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  1. Thanks for the responses, i will test the script see what i can do, see if i can enhance the script a little bit :P need practice anyway :) thank you @DAmNRelentless and @juandayz, also you guys have great scripts :)
  2. going into the database to look it up gets annoying, is this script possible?
  3. This is my first release, i made sobor castle 3 years ago, it needed alot of work and since i started making servers again i decided to fix it up, and here i am releasing my first ever map edit! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlpgxxk72u0triv/SoborCastle.sqf?dl=1 Installation: unpbo dayz_server.pbo Place the file in day_server\map folder open init\server_functions.sqf
  4. If it is possible could someone make a zombie base defense script? Like players could tie up zombies outside their base as a form of defense against base raids, i think this script would be a really cool feature. i will pay a little bit of money if i can get a script capable of this. just think how good a script like this would be!
  5. Shows no errors this time but it does not release the zeds..?
  6. Still no success, new error: My Fnselfaction code for release zeds: my detachzed_veh.sqf: When i tie up the zombies they get attached, when i go to the back of the vehicle and detach them one by one it works, but in the vehicle the release zeds doesnt work.
  7. Will test salival, Thank you, also great scripts btw!
  8. I followed instructions exactly, the release zeds from inside the vehicle does not work. Part of my Arma 2 oa rpt. ive tried recoding the script since it didnt work, without any luck. could you assist me?
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