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DaRT 2.0 Released

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Figured i'd post this here.


This isn't my work but its a lot of fixes that were needed to make DaRT worth it to use again.




Download link:




[NEW] Complete rewrite of player/ban request
[NEW] Geolocating is now done locally (fixes flags!)
[NEW] Updated BattleNET version
[NEW] Changed to Mono.Data.Sqlite for database access (Linux compatible)
[NEW] Database format changed (DaRT will automatically migrate your data)
[NEW] Colors can now be enabled/disabled for chat/filters in all tab
[NEW] Changed settings layout (now featuring tabs)
[NEW] Domains are now supported when connecting
[NEW] Added credits to settings
[NEW] You can now use your name for admin calls too
[NEW] You can now set the player/ban request ticks (less = faster requests, higher chance for timeout; higher = slower request, higher chance of success on slow servers)
[NEW] Split flash window and highlight admin calls setting
[NEW] Split player connect setting and show connect messages
[NEW] Removed reconnect checkbox (will now automatically reconnect)
[NEW] General code cleanup
[NEW] Slightly resized main window to prevent graphical glitches
[NEW] Minimal width of window is now smaller to fit common server resolutions
[NEW] Added option to show debug messages (makes finding uncommon problems easier)
[NEW] Maximal input length of messages/commands is now 400 characters
[NEW] Made character limit visible with counter
[NEW] Made all colors slightly darker to increase readability
[NEW] Added command chat as own chat type
[NEW] Log queue instead of disabling auto scroll
[NEW] DaRTBans was removed in order to maintain support for ArmA 3
[NEW] Tooltips for settings
[NEW] Added option to clear expired bans
[NEW] Added a log buffer (This can be used in later versions to show a history for certain users, not used atm)
[NEW] All filters can now be modified via the settings

[NEW] You can now set custom filters in the settings to do client side filtering of all the script/event logs that come in

[FIX] Deadlock on connect
[FIX] Reconnect is now properly working
[FIX] Poor database performance
[FIX] Crash on connect
[FIX] Crash on refresh
[FIX] Duplicate messages
[FIX] Auto refresh getting stuck
[FIX] Fixed issue that caused packet ids to be assigned multiple times resulting in timeouts
[FIX] Multiple threading issues causing disconnects
[FIX] Automatic refreshes on player join/leave won't disable timed refreshes anymore
[FIX] Sometimes logging in twice
[FIX] Disconnect issue on fast player join (server desync)
[FIX] Auto refresh counter now properly updates all the time
[FIX] Sped up message filtering to prevent desyncing and disconnects
[FIX] Delayed refresh on join to prevent GUID from not being logged (was triggered too early for GUID to load)
[FIX] Refresh on join/leave will now also triger for kicks
[FIX] User-agent being shown incorrectly because of encoding
[FIX] Removed unecessary threads
[FIX] Removed "brute-force" requests with a more elegant approach
[FIX] Disconnect when using global chat for long messages
[FIX] Disconnect when sending messages too fast
[FIX] DaRT not logging to file properly
[FIX] Fixed auto scroll not working (now replaced with queue)
[FIX] Auto refresh on player join not working when disabling join messages
[FIX] Settings will not be applied anymore if settings window is just closed

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Ok,so we put it on again!It works fine.Synced our bans list,chat is working without delay.


But im having trouble to restore my players database..!

Ive keeped the files from the previous version,and i just paste them back to the folder.



but the files are different from before.Now there is only one unique file,called dart.db 

And the other 3 old files seems to work individually.i mean now that unique file,got everything inside.How i will be able to update my database?

Please assist me.Thank in advance.

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The only bad for me right now is that sometimes i send a message and it never appears on the Dart chat screen and, i believe, also never appears on the server.


Anyone having this problem?


I have also this Problem.

I send messages with change to console and type in: "say -1 Text To send here".

That worked.

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