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    • By draco-nobilis
      Can anyone help with changing the trader scenery map items.
      I believe that the trader map items are set in  dayz_code/system/mission/"***whatever map***.sqf
      I have made changes to coordinates and item class name but when I check on server nothing has altered 
      I even deleted all but one item and still all was same 
      When i removed the init call for this file every thing vanished  this i think seems to suggest it is correct file
      i am a bit confused . I could  remove all and make complete new map additions with editor but would like to use existing method.
      I can add and moved the actual traders   but not their suroundings
    • By kuibi1234
      Hey im not sure if im in the right forum, but i've been struggling with this problem for about 3 days now and google searches haven't gotten anything out for me, since my problem isnt really described other than that my server crashes after i join and start loading in.
      im running 1.0.7 Epoch with a few scripts/mods (DZSM, WAI, Lift&Tow, clickActions, remoteVehicle, marker_Manager, custom safezones script) + infistar.
      it was working all fine until i made a change to dynamic_vehicle.sqf in the dayz_server, after that the server kept crashing and i even made a backup and moved the old file back, but it kept crashing after that too, so i dont know what the problem is, i do have an rpt. but its basically no use since it doesnt show any errors.

      I left last few lines out, because its infistar stuff that is keys and other things im not supposed to show. After that it just cuts off from there because it crashes.

      Edited dynamic_vehicle.sqf (only AllowedVehiclesList changed):
    • By Arturius1967
      Hey guys,
      I never liked, the unfinished west end of the coast road on the Tschernarus map.
      Now I spent some time to make it look better with a mod script , which I basically created in the 3D editor.
      Still have some things to fix, but than i could uplod it, if anyone is interested.
    • By Shermanator
      Devils Brigade offers a unique experience.  We offer a PVP style server with options of multiple maps.  Fully Customized.  Custom Traders, Custom Military Zones, Custom High Capacity Clothing and Packs, Custom Anti Raid Bot that offers 24/7 notification when your base is being raided it will send u a DM via discord, Custom vehicles, Base Garages and trader garages, Hacking tablets, Key Card Vaults with High Value Loot, KOTH, Airdrops and much much more.  Come join the community and have some fun.  We encourage Looting, Raiding, and PVP.
      Search for us : Devils Brigade MultiMap
      Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/hQUeHPjaWZ

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