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  1. I'm sorry but can you explain "if (isserver) then {};" is that full code? and where to put it inside init.sqf? And what the sqf file should be named does that matter?
  2. i saw some, but they're not teaching how to save to your epoch map.
  3. how can i learn if there's no tutorial? Give me any of that tutorials you talking about it will be appreciated
  4. @vbawol why none helping me =\ vbawol vbawol
  5. Hello, Im trying to edit epoch map with M3Editor. But when i press import it needs sqf file. Where is the sqf file to edit epoch map? mission.sqm initServer.sqf init.sqf That's the files inside mission.pbo, any help?
  6. Thank you so much, I've done this and worked. but one more thing. the buttons buy\sell have empty text, also the items, any idea?
  7. Is this work anymore ? I've installed it but when i trade he doesn't take or give krypto, so i can buy for free any help ?
  8. Hello, My server have no AI and very low loot, I want to increase AI and loots. I have unpacked epoch_altis.pbo and edited this: epoch.Altis\epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient.hpp antagonistSpawnIndex[] = { {"Epoch_Cloak_F", 10}, // {"type", limit} {"GreatWhite_F", 20}, {"Epoch_Sapper_F",20}, {"Epoch_SapperB_F",10}, {"I_UAV_01_F",2}, {"PHANTOM",10}, {"B_Heli_Transport_01_F",10} epoch.Altis\epoch_config\Configs\CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp lootBias = 85; limit = 5; lootType = "normal"; normal[] = { { "shelfPos", "Shelf_EPOCH", true}, { "fridgePos", "Fridge_EPOCH", true }, { "bedPos", "Bed_EPOCH", true }, { "couchPos", "Couch_EPOCH", true }, { "wardrobePos", "wardrobe_epoch", true }, { "cookerPos", "cooker_epoch", true }, { "chairPos", { "Chair_EPOCH", "ChairRed_EPOCH" }, true }, { "filingPos", "Filing_epoch", true }, { "pelicanPos", "Pelican_EPOCH", true }, { "tablePos", "Table_EPOCH", true }, { "lockerPos", "Locker_EPOCH", true }, { "toolRackPos", "ToolRack_EPOCH", true }, { "shoeboxPos", "Shoebox_EPOCH", true }, { "palletPos", "Tarp_EPOCH", true }, { "freezerPos", "Freezer_EPOCH", true }, { "cabinetPos", "Cabinet_EPOCH", true } epochconfig.hpp lootMultiplier = 1; I have packed pbo again , Still no AI and no loot! Please help me! I've tried to install A3EAI but also not working. I want AI drive truck and attack players.
  9. After edited i got this Message box when i connect to the server " epoch include file mpmissions\_cur_mp.altis\build.hpp not found" and after pressing ok server crashes.
  10. Thank you so much, Database worked. but if you don't mind can you just tell me how can i increase AI spawning, because i don't see any A.I and increase loot, should i download mods for that or what?
  11. Thanks i just realized other password i didn't changed correct. But im not sure if it working or not. I got other problem when i connect to the server, i get Message box in dedicated server it says " Data file too short 'mpmission\epoch.Altis.pbo'.Expected 911369 B, got 911358 B " And when i click ok , server crashes.
  12. Hello, I want to create Epoch server but i just met problem with Database. I can play in the server but when i disconnect then reconnect, I start with new character creation. I only see this in redis server: Is this only what i see in the redis, it wont say anything more also if i connect to server and play. Any help please?
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