncase 2: {_holder addWeapon" !"l fn_chance) then {\nplayer removeWeapon _x;\nplayer addWeapon _rem" !"else {\n_body addWeapon dayz_onBack;\n};\n};\n\n\n_infect" !"\" >> _x)) then {\nplayer addWeapon _x;\n};\n} count _wpns;\n};" !"lder addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,(_objWpnQty select _counter)];\n_counter = _counter + 1;\n} co" !"WpnQtys = [];\nif (count _backpackWpn > 0) then {\n_backpackWpnTypes = _backpackWpn sel" !"addWeapon (\"Item\"+str(_remain)+\"Matchbox" !"{\nswitch (_x select 0) do\n{\ncase 2:\n{\n(_this select 0) addWeapon" !"E\"];\n_vehicle addWeaponCargoGlobal [_lootInfo select 1, 1" !"addWeaponCargoGlobal [_bcpkWpn, 1];\n};\n};\n};\n};" !"s;\n};\n\n\nplayer addWeapon \"Loot" !"With\n{\nplayer addWeapon (_this select 1" !"\") then {\n_newUnit addWeapon _secweapon;\n};\n\n" !"soldItem\"];\n{\n_object addWeapon" !"then {\nsystemChat format[localize \"STR_EPOCH_" !"DuplicateTool;\n} else {\nplayer addWeapon" 5 allDead !"} count allDead;\n\n\nif (dayz_oldBodyCount > _bodyCount) then {" 5 allGroups !"publicVariableServer \"PVDZ_Server_UpdateGroup\";\n};\n} count allGroups;" 5 allMissionObjects !"[_x,2,0,false,false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn;\n};\n} count allMissionObjects \"SpawnableWreck\";" 5 allowDammage 5 allUnits !"} count allUnits;\nlbSort _playerList;" !"if (getPlayerUID _x == _this) exitWith {\n_player = _x;\n};\n} count allUnits;" !"owner _x publicVariableClient \"PVDZ_groupInvite\";\n};\n} count allUnits;" 5 attachTo !"(_variation * 2)) - _variation)];\n_bolt attachTo [_hitObject,_val,_hitMemoryPt];" !"player playActionNow \"PutDown\";\nuiSleep 2;\n_flare attachTo [player,[0,0,0],\"granat2\"];" !"tchmove \"ainjpfalmstpsnonwrfldnon_carried_still\";\n_dragee attachto [_unit,[-0.2, 0.2, 0]];" !"_source setDropInterval 0.02;\n_point attachTo [_unit,_modelPos,_wound];" !" attachto [_v,[0,0,0],\"destructionEffect" !"publicVariable \"PVDZ_drg_RaDrag\";\n\n_dragee attachto [_unit,[0.1, 1.01, 0]];" !="_l1 attachTo [_lh,[0,0,0],\"light\"];" !"_objectHelper attachTo [player,_offset];" !"_object attachTo [player,_offset];\n\n_position = getPosATL _object;" !="_vehicle attachTo [_liftHeli,[0,0,-7]];" !="_obj attachTo [_axis];" !"_objectSnapGizmo attachTo [_object,[_x select 0,_x select 1,_x select 2]];" !="_vehicle attachTo [_towTruck,[1.3,-2,2.3]];" !"localize \"STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_ATTACHTOHELI\"," 5 buttonSetAction 5 callExtension 5 camCreate !"camCreate (player modeltoWorld [0,0,2]);\n0.2 fadeSound 0.1;\nDayz_" !"_body;\n_playerID = getPlayerUID player;\n\n\n_camera = \"camera\" camCreate _death" !="_camera = \"camera\" camCreate [12222.323, 3415.7791, -0.059190542]" 5 cameraEffect !"0.2 fadeSound 0.1;\nDayz_BuildCamera cameraeffect [\"External\", \"TOP\"];" !"cameraEffect [\"Internal\",\"TOP\"];\n_camera camSetTarget _deathPos;\n_camera camSetPos [_deathPos select" !"r_Simulation\";\n\n_camera cameraEffect [\"Terminate" !"cameraEffect [\"internal\",\"back\"]\n\n_camera camPrepareTarget [6433.5" 5 closeDisplay !"'closeDisplay'" !"closeDisplay 0" !"closeDisplay 2" !"if (!isNil \"closeDisplay\") then {" 1 compile !"ca\\communityconfiguration" !"ca\\Data\\" !"ca\\missions" !"ca\\modules" !"ca\\ui\\" !"ca\\Warfare2\\" !"scriptName \"Functions\\systems\\fn_inv" !"scriptName \"MP\\data\\script" !"code = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands" !"t = missionConfigFile >> \"onMinimapScript" !="_this call (call compile GetText (configFile >> \"CfgAmmo\" >> _amm >> \"muzzleEffect\"));" !"z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !"_menu ctrlSetEventHandler [\"ButtonClick\",_compile];\n};\n_pos set [3" !"{ _x set [1, compile (_x select 1)]; }" !"silver_1oz_b);\n\n{ \nif (!isNil {call compile" !"Var = compile format[\"epoch_death_board_record_" 5 createAgent !="_agent = createAgent [_type, _position, [], _radius, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_agent = if (_type == \"Pastor\") then {createAgent [_type, _Pos, [], 0, \"NONE\"]} else {createAgent [_type, _Pos, [], 0, \"FORM\"]};" !="_dog = createAgent [_type, _Pos, [], 0, \"NONE\"];" 5 createDialog !="_region = createDialog \"RscDisplaySpawnSelecter\";" !="_gender = createDialog 'RscDisplayGenderSelect';" !="_dialog = createDialog \"bloodTest\";" !="createDialog 'RscDisplayCraftingMenu';" !="createDialog \"DAYZ_PADLOCK\";" !"createDialog 'horde_journal_" !"Z_ResetContainer = true;\ncreateDialog \"AdvancedTrading\";" !"createDialog \"DoorManagement\";\ncall DoorNearbyHumans;" !="createDialog \"ComboLockUI\";" !"createdialog \"PlotManagement\";\ncall PlotNearbyHumans;" !"_trader_data = (_this select 3);\n\n_dialog = createdialog \"TraderDialog\";" !"_ok = createdialog \"KeypadUI\";" !"EpochDeathBoardLoad = {\ncreatedialog \"EpochDeathBoardDialog\";" !