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  1. Please post screenshots. Also its not an open google drive, its a permission request based.
  2. Dan get into a vehicle and you will notice it.
  3. Yes that would be great, and I think that would make this debug monitor really solid!
  4. Nice work BigEgg! Question, does it show the current weapon being held by the player?
  5. I get this when alot of people are on my server too.
  6. Works fantastic, thanks again BigEgg! SUGGESTION: Add an area in the script for custom locations, like a blacklist.
  7. I have not had 1 single person complain about the traders not working correctly. I will say though sometimes you have to click on the Advanced Trading menu 2 times to get the list to come up.
  8. Something so simple and has taken so long to come out.. thanks cant wait to put this on my server. Hope so see some more of your work soon! :)
  9. So far everything is working like a champ, another fucking slam dunk Zupa. Check your donations :).
  10. I really dont understand what this script does other than change your clothes. Can someone explain this?
  11. "WAI: [Mission:[bandit] The Farm]: Starting... [2098.81,9992.37,0]" "WAI: Spawned a group of 4 AI (Hero) at [2097.81,9982.37,0]" Started correctly, no errors following.
  12. Ok got it working. Somone whos good at forum posting should redo the instructions. They are quite fucked up.
  13. Yah, no that did not work.
  14. #0 "KickedFromAntiHack" = "KickedFromAntiHack" <------------------------Full message, that comes from publicvariable.log
  15. Step 7: Open init/server_functions.sqf and replace this: if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle)) then { ...with this: if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["MalSar",0] !=1)) then { This is not in my server functions. What do I do?
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