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  1. Bullshit, was I not trying to sort it with you Aaron? But whatever, I'm done.
  2. To put it bluntly, we were removed from official server status because we didn't brown nose the devs with gushing praise 24/7. We were honest, forthright about bugs and straight talking. Like axle said it was due, yes, we didn't have our tongues rammed deep so we were due for the chop. Devs, I used to respect you for the work you did, then we became official hosts and that respect diminished day by day to this point. Now a very large proportion of the community think you've gone too far, you have, take a step back for a moment and realise you've written a mod for a game, not the Bible part 2 or a new encyclopedia or a cure for world famine. Its gone to your heads.
  3. MGT


    Because we chose/choose to run an alternative antihack to the inbuilt one so we can update it ourselves when new threats arise, my server was removed from the official list in my absence, when I returned home and rectified everything as per their requests they've gone silent now. I've tried to reason with Awol and Sequisha to rectify this but they've been very vague, after a period of no response I went onto the Epoch TS and asked Axle in his capacity as, and I quote from the readme in client files "Kenneth Bente - Axle - Public Relations" I was then told that it's public relations, not server admin relations. I'm passed the point of caring and I could care less if you don't return me to official status, but your issue with infiSTAR isn't mine, or my communities. This is a snippet of the attitude of the developers i've had to deal with (by all means delete this post but it will go up on our Facebook and forum)
  4. MGT

    mission pbo

    Or Mikero tools.
  5. Running Redis on A3E since October the 5th with zero issues, Win 2008R2.
  6. mission.sqm http://pastebin.com/ziGHEJ0n Just use Mikero to unpbo it
  7. In the download server files look in the tools folder, there's a batch file that I modded to autobackup the database (dump.rdb), just call the file periodically using task scheduler.
  8. MGT


    If this is what I think it is with traders i'm, looking forward to it ;)
  9. MGT


    Should be relatively easy to write a side mission into the mission file using Arma infantry. Take a look at a Wasteland mission file for inspiration.
  10. Set pubvar filter to read only? That's what I do for our antihack/admin menu.
  11. Seems to assist with making it start exactly at the top of the hour.
  12. Yes, setting it to 6 will run through a full 24 hour cycle in a 4 hour restart Also set this and include the 1 to set start time in game StaticDateTime[] = {0,0,0,8,1} So that will start server at 8am in game and run through a full 24 hours in 4 hours IRL.
  13. Official Dev Servers Run by the devs using vanilla files, some are hived on shared database Official Community Servers Run by communities using vanilla files, all on separate databases (not hived)
  14. We've been running it since the beginning of October with zero issues.
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