="if(DZE_doorManagement) then {createdialog \"DoorAccess\";} else {createdialog \"ComboLockUI\";};" !"\ndisableSerialization;\ncreateDialog \"DZ_GroupDialog\";"!"createDialog \"atmDialog\";"!="createDialog \"BankDialog\";" !="createDialog \"GivePlayerDialog\";" 5 createDisplay 5 createMarker !"\"createMarkerLocal\"," !"rcreateMarkerLocal" !"if (isnil 'BIS_GITA_fnc_createMarkers' || false) then {" !"_marker = createMarkerLocal [format[\"groupMember" 5 createUnit !="_newUnit = _group createUnit [_class,respawn_west_original,[],0,\"NONE\"];" !="BIS_MPF_logic = BIS_MPF_dummygroup createUnit [\"Logic\", [1000,10,0], [], 0, \"NONE\"];" 5 createVehicleLocal !="_object = (_x select 1) createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];" !="_plant = _x createVehicleLocal (getMarkerPos \"center\");" !="_point = \"Logic\" createVehicleLocal getPosATL _unit;" !"_object = _type createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];" !="_obj = _class createVehicleLocal (getMarkerpos \"respawn_west\");" !" = \"#lightpoint\" createVehicleLocal " !" = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal " !="_object = _ghost createVehicleLocal getMarkerpos \"respawn_west\";" !="_cursorTarget = _upgrade createVehicleLocal getMarkerpos \"respawn_west\";" !="_para = \"ParachuteWest\" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];" !="_sign = \"Sign_arrow_down_large_EP1\" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];" !"_obj = \"Sign_sphere10cm_EP1\" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];" !="_objectSnapGizmo = \"Sign_sphere10cm_EP1\" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];" !"_object2 = _ghost2 createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];\nhideObject _object;" 5 ctrlAddEventHandler 5 ctrlSetPosition !="_control ctrlSetPosition [_posX, _posY];" !"3,_h]};\n_control ctrlsetposition _pos;" !="_control ctrlSetPosition [0, (_y + _deltaY)];" !="_disp_ctrl ctrlSetPosition [_posX, _posY];" !="_control ctrlSetPosition _grpPos;" !="_group ctrlSetPosition _pos;" !="_control ctrlSetPosition [_controlPos select 0, _controlPos select 1, _controlPos select 2, 0.03921 * _lines];" !="((uiNamespace getVariable 'DAYZ_GUI_waiting') displayCtrl 1400) ctrlSetPosition _sandLevel;" !="_delayControl ctrlSetPosition [0, _pos];" !="_icon ctrlSetPosition [(_screen select 0),(_screen select 1),.99,.65];" 5 cutText !"_layer cuttext [\"\",\"plain\"];\n};\nmissionnamespace" !"\n\n\n3100 cuttext [\"\",\"plain\"];" !"} else {\n16 cutText [\"\",\"PLAIN\"];" !"exitWith {\n1 cutText [localize \"" !"progress_monitor.sqf\";\n0 cutText ['','BLACK',0]" !="8 cutText [\"\",\"PLAIN\"];" 5 deleteMarker !"} count allDead;\n\n\nif (dayz_oldBodyCount > _bodyCount) then {" 5 displayAddEventHandler !"bis_fnc_halo_keydown_eh = (finddisplay 46) displayaddeventhandler [\"keydown\",\"_this call bis_fnc_halo_keydown;\"];" 5 displaySetEventHandler 5 enableEnvironment 5 endMission !rendMission !"clearWeaponCargo\",\n\"endMission\"," !"enablesimulation\", \"endMission\"," !"lize \"str_player_login_timeout\", \"PLAIN DOWN\"];\nuiSleep 5;\nendMission" !"\npublicVariableServer \"PVDZ_sec_atp\";\nendMission \"LOSER\";\n};\n" !"Terminate\",\"BACK\"];\ncamDestroy _camera;\n\nendMission" !"endMission \"END1\";\n\n\ndayz_authed = true" 1 execVM !rexecVM !"\"execVM\", " !="[] execVM \"initJIPcompatible.sqf\";" !="_script = [] execVM (BIS_MP_Path + BIS_PATH_SQF + \"JIPWaitFor.sqf\");" !"execVM \"\\ca\\Data\\" !"execVM '\\ca\\Data\\" !"execVM \"\\ca\\missions" !"execVM 'ca\\modules\\" !"execVM \"ca\\modules\\" !"'\\ca\\ui\\" !"\"\\ca\\ui\\" !"scriptName \"MP\\data\\script" !"_handle\"];\n_handle = [_display] execVM _script;\n}" !"execVM '\\z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !"execVM 'z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !"execVM \"z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !"execVM \"\\z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !"execVM (\"\\z\\addons\\dayz_code\\" !="dayz_rulesHandle = execVM \"rules.sqf\";" !"execvm '\\ASC\\" !"\\usec_ch53\\scripts\\" !"execVM (_actionDir + \"warn.sqf" 5 failMission !rfailMission !"failMission\",\n\"titleCut\"," !"fadeSound\", \"failMission\"," !"if (_debug == 1) then {\ndiag_log (\"End Mission\");\n};\n\nfailMission" 5 forceEnd 5 groupIcon 5 HelicopterExplo !"(isNull _who) then {\nif (_ammo != \"\" && _ammo isKindOf \"HelicopterExplo" !"_v = thisTrigger getVariable [\"obj\", objNull];\n" !"_v = thisTrigger getVariable [\"\"obj\"\", objNull];\n" !"\n\n\nremoveallweapons _v;\n\nif (local _v) then {_expl=\"HelicopterExplo" 5 hideObject !rhideObject !"\"hideObject\"" !"(_x select 0) nearestObject (_x select 1);\n_object hideObject" !"