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  1. Panthera and Napf come to mind
  2. If you die you lose 100 krypto in your bank and whatever krypto you have on you is on the ground. It looks like a samsung galaxy note 4 or an iphone on the ground.
  3. White screen is related to a script being ran and the AH catching it. So the guy is most likely scripting.
  4. Make sure the mod is enabled under expansions. Or just use A3Launcher
  5. I couldn't find one with dorito crumbs but i guess this will suffice.
  6. Essentially this will be familiar to people who played origins but I think what would be really cool is to have 2 static or possibly 3 depending on the size of the map where you can mine "rocks" to turn into cinder with like sandbags? This way it creates a popular area to camp or cause pvp interaction and make it a more fun way to create cinderblocks. Just my 2 cents.
  7. The master troll is back with more D'oh posts great...
  8. Isn't Firecock that arma 2 server that ripped code off of maca and then called it their own?
  9. Of course you can. Just gotta figure it out ;)
  10. I'm stupid at math. There u go. Specifically Geometry
  11. A lot of people are stupid or don't want to deal with the frustrations of installing a script such as the coin mod. Also there is like maybe 5 guys at max that will help someone out for free on here. People charge like 50$ to install scripts.
  12. You should of posted this in the bug reports not the general discussion.
  13. I doubt they will port skar's AH to A2. Just use the one who shall not be named anti hack(See what I did there?). Everyone who says its backdoored or its banning people for no reason are full of shit. It was backdoored a long time ago but it was done for a different reason. It's still the best AH out there.
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