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[Release] Vehicle Service Point (Refuel, Repair, Rearm) [Updated for 1.0.7]

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Ok, So I have this installed, but can not get it to work at all. the instructions are really clear and i have everything the way it should be, but not getting the options to do anything. No RPT errors at all

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I saw came out so I made a from-scratch overpoch server on Friday night and put my bloodsucker-taviana server out to pasture...  This Mod seems to be working normally, your updated keychanger and coins working great too. GG.

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1 hour ago, salival said:

The only thing I can think of is I did push some changes to github the other day to remove the currencmodifier variable and the 1.0.6 currency display dependency, I'm wondering if I broke something there.


@Casual_Jeff and @_Lance_ are you running the latest version on github?

Mine was working. just downloaded the latest from your github and tested. Still working. but i'm gonna need to make it cost more to rearm these hydras... 10,000 a bit low =)

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I'm not getting any RPT errors when I use it the refuel works like a charm but I'm not getting a repair nor rearm scroll when i'm sitting at the fuelstation. That's the only issues I'm having.

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Hello friends.

I have installed this mod on my server with no modifications. It refuels, repairs and rearms every vehicle I throw at it, with coins or with briefcases.

I am unable to reproduce any errors or not getting certain options to show up.

I would request if you are still having issues to delete your service_points folder and redownload the latest version from github: https://github.com/oiad/service_points

If the problem persists, I would appreciate a copy of your client .RPT and if possible your mission file. 

To find this logfile:

C:\users\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Arma 2 OA\ArmA2OA.RPT

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6 minutes ago, Robert261171 said:

10.03.2017 19:58:18: Lone Wolf ( 1dcb332900fb4d19d449327087bb13fb - #32 "Server "PVDZ_veh_Save";

if (_allRepaired) then {
_vehicle setDamage 0;
_vehicle setVelocity [0,0,1];
[format["%1 Repaired",_nam"

If you are getting that then you are not running the correct DayZ Epoch BE filters (that is in there)

https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server Files/Battleye/publicvariable.txt#L2

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51 minutes ago, Robert261171 said:

is this for the new updated epoch

Ive just had a look and im using them one already

I have updated the OP to reflect that it does infact support

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hi, I want different costs... But some vehicles like nissan350z its cost is "0", no free



// refuel settings
_refuel_enable = true; // enable or disable the refuel option
_refuel_costs = [
    ["Tank",5000], // All land vehicles are free to refuel. Free has to be in ""
    ["Air",5000],    //1000 worth is 1 10oz gold for all air vehicles

I have guided myself from here:



