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  1. You cannot play/edit this mission... Du muss deine mission.sqm wegen @mas bearbeiten: You have to edit your mission.sqm: addOns[] = {"A3_Soft_F_Car","A3_Soft_F_Quadbike","a3_soft_f_beta_quadbike","A3_Boat_F_Civilian_Boat","A3_Boat_F_Boat_Transport_01","A3_Air_F_Heli_Light_01","A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_04","A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_03","a3_map_altis","a3_characters_f_gamma","A3_Characters_F_OPFOR","A3_Characters_F_INDEP","A3_Characters_F_Civil","A3_epoch_config","a3_characters_f","A3_Data_F_Curator_Virtual","mas_weapons_pack","mas_weapons","mas_weapons_ak","mas_weapons_nw","mas_weapons_m4","mas_uh1y","mas_hmmwv","mas_ch47","mas_mi8","mas_brdm","mas_uh60m","mas_cars_lr","mas_weapons_pack","mas_vehicleweapons_core","mas_apc","mas_tanks","mas_cars","mas_cars_hilux","mas_vehicleweapons_fia"};
  2. Cant download this great Map-Additions...... "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. "
  3. A3EAI 1.01 https://www.sendspace.com/file/xmwwev I Respect the work from FACE!!! Hope its ok to upload his last version from his work... I have many versions of A3EAI on my Hard Disk. What do you mean? Which was the best Version of his Work and should i upload it?
  4. The Updater wrote Steam-Community and Steam-Shop and many other IP-Adresses to the hosts file in Windows.
  5. Sorry. No. My Problem corresponds to this Post:
  6. The sorting system in the inventory is counterproductive for my taste. Is it possible to turn off those sort function?
  7. Yes, i do. The hind about the descriptionn.exe worked perfectly. Now it's again possible to chop trees! Thanks a lot!
  8. Since version, it is no longer possible to cut down trees. Several players have tried this without success.
  9. after upgrading the wood towers with windowed walls, the windowed walls will vanish after restart. If i place them a second time, they will remain.
  10. the article about me is under taken in total chaos due quote options..sorryI Got a Problem with VGS: After a vehicle in the garage was and i die and then Respawn the VGS menu no longer appears. I log in as an admin I get the VGS.Menü but other Players have not the Admin-Option...i hope...and they cant return their cars out of the Garage. And i cant sell the Vehicles from the Virtuak Garage at the Trader. 20:13:52 "[EPOCH VGS] EPOCH_vgsWrite: _data = [1,635f6b00# 1866875: suv_01_f.p3d REMOTE,B Alpha 1-2:1 (Leht) REMOTE,"EPOCH_vgsKey_588346uWgNtTcElFyScK"]" 20:13:52 "[EPOCH VGS] Client (myname) put his/her C_SUV_01_EPOCH in garage" 20:13:52 Client: Object 5:2021 (type Type_91) not found. 20:13:52 Client: Object 5:2021 (type Type_400) not found. 20:13:52 Client: Object 5:2022 (type Type_90) not found. 20:13:52 Client: Object 5:2022 (type Type_91) not found. 20:13:52 Client: Object 5:2022 (type Type_400) not found. 20:13:52 Client: Object 5:2021 (type Type_90) not found.
  11. Many Thanks for this nice Script for Custom AI Bases, SUPPE! I get an Error in the RPT: 14:40:11 Error in expression <mmob = _pAmmo select 0; _AI addMagazine _ammob; }; _AI addWeapon _gun; _AI addWe> 14:40:11 Error position: <_ammob; }; _AI addWeapon _gun; _AI addWe> 14:40:11 Error Undefined variable in expression: _ammob 14:40:11 File x\addons\a3_epoch_sector\scripts\SUP_AI_settings.sqf, line 51I 'm just not sure how I can fix the error.
  12. http://www.unblocker.yt/de/ @IT07 I bow to your work. Oh, I can no longer endure the thing to test.
  13. Ohhh Yeahh! Seems to be a really helpful Script! Makes my happy happydayz!
  14. For the new Epoch version I have edited the loots.h https://github.com/nachtmasse/Arma3/blob/master/loots.h
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