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My epoch server not saving in Database!



Hello, I want to create Epoch server but i just met problem with Database.

I can play in the server but when i disconnect then reconnect, I start with new character creation.


I only see this in redis server:


Is this only what i see in the redis, it wont say anything more also if i connect to  server and play.


Any help please?



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Make sure you are using the redis.conf when starting Redis. if not the lack of the "save" setting will prevent it from creating a dump.rdb. As the console window you posted does not show any save attempts I am thinking you are just running it without the config file.

This cmd file shows how to start redis with a config file https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/DB/start-redis.cmd

The settings here are the bare minimum that is required: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/DB/redis.conf

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12 minutes ago, rvg?! said:

Dis you edit the epochserver.ini aswell?


Thanks i just realized other password i didn't changed correct. But im not sure if it working or not.

I got other problem when i connect to the server,  i get Message box in dedicated server it says " Data file too short 'mpmission\epoch.Altis.pbo'.Expected 911369 B, got 911358 B "

And when i click ok , server crashes.

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13 minutes ago, rvg?! said:

Verify your serverfiles. Or better download again the serverfiles and take the epoch.altis.pbo from there.

Thank you so much, Database worked.

but if you don't mind can you just tell me how can i increase AI spawning, because i don't see any A.I

and increase loot, should i download mods for that or what?

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36 minutes ago, rvg?! said:

Its in the epoch,altis.pbo.

Epoch antagonists:





After edited i got this Message box when i connect to the server " epoch include file mpmissions\_cur_mp.altis\build.hpp not found" and after pressing ok server crashes.

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