_object2 = _ghost2 createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];\nhideObject _object;" 5 hint !", \"_postFix\"" !rhint !rtaskHint !"\"hint\", " !"\"hintC\", " !"\"taskHint\"," !"_controlHintButton ctrlSettext \"Objectives\";" !"hint (localize \"strwf" !"'BIS_fnc_hints'" !sched_planthint !"call ui_initDisplay;\nhintSilent \"\"" !"hintSilent localize \"str_player_low" 5 lbCurSel !"_selectedUserIndex = lbCurSel _lbUsersControl;" !="profileNamespace setVariable ['statusUI',(lbCurSel (_this select 0))];" !="profileNamespace setVariable ['streamerMode',(lbCurSel (_this select 0))];" !"_index = lbCurSel _lbcontrol;\n_selectedItem" !"_selected = lbCurSel _list;\n_classname = _list lnbData [_selected, 2];" !="_friendName = _userList lbText (lbCurSel _userList);" !")] call Z_" !"(lbCurSel 7421) call Z_fillCategoryList" !"] call Door" !"] call Plot" !"[(lbCurSel 12001)] " !="[(lbCurSel 21000), ((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) displayCtrl 21001)] spawn EpochDeathBoardClick;" !"((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 2);" !="_uid = _playerList lbData (lbCurSel _playerList);" !"_myGroup lbData (lbCurSel _myGroup);" 5 lbSet !"_lbUsersControl lbSetColor [_x, [1,0,0,1]];" !"\n_control lbSetColor [_x, _color];\n};" !"_weaponsLBSetFocus" !="(_this select 0) displayCtrl _idc lbSetCurSel (profileNamespace getVariable [_var,_default]);" !="(_display displayCtrl 105) lbSetColor [_i, [0.06, 0.05, 0.03, 1]];" !" [7421," !"lbSetPicture [7422, _index" !"lbSetPicture [7402, _index" !"lbSetPicture [7401, _index" !="_userList lbSetData [(lbSize _userList) -1,_friendUID];" !" [TraderDialogItemList, _index, " !"_myGroup lbSetData [_index,getPlayerUID _x];" 5 loadFile 5 menu !",\"MenuSelected\",\"Draw\",\"VideoStop" !"_menu = _parent displayCtrl (1600 + _i);\n_menu ctrlShow " !="createDialog 'RscDisplayCraftingMenu';" !"BIS_fnc_commsMenu" !"BIS_fnc_kbMenu" !"call gear_ui_offMenu;" !"dayz_inflame_showMenu" !"\"showCommandingMenu\", " !"rshowCommandingMenu" !"menu_" !"use action menu to " !"\"_menu\",\"_menu1\"" !"PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !"fn_gearMenuChecks" !"fn_pauseMenuChecks" 5 onMapSingleClick 5 player_humanityMorph !"fn_surfaceNoise.sqf\";\nplayer_humanityMorph = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"\\z" !"addMagazine _itemNew;\n_morphHandle = [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,_model] spawn player_humanityMorph;\n}" !"<= -2000) then {\nif (_isMen || _isMenH) then {\n[dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,\"Bandit1_DZ\"] spawn player_humanityMorph" !"#line 1 \"z\\addons\\dayz_code\\compile\\player_humanityMorph.sqf" 5 playableUnits !"for [{_y=0},{_y < count(playableUnits)},{_y=_y+1}] do {" !"typeName player == \"OBJECT\" && {(player in playableUnits" !"AND {((alive _x) AND {((vehicle _x) distance _obj < 150)})}} count playableUnits)}) then {" !="_local = { _unit distance _x < _dis; } count playableUnits <= 1;" !"if (!_isOk) exitWith {false};\nuiSleep 0.001;\n} forEach playableUnits;" !"ManagementMustBeClose) then { player nearEntities [\"CAManBase\", 10] } else { playableUnits };" 5 positionCameraToWorld 5 removeAllEventHandlers !"_WarnFuel = false;\n};\n\n};\n\n_vehicle removeAllEventHandlers \"IncomingMissile" !"leep _wait;} else {sleep (_wait * 4);};\n};\n\n_vehicle removeAllEventHandlers \"Dammaged" !"lse\"];\n{\n(findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 51 ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers" !"select 1,0] nearestObject (_x select 2);\n_building removeAllEventHandlers" !"\n\n\n\nif (_this isKindOf \"AllVehicles\") then {\n\n_this removeAllEventHandlers" !"With {};\n\n_old = player;\n_old removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredN" !"\npublicVariableServer \"PVDZ_veh_Save\";\n};\n};\n\n\n_unit removeAllEventHandlers" 5 selectPlayer !"addSwitchableUnit dayz_originalPlayer;\nsetPlayable dayz_originalPlayer;\nselectPlayer dayz_originalPlayer;" !"addSwitchableUnit _newUnit;\nsetPlayable _newUnit;\nselectPlayer _newUnit;" 5 serverCommand !="_character = if (serverCommandAvailable \"#kick\") then { call sched_tg_follow } else { player };" !"serverCommand (\"#vote kick \" + _selectedName);" 5 setAperture !"select 1);\n\nif(_NVOn == \"ON\") exitwith\n{\nsetaperture -1" !"+_inc;\n\n_NVOn = (_NV select 0);\n\nif(_NVOn == \"ON\") then {\n\nsetAperture" 5 setCamUseTI 5 setDamage !"if (_entity isKindOf \"Animal\") then {\n_entity setDamage 1;" !"player setDamage 1;\n};\n\nif (dayz_onBack != \"\") then {\nif (dayz_onBack in w" !"if (_ent isKindOf \"Animal\" || _ent isKindOf \"zZombie_base\") then {\n_ent setDamage 1;" 5 setDammage 5 setDate !rsetDate !"\"setDate\", " !"