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  1. These forums have everything you need to know for the HC :) Check our the search engine up the top right ;)
  2. stonXer


    Green looks nice :)
  3. gotta put the pics clientside in the mission file, clients don't download the server "bilboard.pbo" when they connect
  4. Just have a quick look through a few pages, very hot topic :)
  5. Could try removing that player from the database, maybe a corruption in his info, just a guess :)
  6. First you will need to install the Fluxcapacitor script, this will allow you to travel forward in time, here you will find the "Search" function that has been so rudely hidden in todays world. Many lives have been saved here today. peace
  7. Thanks for the script guys, works a treat apart from the "sign/flag" pics. Possible to add a check for flat ground? had 1 or 2 camp spawn rather awkwardly :)
  8. bong next to the shoes? :)
  9. Can't get the sign pics to show up, all as default also, not changed the pics yet. Tried setting the texture on the object a few ways but with no luck :/ no static spawns just the random one..
  10. ye that error is from somewhere else. tried adding "obj_ call EPOCH_server_vehicleInit;" ?
  11. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/compare/
  12. This girl I was once with looked awesome, but she was a shit ride :/
  13. Yup the description.ext is in your mission folder :)
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