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Found 7 results

  1. -------------- Created by: Theduke™ Payden and Spider from Elite SLK Gaming -------------- Welcome to Sanford and Son Trader. Sadly this trader does not accept gold, only coins "Hero or not, we buy just about everything you can bring us. Certainly at a discounted price. We will pay you 75% of what the other guys give you. But I can guarantee you’ll never unload everything all at once if you visit them!" Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qIS9V0lLHw The Idea was to create a trader where you could sell EVERYTHING...well, just about everything ;) New players sometimes arn't able to sell hero items, or maybe you have a vehicle full of junk you might not want anymore and why not make a bit of cash from it, right? This trader will NOT be a install and go type of mod. You will need to take YOUR server items from the trader files, and change the price at the discount you choose. (you can leave your prices the same if you want, completely up to you) This is because every server most likely has different prices on items. Going through each file and changing each price manually just isnt feasible. How to do this will be explained later in the post. (its not as scary as it sounds) Many thanks to @Payden for creating the run.bat file and doing the leg work for creating the sanfordandson.hpp file and instructions. Many thanks to Spider for creating the trader buildings. DOWNLOAD https://github.com/theduke77/Sanford-and-Son-Salvage-Trader Tools you will need. Notepad++ PBO Manager Excel ...Maybe a sandwich and a drink lol FOR NOW WE WILL ONLY USE CHERNARUS - WE HAVE LINGOR WORKING ALSO Lets start with the easy part, server sided 1. Open your dayz_server\traders\chernarus11.sqf Anywhere in the middle, add this //Sandford and son Salvage ["Gangsta_merc7", [9910.58,5432.17,0.00143433],106.201], 2. Still in the dayz_server folder, put the sanford.sqf from the download in the objects folder. If you don't have the objects folder create one. So the sanford.sqf should be in a folder path like this. dayz_server\objects\sanford.sqf 3. Open the init folder, then server_functions.sqf Look for this spawn_vehicles = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\spawn_vehicles.sqf"; Add this bellow execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\objects\sanford.sqf"; Thats it for the server sided Now for the mission 1. Open your server_traders.sqf At the top you will see a list of traders, add this, but make sure if its your last entry, there shouldn't be a comma at the end "Gangsta_merc7", 2. still in server_traders.sqf Add this at the bottom //Sanford and Son Trader menu_Gangsta_merc7 = [ [["Sanford And Son Salvage",666]], [], "neutral" ]; Save and close the file. 4. Put the sanford folder from the download in your custom folder in your mission. If you dont have a custom folder create one. 5. Open your description.ext Look for class CfgSounds { add this before the closing bracket class sanford { name = "sanford"; sound[] = {custom\sanford\sanford.ogg,1.0,1}; titles[] = {}; }; 6.Open your mission.sqm look for class Sensors add this block of code, before the class sensors closing bracket. Pay attention to the class item6. They need to be incremental and you will need to adjust the items6 to items 7 right bellow class sensors also. class Item6 { position[]={9910.58,0,5432.17}; a=15; b=15; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="zonesanford"; expCond="(player distance zonesanford) < 25;"; expActiv="sanford = [] execVM ""custom\sanford\music.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate sanford; titleText [""Thanks For visiting us! Come Again"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3];"; class Effects { }; }; 7. Still in the mission.sqm look for class Markers { add this before the closing bracket of class markers class Item20 { position[]={9910.58,5432.17}; name="SanfordSonSalvage"; text="Sanford & Son Salvage"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; ALWAYS MAKE SURE your class item is incremental in number and make sure the Items right bellow class markers you increase it by 1. so if you have items18, it'll be items19. Alright the easy part is done lol Now is the time to configure your prices for the trader. Optional/Disclaimer This part Payden will take over the instructions I decided to make a video based on what Payden explained to me Video can be found bellow **************************** Building the Scrap Trader File: 1. Put all trader files (YOUR MISSION\dayz_code\configs\Category) in a single directory. Rename any Hero or Epic Hero files to resolve duplicate names 2. Put the run.bat file from the download in that folder also. Run the bat file, it will compile all your files into one and should create a file called "output.txt" Now the fun part begins. 3. In order to import into excel and properly change the prices. You need to change the format of the files. Open output.txt with notepad++. In notepad++, click on view>Show Symbol>Show All Characters This will show all spaces, tabs, line breaks...everything. when done, it should look like this class G36C_DZ {type=“trade_weapons";buy[]={ 60000 ,”worth”};sell[]={ 20000 ,”worth”};}; and not this class G36C_DZ { type=“trade_weapons"; buy[]={ 60000,”worth”}; sell[]={20000,”worth”}; }; - All whitespace is TAB characters. Tabs between "class" and classname, between classname and {type=..., before and after buy price, before and after sell price. 