\n\n\nif (!isDedicated) then {\n\"dayzSetDate\" addPublicVariableEventHandler {" !"if (_x != _newdate select _forEachIndex) exitWith {\nsetDate _newdate" !"plr_Login1]; \nPVDZ_send = [player,\"dayzSetDate\",[player]];\npublicVariableServer" !="!isNil \"dayzSetDate\"" !"diag_log ['Date & time received:', dayzSetDate];\nsetDate dayzSetDate;\ndiag" 5 SetEventHandler !"\n_menu ctrlSetEventHandler [\"ButtonClick\",_compile];\n};" !"inGameUISetEventHandler [\"Action\",\"false\"];" 5 setMarkerAlpha 5 setMarkerBrush 5 setMarkerColor !",if (_vehicle == _x) then {name _x} else {_vehicle call dayz_getCrew}];\n_marker setMarkerColorLocal \"ColorGreen\";" 5 setMarkerDir 5 setMarkerPos !"\"setMarkerPosLocal\"," !"rsetMarkerPosLocal" 5 setMarkerShape 5 setMarkerSize 5 setMarkerText !",if (_vehicle == _x) then {name _x} else {_vehicle call dayz_getCrew}];\n_marker setMarkerColorLocal \"ColorGreen\";" 5 setMarkerType !",if (_vehicle == _x) then {name _x} else {_vehicle call dayz_getCrew}];\n_marker setMarkerColorLocal \"ColorGreen\";" 5 setPosASL !="_unit setPosAsl [(_position select 0), (_position select 1), (LHA_height+1)];" !="_flame setPosASL [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,(_pos select 2)+0.2];" !="_fire setPosASL _location;" !"_objectHelper setPosASL _position;\n} else {" !"_b0x1337 setPosASL (getPosASL player);\n} else {" !"_obj setPosASL [_center select 0, _a, _b];" !"_objectSnapGizmo setPosASL " !"_para setposasl [\n" !"_thingy setPosASL (ATLToASL _pos);\n} else {" 5 setTerrainGrid !"if (dayz_REsec == 1) then {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"" 5 setUnitRecoilCoefficient 5 setVehicle !"if(_status) then {\n_vehicle setVehicleLock \"LOCKED\";\n} else {\n_vehicle setVehicleLock \"UNLOCKED\";\n};" 5 setViewDistance 5 sideLogic !"publicVariable \"BIS_MPF_logic\";" 5 switchCamera !"\"switchCamera\", " !"rswitchCamera" !="player switchCamera (Dayz_constructionContext select 2);" !"player switchCamera _currentCamera;\nif (_currentWpn !=" 5 systemChat !="systemChat format[localize \"str_missing_to_do_this\", _x];" !"systemChat (localize " !"systemChat format[localize \"STR_EPOCH_" !"systemChat localize \"STR_EPOCH_" !"case \"system\": {systemChat _message;};" 5 title !"titleCut [\"\", \"BLACK " !"\"titleCut\", " !"\"titleText\"" !="rtitleCut = 'titleCut'" !"rtitleCutc" !="rtitleText = 'titleText'" !"rtitleTextc" !"(_missionTextListPath >> \"titles\")" !"(_display displayCtrl _titleIDC) ctrlShow false;" !"titleText [format[localize \"str_return_lobby\", _x" !",\"_titleText\"" !"localize 'STR_UI_GENDER_TITLE';\n_timeNem" !="scriptName \"MP\\data\\scriptCommands\\titleText.sqf\";" !_fillTradeTitle !_bldTxtStringTitle !"localize \"str_halo_altitude_speed" 5 toString !"_animCheck = toString ([(_animStateArray select 0),(_animStateArray select 1)" !="_skinToModel = toString (_finalArray);" !="{_textArrayTemp = _textArrayTemp + [tostring [_x]]} foreach _line;" !="_cmpt = toString _cmpt;" !="_objName = toLower(toString(_objName));" !"if (toString _hayArr != _needle) then {" !="_type = toString _typeA;" !="_anim4 = toString _anim4;" !"{(count _stance>17)}) then {toString [_stance select 17]}" !"BIS_fnc_timeToString" !"02, if (typeName _name == \"ARRAY\") then {toString _name} else {_name}];"!"_input = parseNumber (toString (_input));" 5 worldTo !="_relPos = _building worldToModel _point;" !"if (_isPlayer) then {\n_x = _pos worldToModel _new;" !"_w2m = _x worldToModel (getPosATL player);\n_bb = (boundingbox _x) select 1;" !="_h = _offset + ((_o worldToModel (getPosATL _o)) select 2);" !"_pos set [2,(_pos select 2) + 1.5];\n_screen = worldToScreen _pos;\n_text = composeText [image" //The best use of this file is filtering commonly used scripting commands, because they are always the same when compiled and executed. See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_ArmA2 //Filtering strings, variable names and code snippets is less effective because they can easily be changed or obfuscated in a near infinite number of ways //Always test after modifying by executing code on yourself. Ensure you are kicked or logged appropriately. One error in this file can break functionality of all filters and exceptions beyond that point. //Note ! and != currently behave identically in scripts.txt, there is no advantage to using one over the other //Note currently scripts.txt does not support regex, so the only characters that need to be escaped are literal double quotes " and literal backslash \ //Note tabs and spaces used as indents are stripped out automatically and do not need to be included in exceptions //Note code is filtered as it appears when it is executed. Macros in scripts and % in formats will be replaced with their real values. Double quotes ""x"" or ''x'' nested in strings will appear as single quotes. Formatting characters will be stripped from FSMs.
