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Epoch Discord Server Open


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Epoch Discord is open.


Always a work in progress. Channels will be added as needed. 

Check pinned messages in the channel for latest updates!

Rules that apply here also apply there. DO NOT PM the dev's if they happen to be there! You may PM me or one of the other moderators.

Download the app at: https://discordapp.com/apps

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There will be some changes to Discord over the next week. Channels will be changed as well as permissions. If you have a specific role you will keep it on discord. (you know who you are).  There is to many random questions that can be solved by searching these forums.   

I have made a few changes as I said I would. You may be logged out of discord as I verify users. 

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Some more changes incoming. I know that you guys and gals like having contact with the devs in Discord. But a lot of information is already available to you on the forums. And it seems like nobody likes to search these forums. VBAwol put a lot of time and effert into these forums. So I will be restricting things on Discord. You have to let these people do what they do. The forums at epochmod.com is where you should come first for your questions. And use the search, more then likely your question has already been answered. https://epochmod.com/forum/search/ Most questions are about third-party mods. The discord is for just Epoch and Epoch only. If you feel this is unfair then you can send me an email at [email protected]. or my ICQ account.

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I missed a few channels for the changes I made and @vbawol got them sorted. I was out of town and couldn't get to it fast enough. And he created a few channels also. I did adjust a few minor things with @vbawolchanges. But they are minor. And on another note, since "Winter is coming"..summer. There will be some promotions to members on discord with the approval of @vbawol we can not be active on Discord 24-7 I feel we could use a few more people to help us watch the discord and point them in the right direction.


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