  • AllVehicles
    • Land
      • LandVehicle
        • StaticWeapon
          • StaticAAWeapon
            • Igla_AA_pod_East
            • Stinger_Pod_base
              • Stinger_Pod
          • StaticATWeapon
            • Metis
            • SPG9_Base
              • SPG9_CDF
              • SPG9_GUE
              • SPG9_INS
            • TOW_TriPod
          • StaticCannon
            • D30_Base
              • D30_CDF
              • D30_Ins
              • D30_RU
            • M119
            • ZU23_base
              • ZU23_CDF
              • ZU23_Gue
              • ZU23_Ins
          • StaticGrenadeLauncher
            • AGS_base
              • AGS_CDF
              • AGS_Ins
              • AGS_RU
            • MK19_TriPod
          • StaticMGWeapon
            • DSHKM_base
              • DSHKM_CDF
              • DSHKM_Gue
              • DSHKM_Ins
              • DSHkM_Mini_TriPod
                • DSHkM_Mini_TriPod_CDF
            • KORD
              • DSHKM_RU
              • KORD_high
            • M2StaticMG_base
              • M2HD_mini_TriPod
              • M2StaticMG
            • WarfareBMGNest_M240_base
              • Fort_Nest_M240
              • USMC_WarfareBMGNest_M240
            • WarfareBMGNest_PK_Base
              • CDF_WarfareBMGNest_PK
              • GUE_WarfareBMGNest_PK
              • Ins_WarfareBMGNest_PK
              • RU_WarfareBMGNest_PK
          • StaticMortar
            • 2b14_82mm
              • 2b14_82mm_CDF
              • 2b14_82mm_GUE
              • 2b14_82mm_INS
            • M252
          • StaticSEARCHLight
            • SearchLight
              • SearchLight_CDF
              • SearchLight_Gue
              • SearchLight_Ins
              • SearchLight_RU
          • UH1Wreck
        • Car
          • BIS_alice_emptydoor
          • Bus
          • FoldChair_with_Cargo
          • hilux1_civil_1_open
            • hilux1_civil_2_covered
            • hilux1_civil_3_open
          • HMMWV_Base
            • HMMWV
            • HMMWV_Ambulance
            • HMMWV_Armored
            • HMMWV_Avenger
            • HMMWV_M2
            • HMMWV_MK19
            • HMMWV_TOW
          • Ikarus
          • Lada_base
            • Lada1
            • Lada2
            • LadaLM
          • Offroad_DSHKM_base
            • Offroad_DSHKM_Gue
            • Offroad_DSHKM_INS
            • Offroad_SPG9_Gue
          • PaperCar
          • Pickup_PK_base
            • Pickup_PK_GUE
            • Pickup_PK_Ins
          • SkodaBase
            • car_hatchback
            • car_sedan
            • datsun1_civil_1_open
              • datsun1_civil_2_covered
              • datsun1_civil_3_open
            • Skoda
            • SkodaBlue
            • SkodaRed
            • SkodaGreen
          • TowingTractor
          • tractor
            • tractorOld
          • Truck
            • Kamaz_Base
              • Kamaz
                • WarfareSupplyTruck_RU
              • KamazOpen
                • WarfareSalvageTruck_RU
              • KamazReammo
                • WarfareReammoTruck_RU
              • KamazRefuel
              • KamazRepair
            • MTVR
              • MtvrReammo
                • WarfareReammoTruck_USMC
              • MtvrRefuel
              • MtvrRepair
              • WarfareSalvageTruck_USMC
              • WarfareSupplyTruck_USMC
            • Ural_Base_withTurret
              • GRAD_Base
                • GRAD_CDF
                • GRAD_INS
                • GRAD_RU
              • Ural_Base
                • Ural_CDF
                  • WarfareSupplyTruck_CDF
                    • WarfareSupplyTruck_Gue
                • Ural_INS
                  • WarfareSupplyTruck_INS
                • UralCivil
                • UralOpen_Base
                  • UralOpen_CDF
                    • WarfareSalvageTruck_CDF
                      • WarfareSalvageTruck_Gue
                  • UralOpen_INS
                    • WarfareSalvageTruck_INS
                  • UralCivil2
                • UralReammo_Base
                  • UralReammo_CDF
                    • WarfareReammoTruck_CDF
                      • WarfareReammoTruck_Gue
                  • UralReammo_INS
                    • WarfareReammoTruck_INS
                • UralRefuel_Base
                  • UralRefuel_CDF
                  • UralRefuel_INS
                • UralRepair_Base
                  • UralRepair_CDF
                  • UralRepair_INS
              • Ural_ZU23_Base
                • Ural_ZU23_CDF
                • Ural_ZU23_Gue
                • Ural_ZU23_INS
            • V3S_Civ
              • V3S_Gue
          • UAZ_Base
            • UAZ_AGS30_Base
              • UAZ_AGS30_CDF
              • UAZ_AGS30_INS
              • UAZ_AGS30_RU
            • UAZ_MG_Base
              • UAZ_MG_CDF
              • UAZ_MG_INS
            • UAZ_SPG9_Base
              • UAZ_SPG9_INS
            • UAZ_Unarmed_Base
              • UAZ_CDF
              • UAZ_INS
              • UAZ_RU
          • VWGolf
          • Wheeled_APC
            • BRDM2_Base
              • BRDM2_CDF
              • BRDM2_Gue
              • BRDM2_INS
              • BRDM2_ATGM_Base
                • BRDM2_ATGM_CDF
                • BRDM2_ATGM_INS
              • BRDM2_HQ_Base
                • BRDM2_HQ_Gue
            • BTR90_Base
              • BTR90
              • BTR90_HQ
            • GAZ_Vodnik_HMG
              • GAZ_Vodnik
                • GAZ_Vodnik_MedEvac
            • LAV25_Base
              • LAV25
              • LAV25_HQ
        • Motorcycle
          • Bicycle
            • MMT_base
              • MMT_Civ
              • MMT_USMC
          • M1030
          • TT650_Base
            • TT650_Civ
            • TT650_Gue
            • TT650_Ins
        • Tank
          • 2S6M_Tunguska
          • APC
          • Tracked_APC
            • AAV
              • AAV_cutscene
            • BMP2_Base
              • BMP2_Ambul_Base
                • BMP2_Ambul_CDF
                • BMP2_Ambul_INS
              • BMP2_HQ_Base
                • BMP2_HQ_CDF
                • BMP2_HQ_INS
              • BMP2_CDF
              • BMP2_Gue
              • BMP2_INS
            • BMP3
          • M1A1
            • M1A2_TUSK_MG
          • MLRS
          • T34
          • T72_Base
            • T72_CDF
            • T72_Gue
            • T72_INS
            • T72_RU
          • T90
          • ZSU_Base
            • ZSU_CDF
            • ZSU_INS