  3. My question is for when I switched over to single currency from the default currency, that when I went to the traders, it was showing costs like "5 Coins" to buy and "3 Coins to sell". I understand that it's pulling the value quantities from the trader files from the default currency. But is there a way to set it so it calculates what the gold bars and silver bars and whatnot are equal to in single currency ? I'd really prefer not to have to change up all the files.
  4. So here it is, as requested. An addon for NoxSicarius's Admin Tools V1.9.1 What does this script do? View player's cash & bank balance Add/Remove player's cash currency Add/Remove player's bank currency Simple as that. Saves you a lot of time when testing/compensating/rewarding or whatever. What do I need for this addon? Zupa's + Soul's NoxSicarius's Note: this script uses the same hud files as Zupa's Single Currency script. You must have those files in order for this addon to work. Download Download available here! [GitHub] Mirror link available here! [upload.ee] Installation Download and extract the files from link provided above UnPbo/extract your mission's .pbo file Copy the Currency folder to: \{YOUR EXTRACTED MISSION FOLDER}\admintools\tools\ The full path should look something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions\DayZ_Overpoch_2.Tavi\admintools\tools\Currency\ Open file description.ext from your mission's root folder Add to the bottom of the file: //Single Currency manipulation addon by Rocu #include "admintools\tools\Currency\currency_dialog.hpp" Close & save description.ext Open file admintools\AdminToolsMain.sqf from your mission's root folder Find: _EXECscript8 = 'player execVM "admintools\tools\AdminBuild\%1"'; Add below: //Single Currency manipulation addon by Rocu [] execVM "admintools\tools\Currency\currency_functions.sqf"; Find: ["Humanity Menu >>",[],"#USER:HumanityMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"], Add below: ["Currency", [],"", -5, [["expression", format[_EXECscript1,"Currency\currency.sqf"]]], "1", "1"], Save & close AdminToolsMain.sqf Re-pack your mission folder That's it! You're done. Screenshots Additional notes Note that removing more money than someone actually has just makes the target's currency go to 0 instead of a negative value. However if you have bank limit activated it does NOT listen to that. It will just go above bank limit. This is just to give the admins more 'play room' with this addon if they want to test with values above the limit whereas a negative value will just cause errors. Warning! Before applying this script make sure to backup EVERYTHING (including database). I have not tested this script with every single patch/mod/script that there is so the outcome might be different if you have drastically different mod files than the original. This has been tested on: Epoch Chernarus / Arma Patch 1.63.125548 Overpoch Chernarus / Arma Patch 1.63.125548 Overpoch Taviana 2.0 / Arma Patch 1.63.125548 I have NOT tested this script with Soul's other DLL versions. If people other than Soul's V1 DLL can test this out let me know how it turns out. But I know for a fact that it won't work with Zupa's 999 DLL. If people demand I can make a separate version for that (not really that hard) but I think that DLL is obsolete and should not be used at all. Credits Zupa for making the Single Currency script of course Soul for marvelous dll files NoxSicarius for Admin Tools mgm for requesting this script All the helpful people @ Epoch forums
  5. Hello guys, because I was couple times asked for updated and unified dev function for single currency (originally posted in ZSC thread), I've decided release it here so you can have all info in one place. So here it is with specific example (with detailed comments) you can try for fun... === First thing first - let's start with giving credits for these great guys: DayZ Epoch developers, collaborators and contributors (thank you guys for your excellent work!) (visit them on github) @Zupa : original SC concept creator and author of Universal Dev functions for 1.0.5 version. (see original thread) @salival : for adapting @Zupa's concept to 1.0.6+ version and great community support. (see original thread) All great guys from Epoch comunity participating on SC and banking concept (see original thread) === This function was reworked and updated for Epoch === Changelog: [2017-05-08], v1.0 | Initial release, published at Epoch forum [2017-05-28], v1.1 | Added: debug (parameters check, exec time to analyze code performace in game) [2017-05-31], v1.2 | Improved: removed unnecessary checks during player sync === Read "Goodbye". Wish you the best guys! === How it looks like: Check source code (Github) === FEATURES: Function is able to manage money processing with single line code (see bellow) and can be easily integrated into your code You can use debug option to check your fnc parameters + exec time (code performance) showed on screen (global chat): just uncoment line: '#define: __ DEBUG__' is src code; It's pretty fast but remember: use it only if you're developing some addon or you know exactly what to do. Otherwise, you can stil use common methods used by addons authors - mostly it's even faster their way, because of scoped approach; It's a function - you can easily maintain your "money" code... === How to install: It's actually very easy: practical example is the best way to explain, what needs to be done - see repo structure and files. Source files are available at Github repo (specific usage example included!). You can download them from here. === How to use it: = General usage: // [_player,_amount,_action,_target] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // '_player' : object : player, _killer...etc // '_amount' : number : 1000 // '_action' : string : 'add' / 'remove' // '_target' : string : 'cache' / 'bank' // ========================================================== // @example 01: Remove 5.000 Coins from player's wallet: [player,5000,'remove','cache'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // @example 02: Add 1.000 Coins to player's wallet: [player,1000,'add','cache'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // @example 03: Remove 7.000 Coins from player's bank account: [player,7000,'remove','bank'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // @example 04: Add 15.000 Coins to player's bank account: [player,15000,'add','bank'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; === ...easy enough, isn't it? === = Specific usage (with detailed description): // === Scenario: // Award player for killing local zombies. // If player kills zombie, he will receive random amount of money from 0 to 250 Coins for