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[REQUEST] Remove every vehicle who is not near a plot ploe ?


Hey hey,

Only a idea probably there is anyway a script out there if it is so, please send me a link :)

It would be nice to have a script which delete every vehicle which is not near a plot pole, i hate it if person play one time on a server and then let their vehicle everywhere, mostly theese vehicle got every day updated in the database cause anyone try to get in in this vehicle so the regualar abodened cleanup wont work.

How i said its just a request :)

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Something quicly written ( should work if no typo's)


Add it to your admin tools ot AH, ot tweak it to run server sided on restart? , idk what u want specific ^^

//execute this as an admin
//execVM "deleteVechicles.sqf";

_center = getMarkerPos "center";
_allVehicles = _center nearEntities [["AllVehicles"], 12000]; // increase size for other maps ofcoruse if needed
	if ( (!isNull _x) && !(_x isKindOf "CAManBase") && !(isPlayer _x) &&  !(isPlayer (driver _x)) ) then {		
		if( _x isKindOf "Air" || _x isKindOf "Land" || _x isKindOf "Ship" ) then {
				_findNearestPoles = nearestObjects[player, ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"], DZE_PlotPole select 0];
				_IsNearPlot = count (_findNearestPoles);
				if(_IsNearPlot == 0)then{
				   deleteVehicle _x;
} count _allVehicles;

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Just as a side not to this, it won't permanently delete the vehicles.

yes but you could set damage 1; do destroy it and delete all vehicles with damage 1 in the database.

set damage 1 is working, the only problem is that the script seems to delete every vehicle.

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after 2 months i got some scripting knowledge and modified zupa version a little bit :P


this here will work:

_center = getMarkerPos "center";
_allVehicles = _center nearEntities [["AllVehicles"], 20000];
	if ( (!isNull _x) && !(_x isKindOf "CAManBase") && !(isPlayer _x) &&  !(isPlayer (driver _x)) ) then {		
		if( _x isKindOf "Air" || _x isKindOf "Land" || _x isKindOf "Ship" ) then {
				_findNearestPoles = nearestObjects[_x, ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"],90];
				_IsNearPlot = count (_findNearestPoles);
				if(_IsNearPlot == 0)then{
				   _x setdamage 1;
} count _allVehicles;

It will set the damage of vehicles who are not near a plot pole to 1; (destroyed) then just wait 1-2 minutes restart the server and everything is fine :)

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      How To Customize:
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      Adding / Restricting an Ammo Type
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      In the file: "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Vehicles\Weapon_Systems\D81_125mm_Cannon.sqf". You could comment out an Ammo Type as shown Below.
      If you do this, you will want to save that as a new file such as : "D81_125mm_Cannon_SABOT_ONLY.sqf.
      List of Vehicle Weapons and Ammo:
      WARNING: Not all Weapon Systems work with all vehicles. For example, You obviously do not want to put a "GBU12_Bomb_Launcher" on an "ArmoredSUV_PMC", or "MLRS Rocket System" on the "ArmoredSUV_PMC".
      These weapons spawn on the vehicle when purchased and remain after restart.  This does not work with admin spawned vehicles nor does it work (for now) with the Deploy Anything Mod.  I do not have Virtual Garage installed on my test server,so I am unable to test that but it should work.
      Have Fun
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