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2 minutes ago, salival said:

I dont know what class the 350z are inheriting from, but you can set the classnames in that config your self.

i.e  ["350z_kiwi",2000],

thank, i solved. I also thought about that ["350z_kiwi",2000],.....


// refuel settings
_refuel_enable = true; // enable or disable the refuel option
_refuel_costs = [
    ["Tank",5000], // All land vehicles are free to refuel. Free has to be in ""
    ["Air",5000],    //1000 worth is 1 10oz gold for all air vehicles



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On 3/10/2017 at 11:08 PM, Neurok_ said:

It must be the map for me I cant seem to find the fuel station id names for sahrani.

If you use infistar walk up to the fuel tanks and hit "I", it will give you the class name.

I had to do the same thing for lingor...

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      Outdated, does not work with Epoch 1.0.7
      all of this information is available in an easier-to-read format on github pages>>
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      1) people are getting kicked for createvehicle restriction when building a stone wall
      open your battleye filter createvehicle.txt and change this line
      5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" to this:
      5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" != "Fort_StoneWall_EP1" 2) I am using "A Plot For Life" and this is not working!
    • By salival
      Hi guys,
      Here's my version of Virtual Garage, it's not far off a full rewrite but includes some of the original code that the original author contributed.
      Fixes a lot of problems and adds a lot of newer features:
      Single UI for storing/retrieving vehicles Dynamic pricing based on vehicle type/classname Dynamic limits based on vehicle type/classname Adds support for removing a helipad nearby Able to see storage in stored vehicles RPT logging for storing/retrieving vehicles Fixes dupes for more than 2 people depositing the same vehicle Supports briefcases and coins Localization support (currently german and russian) Please see my github repo for install instructions:
    • By salival
      Here's my version of  @OtterNas3 vehicle key changer.  It was subsequently modified by @Grahame for epoch 1.0.6. Updated for 1.0.7.
      This adds support for briefcases, gems and coins as well as using the epoch vehicle upgrade system to do the key changing/claiming.
      * original discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/5972-release-vehicle-key-changer-for-making-masterkey-v-14-updated-06152014/
      * updated discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43048-release-vehicle-key-changer-for-making-masterkey-v-141-updated-for-epoch-106/
      Github link with install directions: https://github.com/oiad/vkc
      **EDIT* Link to a working locate Vehicle script that is able to find multiple vehicles per key: 
      **** For Epoch only **** >> Download <<
      Visit this link: https://github.com/oiad/vkc/tree/vkc-Epoch-
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