4. Import the plain text file into Excel. You should end up with everything separated by columns: 1. class and ClassName (e.g., M4A1_HWS_GL_camo) 2. All before the buy price (e.g., {type=“trade_any_vehicle";buy[]={) 3. Buy price 4. All between buy price and sell price (e.g., ,”worth”};sell[]={) 5. Sell price 6. All after sell price (e.g., ,”worth”};};) If you're like me, you'll need to repeat this process several times to get everything correct. Filters will help you find the oddball entries in each row. 5. Use Excel's conditional formatting to highlight duplicate classnames. Compare prices, pick the one you will use, delete the other entry 6. Set all buy prices to -1 7. Decide on your discount (our scrap trader pays 75% of standard trader prices) and calculate/replace the original sell prices using excel formulas 8. Use Excel's filters to either hide or delete rows containing only classnames or filenames. Also remove extra "};" where needed to make these lines a single class 8. Use Excel to save/export the file to Formatted Text (Space delimited). You'll need to widen the Excel columns to ensure nothing is truncated. 9. If you're like me, you'll need to repeat this step also to ensure your class is correct and no data fields were truncated. 10. Change the filename extension from PRN to HPP if you haven't already. VIDEO: ************************** 11. Now you need to navigate to your trader files, and drop the sanfordandson.hpp you just created with the rest of your trader files. The path should be dayz_code\configs\category 12. Open your cfgServerTrader.hpp. Located in dayz_code\configs add this in the middle anywhere #include "category\SanfordAndSon.hpp" Thats it you're done. Hope you enjoy Sanford and Son Salvage Trader
  2. Hi! Repair and Salvage Script
  3. Hey guys, got a problem. If i try to salvage a vehicle it shows me the aviable dmaged parts, but when i click on them nothing happens. After i ran around a bit(seems like the action is canceled then) i get the option again but this time it says: Already Salvaging!. Someone can confirm or is it me fucked something up?! :D FIXED Im not quite sure why i have to do this. I use Infistar and maybe thats colliding with eachother. Didnt test it without Infistar, its just a idea. In salvage.sqf i uncommented this: { if ((_vehicle distance (_x select 0)) < (_x select 1)) exitWith {_cancel = true;}; } count DZE_SafeZonePosArray; if (_cancel) exitWith { (localize "str_salvage_safezone") call dayz_rollingMessages;}; like this:
  4. //======================================================================================================== // DonkeyPunch Vehicle Ammo Salvage and Reload Script v1.0 // Modified for Donkey Punch and Epoch Community Servers // by =RAV=MusTanG // // Computermancer's Vehicles Salvage and Reload script // AKA "cmSalvage" alpha ver 0.01 // SuperFunServer.Com // //======================================================================================================== So I have been working on modifying a community script by ComputerMancer. It had some other good features but are really not needed at this time. So only the best part made it through the cut. Introducing Donkey Punch Vehicle Ammo Salvage and Reload. Included in the vehicle ammo salvage and reload: All Offroad Armed, GMG, HMG, the Huron and the Ghost Hawk This has been tested and is currently error free. all variants of above vehicles tested. if any improvements are made please share them with us freely as I have shared this work with you. https://github.com/donkeypunchepoch/DonkeyPunch-Vehicle-Ammo-Salvage-and-Reload/tree/master
  5. cmSALVAGE and REARM SCRIPT I am currently working on a script to allow a player to salvage some metal or parts from vehicles. I am more than half-way done with the script, I would like to share it when it is complete. Currently, it allows you to salvage some metal or repair parts from a vehicle, and with each attempt (chance of failure) the vehicle itself becomes more dmaged. I will have a toggle to allow the option of allowing a chance for the vehicle to explode from too many salvages. At the moment, I am working on the arrays of items to give, as well as making sure there's no way to spam or exploit it from a players position. I will be adding files, videos, and other goodies in the near future. -computermancer EDIT: current alpha version, without any BE filter instructions... CLICK HERE , GOODLUCK! http://youtu.be/bScgV-8IddM http://youtu.be/N7PZvUcng5s
  6. Hello, In patch 1.0.4 I noticed this issue with salvage script as palaying on my server. Basically the all salvage script lets you remove up to 8 wheels even from the bike, which generally defeats the purpose of vehicles being broke. You can just swap the middle and rf2 lf2 wheels whith the wheels that are required for car to move (e.g. rb, lb, rf, lf,wheels) and be on your way. I tried to use this , didn't seem to work. does anybody have a proper fix for it or may be a custom script? Any help would be apriciated.
  7. My question is simple. Does a script exist that can be implimented on our server which allows players to salvage ammo from gunned veichles? For example salvaging M134 Nato rounds from a Armored SUV.
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