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  1. DAmNRelentless

    Craft In Shed

    Since it isn't used somewhere else I would make it a private function and put it in the file.
  2. DAmNRelentless

    Craft In Shed

    The variable that's missing is vehicle_gear_count. That's a function that's not in the file. As we don't know what it did, we can't do anything but rewriting the script.
  3. DAmNRelentless

    Cherno Map Berenzino + Sol

    Provide screenshots here please and staying with a legit looking download provider would also be good.
  4. DAmNRelentless

    [3D/2D Map Editor] Roads issue

    I guess that's an issue of the height of the different objects. I you copy and paste them, the editor might have a problem with calculating the height. I think copy-pasting is working anyways when you move the roads slightly afterwards. That's a ton of work but otherwise I have no clue how the editor could recalculate the height.
  5. DAmNRelentless

    [RELEASE] BigEgg's Safe Zones

    Couldn't you add a check in the veh_handleDamage.sqf whether the vehicle is in a safezone or not? And if yes just exitWith nothing?
  6. DAmNRelentless

    Weapon Damage

    Because it's a realistic military simulator? You can't compare a glock to a m4a1, ofcourse they have different damage.
  7. DAmNRelentless

    Please give a hand with Overpoch Install

    What have you tried so far? Installing overpoch isn't that hard. It's just copying client and server files, adding the keys and adding some lines to the mission.sqm. Don't forget about the start parameter which has to be BEFORE epoch and you should be good to go.
  8. DAmNRelentless

    Runtime Error

    A friend of my solved this by installing all in one runtimes. It's a german application tho but pretty easy to understand: https://www.sereby.org/site/All in One Runtimes&lang=en
  9. DAmNRelentless

    Additional player data

    Save the data in the database. That's what it was made for.
  10. DAmNRelentless

    need help with Traders

    Always depends on your currency system. A bit more information would be useful. Are you using coins or gold bars and stuff? Traders and categories are added differently depending on your currency.
  11. DAmNRelentless

    How can i disable this debug

    Most things you can add in the player_updateGui.sqf. It's located in dayz_code/compile.
  12. DAmNRelentless

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    Quite typical for ArmA. 2 hours is still not much (in comparison to what I experienced so far). I know it's a huge frustration but keep it up.
  13. DAmNRelentless


    No, that's an option you can change in the init.sqf in your mission.pbo. We all just use mission.pbo as a placeholer name. Normally it is something like dayz_epoch.chernarus.pbo
  14. DAmNRelentless


    You can't edit anything in the dayz_code.pbo. dayz_code is Client. If you want to modify anything from dayz_code you need to move it to your mission and edit the paths for the file. Or add an additional path to overwrite some things. Depends on if it is a function or not. Let's say you want to have a custom compiles.sqf, so you can edit a lot of paths. It would be stupid to copy the whole file from your dayz_code.pbo to your mission since it would heavily increase the file size and just be useless since all paths are already done in the original file. Instead you make a custom one and only overwrite the paths you need. How do you do this? Go to your mission.pbo and create a dayz_code folder inside. Inside the dayz_code folder, create an init folder. In the init folder, create a compiles.sqf. Now you have a custom compiles.sqf where you can put your custom paths in. But for now, this file isn't called from anywhere, that's why you have to go to your init.sqf and add the file path for it below the original one so it loads the original one first and only overwrite those that are mentioned in your custom compiles.sqf. A bit more tricky is editing a function because functions aren't split in variables. In one huge variable so you can't just overwrite things. Instead you move the original function (like fn_selfActions.sqf) from your dayz_code.pbo into your mission and replace the original path with the new one since the old one is no longer used. All in all, never edit the dayz_code.pbo if you aren't an Epoch Dev.
  15. DAmNRelentless

    Remove forbidden and allowed weapons

    if !(getPlayerUID player in [yourUID,hisUID]) then { code; }; or for better look _adminIDs = [uid1, uid2]; if !(getPlayerUID player in _adminIDs) then { code; };