kill. // Let's make it interesting - player receive money only in case he used the gun defined by you: // === What to do: // Save file "local_eventKill.sqf" to your custom compiles folder, load it in your custom compiles file // outside (!isDedicated) and (isServer) - we need this file for both client and server. // (it's in 'dayz_code' folder: you can download file from: // https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_code/compile/local_eventKill.sqf) // Open your custom variables file (or add bellow code to your init.sqf file) and add: playerZedKillAward = true; // ... so you can quickly turn ON/OFF your script // Now, let's create some code in 'local_eventKill.sqf' file: if (local _zed) then { private["_killer","_fnc_uniCoinsTest","_allowedWps"]; // code // ...find last line of code: _killer setVariable["humanity",_humanity,true]; // Bellow we define local function "_fnc_killZedsAward" so we can call it easily: // === _fnc_killZedsAward = { private ["_action","_target","_money","_curWep"]; _action = _this select 0; // @info: we take parameter from call in main code bellow this fnc and assign value to local var _target = _this select 1; // @info: we take parameter from call in main code bellow this fnc and assign value to local var _money = (round(random 5) * 50); // @info: now from 0 to 250 Coins, define to your liking _curWep = getText (configFile >> 'CfgWeapons' >> currentWeapon _killer >> 'displayName'); // @info: What's the name of player current weapon? We need this for info in hint or dayz_rollingMessages call { // Player has 20% chance to get 0 coins from random (if you will use round(random 5) - meaning staying with 5, scale from 0 to 4) // So let's check it first and prevent display msg on screen in such a case if (_money == 0) exitWith { //@info: You can pick 'dayz_rollingMessages' and comment 'hintSilent' if your hint layer is occupied by your debug monitor ["Sorry, our bank is low on money!"] call dayz_rollingMessages; hintSilent "Sorry, our bank is low on money!"; }; // If random money are above zero, let's call dev fnc_SC_uniCoins. // First parameter '_killer' is defined by original code; _money param was defined above, // _action and _target parameters we defined in main code bellow... if ([_killer,_money,_action,_target] call fnc_SC_uniCoins) exitWith { //@info: You can pick 'dayz_rollingMessages' and comment 'hintSilent' if your hint layer is occupied by your debug monitor hintSilent format ["Zed kill award!\nweapon: [%1]\nReceived: [%2 %3]",_curWep,_money,CurrencyName]; [format["Zed kill award! Weapon: [%1] Received: [%2 %3]",_curWep,_money,CurrencyName]] call dayz_rollingMessages; }; // Do not put any default code for call here - if you do, you will trigger code action in cases, // like zombie is killed close to you by some accident (from experience) }; }; // Now let's create main procedure: if (playerZedKillAward) then { // @info: define your custom array of weapons here: _allowedWps = [ 'M110_NVG_EP1', 'M9_SD_DZ','DMR_DZ', 'M9_DZ' ]; if ((currentWeapon _killer) in _allowedWps) exitWith { // @info: if player used allowed weapon, tell '_fnc_killZedsAward', what to do with money. // You can be creative here :)) ["add","cache"] call _fnc_killZedsAward; }; }; }; // === Done! === ...that's all, you can use it wherever money are... Have Fun!! Cheers... ===
  6. Before I get into this... THANK ZUPA FOR THE SCRIPT! DZMS Ai with Gold Coins Script / Addon Onto the tutorial! Open up: DZMSAISpawn.sqf which is located in: Server.pbo > DZMS > Scripts Once you've opened up DZMSAISpawn.sqf, search for this: //Add the behaviour _unit enableAI "TARGET"; _unit enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; _unit enableAI "ANIM"; _unit enableAI "FSM"; _unit setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; Below the last line add this: //Zupa Currency _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; So it will look like this: //Add the behaviour _unit enableAI "TARGET"; _unit enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; _unit enableAI "ANIM"; _unit enableAI "FSM"; _unit setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; //Zupa Currency _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; Once you have done this repack and upload! Your done! Configuration Value If you want to change the value of the money spawning on each AI,change the value: _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; to _unit setVariable["headShots",WHATEVER YOU WANT,true]; Souls HIVE If you are using Souls HIVE, then instead of: _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; Change to: _unit setVariable["CashMoney",5000,true]; Variable Value If you want the AI to spawn variable values then add this: _cash = round(random 20) * 1000; // number between 0 and 20 000 Above this: _unit setVariable["headShots",20,true]; But change the line above to _unit setVariable["headShots",_cash,true]; This will spawn money on the AI between 0 and 20,000 Gold Coins on each AI Special thanks to: MCPimpin - Original Poster Zupa - Single Currency and AI Addon Soul - Custom Hive for Single Currency TheVampire - DZMS Links: I take no credit, just informing people! See it working at:
  7. Hi all, really happy to see such an abundance of information for scripting Day Epoch. Just got into playing DayZ Epoch a few weeks ago and now had to rent my own server :-) I´m running Epoch and have so far managed to get tow and lift, money storage, WAI, admin menu, fun menu, (advance trading), (single currency) and a debug monitor showing blood, weapon, fps etc. working. Well, sort of working. The problem I´m facing right now with Zupa´s advance trading 2.1 and Zupa´s single currency is this: If I want to buy a weapon from the same trader, I can choose it and when I hit "buy", I get a message saying it cost xxxx coins, even though I have enough coins. I don´t get the weapon. With the black market trader in Stary I don´t even get a trader menu. Not the advanced one nor the normal one. Basically, all the item/vehicle/weapon/ammo lists are messed up somehow and I can´t buy or sell stuff except my trusty old makarov. I even get the money when I sell it, hey! I have searched the forum for "item list", "price list" "setup+standard+trader+single+currency" , "setup trader", "price list setup" and that kinda stuff but could`t find anything that would help me. I don`t understand where all the bits and pieces are that make this work correctly. Any help is appreciated. Cheers
  8. I was wondering if anything ever came along to allow single currency with database traders. I like the fact that the traders have an inventory and can run out of stuff if players don't sell things to them. Thanks in advance for your responses!!
