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  1. Hi Guys, I hope u can help me pls. I added just for fun cash for zombiekill to the local_eventkill.sqf and to get money for (Z)headshoots to the the fn_damageHandlerZ.sqf Now u can get money for some zombiekills. This comes with a message (system -or hint) In my variables is Z_singleCurrency = true;, and to show the value i have a hud. Is there a way to add this funktion to kill vehicles like "air, land, ship"?
  2. Hello Matey, Is There A Way to Make This NameTag OverHead?
  3. Hi, i use this Script: But i cant see the AI in my group, like this: can anyone help pls? And sry for my noobquestion ;D
  4. Thanks Jason, this is great! Can we use this from aidem, because the original download link's are dead? Do we still have the permission of aidem to use that?
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