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  1. [RELEASE] RLNT Update Panel (19.09.2017, v1.3)

    This is tested on vanilla and high modded servers so it's working 100%. I guess the reason why you get undefined variables is because you try to call it from server side. This function was made for always calling it from client-side but you can send a global message from client side. If you want to call it from server-side, you need to trigger the server eventHandler manually.
  2. Anyone seen this kick before?

    I saw the infinity cheat menu ones but I that was some time ago. I guess that was just someone who is an outdated public hack menu to try whether it still works so I guess that's why infiStar already filtered it.
  3. Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    An else statement is always optional.
  4. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    @Tuhjay The client files are not even necessary to run the AI system. This shouldn't be the problem. Make sure you placed the line in the server_monitor.sqf right. The dayz_code folder only exists if you already have custom scripts that actually use this folder. If you don't have it, simply create one or change all the paths.
  5. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    Yes, it will.
  6. Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    I am pretty sure that the AI's counts as playableUnit too. Do something like this to get rid off playableUnits that are actually no players: _players = playableUnits; { if (!isPlayer _x) then { _players = _players - [_x]; }; } forEach _players; waitUntil { uiSleep 5; count _players > 1; }; Edit: here's the reference for playableUnits and it also includes AI so you should use that in order to prevent AI's from being counted as playableUnits.
  7. Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    @iben lol @totis Yeah you can. Always a small hint. If you want to know which file you need to edit look at the config variable name and search in the init what function it calls. The landPatrol variable was calling the veh_randompatrol.sqf for example. That's how you know where you have to search.
  8. Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    If you want that vehicle patrols only spawn with a specific minimum player amount do the following. Open "dayz_server\DZAI\DZAI\compile\veh_randompatrol.sqf" and replace the whole file with this code: private ["_unitGroup","_tooClose","_wpSelect"]; waitUntil { uiSleep 5; count playableUnits > 9; }; _unitGroup = _this select 0; _tooClose = true; while {_tooClose} do { _wpSelect = (DZAI_locationsLand call BIS_fnc_selectRandom2) select 1; if (((waypointPosition [_unitGroup,0]) distance _wpSelect) > 300) then { _tooClose = false; }; }; _wpSelect = [_wpSelect,random(300),random(360),0,[1,300]] call SHK_pos; [_unitGroup,0] setWPPos _wpSelect; [_unitGroup,0] setWaypointCompletionRadius 150; if ((count (waypoints _unitGroup)) == 1) then { _unitGroup setCurrentWaypoint [_unitGroup,0]; }; I set the needed player amount to 9. If you want to change that you have to edit this line: count playableUnits > 9;
  9. can't create a data base with xampp

    I didn't answer that and ALL versions are not needed anyways :D You just need 2013 and 2015
  10. can't create a data base with xampp

    Fixed: mixture of syntax mistakes in startup.bat, missing database privileges, wrong hiveext.ini and missing c++ redistru.. whatever they are called. Can't spell that xD
  11. can't create a data base with xampp

    Yeah I know, I checked this all. It's probably a small thing that causes this issue. :D
  12. can't create a data base with xampp

    @juandayz thank you for helping. I did exactly the same except that I never use heidi.sql. You can do all this stuff directly in phpmyadmin. Importing the database, setup a user etc so it shouldn't make a difference as I am doing that everytime. I guess I will login into teamviewer again and give this another try. I only had 15 minutes do look at this.
  13. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    No, land patrols (I guess you mean the guys in the cars) are spawned dynamically all over the map depending on how many you set max. The higher you set the DZAI_maxLandPatrols variable, the higher is the chance to spot one of these guys. As far as I know there is no static spawn system integreated, that's only possible for infantry. The cars are temporary by default. As far as I remember there is the message "This vehicle won't stay over server restart" or something like that. Means that it will not be saved to the database. But there's no claim option. But these are nice suggestions. Let's see if I do a remake of that script when I am done with updating my current scripts.
  14. remote executing

    Set up good battleye filters, that's all you need.
  15. can't create a data base with xampp

    I was checking his settings with TeamViewer, everything was correct and I've redone all the database related steps for him. Still doesn't want to connect. I guess it's more a thing of the Dayz_Server. It's an already edited server so either i am completly dumb (although I set up hundres of servers xD) or the dayz_server is broken.