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  1. customize Death Messages

    This is done in the dayz_killFeed function which is in the compiles.sqf. If you want to adjust it, you need a custom compiles.sqf to overwrite the function: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/6caba339c9ec582afc8e5d2016301c25495652ef/SQF/dayz_code/init/compiles.sqf#L571-L607
  2. customize Death Messages

    Nice description of your problem. What about telling us what exactly you want to edit? Of course they are adjustable but if you don't tell us what you want, we can't help.
  3. Need Help From Others?

  4. Please remove your scripts.txt from your topic, it's risky to post it.
  5. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    I wouldn't add this to DZAI tbh. Easier would be to write an external script to create a crate at the location you want (probably somewhere at your static mission). In this script you can also define some item arrays, then you select one of these arrays with the BIS random function and fill the crate with these items, that's it. With that, you should have different loot inside the crate each restart. I would take a peek into WAI's crate spawning, this helps a lot to understand how it's done.
  6. Epoch Admin Tools

    Could you stop posting multiple topics about the same thing?
  7. [Release] Player Tablet Menu

    This is why you should put it on GitHub. Great addon anyways, keep it up! :)
  8. Trouble with starting the game while server is online.

    It's just about starting the client first as I mentioned before.
  9. Zombies After Dark

    Just wtf.. I didn't know
  10. Trouble with starting the game while server is online.

    Normally you have to start your game client first and after that you are able to start the server, to prevent this error when running a local server but because you installed the server on steam, I recommend using a batch to start it otherwise you should copy the ArmA OA files to another directory and create a custom server there.
  11. Taviana Download

    You have to download it manually and upload it to your server if it's an external one. I suggest DayZ Launcher for that because it has the latest version and quite good download speed.
  12. Parachute "Hack" fix

    Since I don't know what you mean with a parachute speedhack (maybe others don't know too), it would be nice if you could explain what you mean with that.
  13. Strange and unusual building parts

    Weird, this looks like the door is still a blue print. Tell him to send you his ClientRPT and check whether there's something obvious.
  14. Community Based translations

    You can review it and I commit it to my fork so it will be merged if you want.
  15. Community Based translations

    I made a pull request to support russian translation on it, would like you to review it @WLF https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/pull/16