  9. I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days. I have the zupa single currency and have the "check Wallet" function added to selfactions. I also have a dead player journal that can be checked. The problem is that the dead player journal also shows up on dead zombies and AI . Could you help me out with this and maybe explain how whatever you do works, just so i can maybe learn a little something from this experience? P.S. I have the check wallet function showing up on AI, Zombies, and players, and i want to keep it that way. Doesn't really matter if the journal stays on AI either, i just really dont want it on the zombies. If i could remove it from the AI, that would be great. DZAI and WAI
  10. A certain unnamed server company is trying to pass this off as their own. A lot of work went in the these files by not only myself but to all the creators of the different scripts that are included. After I asked them to not do so they ignored my wishes so now like I said in another post is release time for all. There are a few things that need added like a hud edit which will be added as soon as I can or if some one else feels free to add to it, Mods included but not limited to (if i forgot anyone I do apologize) Single Currency 2.0 ( Extension) - Soul Single Currency 3.0 ( Extension) - Zupa Single Currency Development functions - Zupa Single Currency Traders - Zupa Transfer Money from ATM - Rocu JAEM Chopper Evac SC - Zupa Axe Cop Service Points SC - Zupa Banker NPC's - MGM http://github.com/XerxesIV/Single-Currency-4.0
  11. Hello! I have tried to install Single Currency I got fully done with it. Now all that happens is I join the server and It just says "waiting for host". So i checked the arma2oaserver.rpt There only thing it says is : ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mods\CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp, line 84: .CfgTraderCategory: Member already defined. I have Figured out that the problem is somewhere in the mission. Unless the "Waiting for host" Has nothing to do with ^This^ I have tried going in and trying to take out cfgServerTrader.hpp from Both places and they just give me These: ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mods\CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp not found. ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp not found. So if anyone was having the same problem or knows anything about it LMK please. Thanks For the help!
  12. Hello! I'm working on registration of 2.0 and 3.0, in general, already halfway successful, all the data are written and stored! But there is one problem that I can not decide! Actually it is the screenshot of the game and the error is a client and RPT! Error in expression <dialog = createdialog "ALDialog"; call ALDialogUpdateAmounts; waitUntil { !dia> Error position: <ALDialogUpdateAmounts; waitUntil { !dia> Error Undefined variable in expression: aldialogupdateamounts File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\Gold\al_dialog.sqf, line 3As seen in the screenshot - not displayed the number of available money in the bank and inventory! Also, you can not put the money and can not be removed! The only logs the error and nothing else! I ask for help from a knowledgeable! and screen http://cs610828.vk.me/u31630358/docs/3b3a98c54895/2015-09-03_00001.jpg?extra=dOHGIIWE4zT9WLIJv8sLVyeFAnu5HkuQ3aDwgfbEYSjF5m9Zp2e7r_eFo99l50UTkUdD7oNtHn40QVY7H7L6bsLjuvo2XjRi
  13. PROJECT SUMMARY This project was originally born as a call for help thread by Goatlol and in time became a community project to achieve the common goal of: Gold Coin based Single Currency & Banking System, publicly available for all Epoch server admins for free, without sacrificing humanity system. CURRENT STATE OF THE PROJECT Version 1.0 has been released on 29th July 2014. (with download link) Questions / Comments should be posted as replies to this thread. Donations should be sent to the sole developer of the project. PayPal donate button can be found on his personal website here. PROJECT DEVELOPER: Zupa Click to see Project Backers Click to display old version of this post which includes known similar projects and other relevant information.
  14. Hello, I just installed Vector Building with Plot for Life and Snap Build Pro. Now I am trying to install Single Currency 4.0 from the link below. I can't spawn in, and I get kicked toward the lobby after retrying for authentication. The same errors are appearing in my RPT. http://pastebin.com/tSwBimSr http://pastebin.com/fW3TZ4gA - PlayerHud Nothing seems to be wrong with it. It is the one that came with the mod. Anyone know how to fix this. I have been searching for a few days and I haven't been able to find anything that will help.
