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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, i need some help/answers. I have no clue about cleanup the server from loot when no one is around for a specific amount of time. I noticed that this was uncommented in server_function.sqf: server_systemCleanup = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_cleanup.sqf"; so i removed the // and checked what happend...nothing :D Then i checked out the server_cleanup.sqf. In line 23 it says: if (_age > 20) then { changed to: if (_age > 2) then { cause i thought 20 = 20min ?! so 2 = 2min. Was a try nothing happend. I googled around and noticed that in the server_cleanup was .fsm and not .sqf. Does this matter? And does anyone have a tip how to cleanup loot when for ex. a player is not in range from 500m for 5 mins?!
  2. Birgitte

    deleted items

    Hi Guys, I have a working server. When my guys or I place a fuel pump, fire barrel, generator, etc. the server deletes it after a week or so. Is there a setting I'm missing to stop this from happening? Thanks, Birgitte
  3. Hello! Anyone got the same problem? : I have hundreds of zombies around the map. Even if theres no player nearby.
  4. Hi Guys! I forgot to backup my cleanup.sql when transferring to a new server. Soo, i was hoping someone would do me a solid and share some good cleanup to be ran each time the server reboots. Kimz!
  5. Hey. I am using this script to have a loyal dog and it works great but I have had to delete the animal cleanup to have it work. This is not ideal. Does anyone know how to disable animal cleanup just for the spawned dogs? Dog mod This is the code which needs editing rather than switching off: server_spawnCleanAnimals = { private ["_pos","_delQtyAnimal","_qty","_missonAnimals","_nearby"]; _missonAnimals = entities "CAAnimalBase"; _delQtyAnimal = 0; { if (local _x) then { _x call dayz_perform_purge; sleep 0.05; _delQtyAnimal = _delQtyAnimal + 1; } else { if (!alive _x) then { _pos = getPosATL _x; if (count _pos > 0) then { _nearby = {(isPlayer _x) && (alive _x)} count (_pos nearEntities [["CAManBase","AllVehicles"], 130]); if (_nearby==0) then { _x call dayz_perform_purge; sleep 0.05; _delQtyAnimal = _delQtyAnimal + 1; }; }; }; }; sleep 0.001; } count _missonAnimals; if (_delQtyAnimal > 0) then { _qty = count _missonAnimals; diag_log (format["CLEANUP: Deleted %1 Animals out of %2",_delQtyAnimal,_qty]); }; }; Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey ! I apologize for having to ask this but I'm not finding clear information on how to do exactly what I need. I mistakenly had the dynamic vehicle spawn set to the default 300 or so vehicles. This is way to many vehicles for my server and I actually lowered it to 10 (yeah i know, I like to make people work for it). However, there are still tons of vehicles on our server that need deleting. Is there a way that I can clean up all dynamic vehicles that have not been used by players and then just let the server respawn that 10 limit? There are 3 admins but it's going to take us quite a while to clean them all up by hand like that. P.S. I'm just learning all this database management and clean up with my server, I need a good way to start up mysql database and then schedule what I think is called "scheduled tasks" to do cleanups like this automatically and regularly. Any help of that would be awesome. Thank you for any help in advance Tri Cities Epoch Server Owner ReconRecker Server IP
  7. Hey hey, Only a idea probably there is anyway a script out there if it is so, please send me a link :) It would be nice to have a script which delete every vehicle which is not near a plot pole, i hate it if person play one time on a server and then let their vehicle everywhere, mostly theese vehicle got every day updated in the database cause anyone try to get in in this vehicle so the regualar abodened cleanup wont work. How i said its just a request :)
  8. Hey all. So I'm trying to spawn zombies via SQF in the mission PBO. Here's the code I'm using - it sort of works, but the Zombies VANISH a split second after spawning in front of me (Booo!). I've checked the RPT file and can't see any issues, could this be an infistar issue do you think? - Obviously I'm passing the location then setting it as the pos via _target = _this select 0; - and it's working as they DO appear, just seem to get deleted right away :( I got the code from this post: which seems to say they should work, just can't figure out what's going wrong... WHY are the zombies going 'poof!' in front of my eyes and vanishing :P Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
  9. How do i go about cleaning up storage items with items in it, that have been unused for X amount of day?
  10. Hey :) ok, at first i want to do a Mysql cleanup which delete old objects in the object_data table. i use this script now on my server that tie the playeruid on buildables instead of the characterID. now i want to cleanup objects where the lastLogin is older than 7 days in the character_data table. so the script should look in the character_data table , find the Characters who are older than 7 days, copy the PlayerUID from theese characters go into the object_data table and search for the PlayerUID in the characterID column and delete the complete row. i hope you could understand what i want to do :) would be awesome if someone could help me out :D
  11. Im not very good at scripting, barely know what I'm doing but whenever someone enters an AI mission vehicle it explodes. I know it's to do with server_cleanup.fsm (I think) but I'm not sure why it won't work, as I said I barely know anything when it comes to scripts. I was following what they said to do on this This is what I have so far: server_checkHackers = { if (DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd > 3) then { DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = nil; DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = 0; }; if(!isNil "DZE_DYN_HackerCheck") exitWith { DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd + 1;}; DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = true; { if(vehicle _x != _x && (vehicle _x getVariable [""Mission"",0] != 1) && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle)) then {" \n diag_log ("CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER " + (name _x) + " " + str(_x) + " IN " + (typeOf vehicle _x)); (vehicle _x) setDamage 1; _x setDamage 1; sleep 0.25; Is there something I have done wrong or missed out?
  12. THIS IS FOR BLUEPHOENIX ADMIN TOOLS I'm assuming this is what is messing with what i posted about yesterday PLEASE help. This is the most frustrating thing ever. If you have any questions to me about my situation they are probably addressed in the post above The line you are looking for is either: " if (!(vehicle _x in _safety) && ((typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") ) then {" \n Change to / add as shown: " if (!(vehicle _x in _safety) && ((typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Sarge",0] != 1) ) then {" \n Or the line looks like if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in _safety) && (typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") then {" \n Change that to if(vehicle _x != _x && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Sarge",0] != 1) && !(vehicle _x in _safety) && (typeOf vehicle _x) != in your server_objectUpdate.sqf (or however it's called in your server package) locate this: (thanks sarge) if (!_parachuteWest) then { if (_objectID == "0" && _uid == "0") then { _object_position = getPosATL _object; diag_log format ["DEBUG: Deleting object %1 with invalid ID at [%2,%3,%4]", typeOf _object, _object_position select 0, _object_position select 1, _object_position select 2]; _isNotOk = true; }; }; and change to if (!_parachuteWest) then { if (_objectID == "0" && _uid == "0" && (vehicle _object getVariable ["Sarge",0] != 1)) then { _object_position = getPosATL _object; diag_log format ["DEBUG: Deleting object %1 with invalid ID at [%2,%3,%4]", typeOf _object, _object_position select 0, _object_position select 1, _object_position select 2]; _isNotOk = true; }; }; none of this is there for me??????
  13. Have been having an issue with mission vehicles being destroyed by the cleanup when a player enters 6:20:01 "CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER - B 1-2-G:1 (-) REMOTE IN HMMWV_DES_EP1" Only been happening since this update, anyone know how I can fix it :/
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