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  1. Is this still working? Can you reupload the files? We want to decorate our server :D
  2. Oh im on win8.1 as well. So i can use it with no worries to getting banned from battleye?
  3. does this apply as well? It depends where the server is located and the time zone the host sets it. ?? i mean to set the server location from the control panel to eg. germany,and put the time to gmt -3 ? We found that it was set on USA.
  4. Hello fellow survivors, i am wondering if i can use the SweetFX in order to play online in my server but as well in others overpoch servers too?? Can i use the sweetfx graphic injector without getting banned from the battleye? thank you in advance
  5. No firewall is enabled on the router,and ive deactivated the mcfacee firewall as well.. I thought that as well,but since ive have disabled all the firewalls?What it could be? Im running on DMZ,for all the ports to be open on my router if that helps. Yes,i dont have a static IP on my house,but the server is a dedicated one,with a static-ip. But what about the other servers???I can see them offline all the time or most of the time or it takes a lot of time to show me at least my server(GROF) up n running on the dayz launcher. I have the UPnP off,shall i enable it?
  6. Hello there,so heres the problem. I got my server,plus some others servers that i am trying to browser,and and i cant see them online neither from the dayz launcher nor dayz commander(i dont care about that program much tho as it's broken) . Sometimes the dayz launcher it detects the server and it's showing it to me online,with full details.But most of the time it's with grey letters(offline),some other friends can see it online when i cant,and vise-versa. I've flushed my dns cache,both on my pc and on the server's,but nothing happend,still sometimes i can see it online,sometimes offline,tho the server is online and others playing in it. Is any specifc port that we need to enable on the server so it will be correctly apear to the players? Or it's something else on client's side? Thank you in advance
  7. Ok,so we put it on again!It works fine.Synced our bans list,chat is working without delay. But im having trouble to restore my players database..! Ive keeped the files from the previous version,and i just paste them back to the folder. \DaRT\data\db but the files are different from before.Now there is only one unique file,called dart.db And the other 3 old files seems to work individually.i mean now that unique file,got everything inside.How i will be able to update my database? Please assist me.Thank in advance.
  8. yes thats correct.And now it is happening again!!Played last night and now i cant,same errors! i only got this [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch thats the error http://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b611/xtrmsnpr/ArmA2OA2014-08-2421-26-35-080_zpsb5af63aa.jpg~original ive reinstalled everything from scratch,like the game was 1st time installed in my pc,and nothing!
  9. i have the same error...over and over again!! ive reinstalled arma2 arma2oa and the mods...nothing..i managed to play on a server last night and now again the same problem... help?
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