  15. What does this script do? Title says it all - transfer currency from your bank to any other online player's bank Takes in account player's bank limit and 'donatorlist' that Zupa made in variables.sqf You can activate this script anywhere you want, just call out it's main file transfer_dialog.sqf What do I need for this addon? Zupa's + Soul's Download Download available here! [GitHub] Mirror link available here! [upload.ee] Screenshots Installation Download and extract the files from link provided above UnPbo/extract your mission's .pbo file Copy the transfer folder to: \YourMission\gold\ So the path should look something like this: \Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\gold\transfer\ Open file description.ext from your mission's root folder Add to the bottom of the file: // Single Currency money transfer addon by Rocu #include "gold\transfer\transfer_dialog.hpp" Save & close description.ext Open your custom fn_selfActions.sqf (you should have a custom one because Single Currency's installation requires it) Find: if (s_bank_dialog2 < 0) then { s_bank_dialog2 = player addAction ["Bank ATM", "gold\bank_dialog.sqf",_cursorTarget, 3, true, true, "", ""]; }; Add below: if (s_bank_dialog3 < 0) then { s_bank_dialog3 = player addAction ["Transfer Money", "gold\transfer\transfer_dialog.sqf",_cursorTarget, 3, true, true, "", ""]; }; Find: } else { player removeAction s_bank_dialog2; s_bank_dialog2 = -1; Add below: player removeAction s_bank_dialog3; s_bank_dialog3 = -1; Find: player removeAction s_bank_dialog; s_bank_dialog = -1; player removeAction s_bank_dialog2; s_bank_dialog2 = -1; Add below: player removeAction s_bank_dialog3; s_bank_dialog3 = -1; Re-pack your mission folder Note! When making a transition the script asks for confirmation (see screenshots). If you want to disable that second confirmation window follow these steps: Open transfer_dialog.sqf and change this: ConfirmTransfer = true; to this: ConfirmTransfer = false; That's it! For Infistar's Anti-Hack users, you might need to add this as well: Additional notes Technically the transition window can be called from anywhere, as mentioned above. You just need to call the main script transfer_dialog.sqf. For example for those who have 'Online banking' enabled at their safes you can add this there as well. Admins can just activate it from their admin tools, etc etc. And as usual, make back-ups of everything when you apply new scripts.
  16. Ok, so this is an issue which I'm sure has affected someone here. I have both scripts for SingleCurrency (1.1 I think?) and AdminTools and there seems to be a clash... Basically between "dialog.hpp" and "defines.hpp", they have RscTextT, RscListBox, RscShortcutButton and a few others all of which are contained within both files. But because they are in both files, I get stuck on waiting for host when joining my server, and then an error which says something about "RscTextT, Line 18 Member Already Defined" If I head into the two .hpp files and change the variable names, the Admin Tools stop working... i.e. I can't open any of the Admin Tools menus... So is there an easy way of getting Admin Tools to work with Single Currency? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I am having an issue with my single currency when i put it in this form: progressLoadingScreen 0.4; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\compiles2.sqf"; //compile overrides call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\Buildables\Crafting_Compiles.sqf"; //Alchemy compiles /*ZSC*/ call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "ZSC\gold\ZSCinit.sqf"; /*ZSC*/ it works fine but disables functions like advanced trader, towing, sirens,... but when i put it like this: progressLoadingScreen 0.4; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions /*ZSC*/ call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "ZSC\gold\ZSCinit.sqf"; /*ZSC*/ call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "init\compiles2.sqf"; //compile overrides call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\Buildables\Crafting_Compiles.sqf"; //Alchemy compiles all my other scripts work but now if i use the trader menu it does not affect my coins. example: if i sell a gun in trader menu no coins will be added if i want to buy a gun it just buys it even without having money. but when i am using advanced trader everything works fine. Is there a way to fix this?
  18. I'm using trade from vehicle v2.0 and I have a question related to that script. What do I have to change so I will get coins from zupa's script instead of getting normal briefcases with gold. * *
  19. Hi I have a private Overpoch server running the fallingsheep 0.15 repack and i would like to install zupa's single currency 3.0. Unfortunately when i install this it does not work ingame i only got the coins logo on the right side. All traders show the prices in coins but whenever i want to sell or buy something i can just buy it without even having money, when i sell something it does not give my character the coins.
  20. Almost done setting up my server, have a quick question maybe someone can help me out with.. Note, I have single currency installed. I have some pretty high tier weaponry available in this server, and I've totally revamped my traders. Curious if I can set certain items that players cannot purchase from the trader, but if they have said item, they can sell it if they want. So in short, I want players to be able to sell the weapons, but not run around selling vehicles to get coins to purchase these weapons. this possible? Thanks
  21. Hello all, well i have spent the past 2 weeks looking for information on how to set up the coin system in Epoch/Overpoch. The only information or mention on how to do it is what i have found below from a few post here. maca134 It requires modifications all over the epoch files, mission files, server files and a custom hiveext.dll. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and this. Torndeco It was prob maca servers with the gold coins.. U will need code the custom dialog menus + sqf code Also u will need to compile your own custom hive .dll with support added for calls to save the gold coins in the database basicly Or with child 999 (not added to epoch hive due to security concerns). https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/362 https://github.com/maca134/DayZhiveEpoch I gave up after trying to compile a custom hive .dll crashed the server on player connecting / disconnecting (prob my fault). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I am looking at help or information on what files in particular needs to be changed or edited and what to. I am willing to make donation via Paypal in $AU currency for help and infomation. Or if someone just wants to help as i am new to coding and learning. Others in my group are quite good at coding and will know but i am looking at doing this as a personal challenge to myself and as a learning curve. PM me if you want to keep it quite. I am more than happy to keep the infomation private and not share it if thats what is needed. Thanks to all for taking the time to read and for your time. Goat.
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