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[WIP] My Personal Leveling System

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It's my first "mod" for a leveling system in EpochMod. Same as Dayz Origins with Bandits and Humanity.

v 0.0.1



features : 

  • add lvl score / score for next level  on progress bar;
  • add ia kill on Stat.
  • create Special Traders with item's sell by LVL 
  • Custom loadout on respawn by LVL
  • create new icon, replace on right the Stat UI
  • ratio stat (shoot/kill) by weapons
  • Ui with betters/bad players

If anyone wants to help me (for design icon/ scripting) mp me, or come on my TS3 server : ktm.sytes.net


For now, i need to had on every units and EventHandler Killer, but with the arma 1.55 not needed (with EntityKilled).

PS : i'm a noob on script to arma 3.

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no for the moment, i finish the first version and release  normally for next week ... I try to simplify my pbo server side for use with many configuration and adaptative with ia and epoch updates. 

With the arma update 1.56, and the mission trigger EntityKilled, now all units (epoch ia, all ia) can be accessible for my calcul. The mod use faction function for determinate why is killed (not for ia epoch, i check the classname unit), this is a the first good news. i think release this part on next week.

The second part is the "player info" for see stat (kill, ia kill, zeds kill ...), level, level progress, stat for each weapon used (count fired, count killed, best distance kill). And the template buy on level's traders. I want to release this on next week but i think  i wouldn't be ready. 

The last : the traders level : buy for leasing (if u loose your weapon, it's loose ...) and buy definitively : template (uniform, skins, weapons ...), weapon, the others : vehicule, amno, food/drink/items can't be buy definitely. you can spawn trader for a range of level. 

Features : add achievement system : kill x units of this type y =>  you win a title (ex : Zed's Killer, ...) or unblock a weapon on level traders ... : 

But, now i try to find how to block to sell weapon by with template definitely on Epoch's Traders. I think do this : set variable on object buy with template, but next ... If i had a trigger on epoch traders for block sell, if traders move, i need to recalculate trigger position ... or block Trader for not moving ... no idea for this for the moment.

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i have not work on my system on several month, i want to resume for Tanoa. I have not big problem, but, i want help to work on GUI  (design, create box with editor, i can do it, but that's take many time for me : i'm a developper, not a designer :) ).

But was it Epoch Life ? is your  mod ?  

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Yes... Its Epoch but with some elements from altis life.

Some features like farming and crafting from some drugs and some more...

its a hard work to get some features to work with Epoch, but my players loves it....

But i want a persistent rankinging system for my server...

Sry for my bad english...

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Epoch 1.0 will have a new built in stats counter for killing AIs and players thats saved to redis. Take a look into experimental to see how it works if its already in there. Pretty sure you can use those stats for a leveling system ;)

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There is as @Drokz mentioned a new system we added recently called community stats.

No database work involved, just add your new stat name and a starting number to the epochclient config.

Add your necessary code for the stat changes. For example to the mpkilled for an AI unit.

Epoch will handle all the data in and from the db to the player.

None of this change an INI, add in net messaging crap, along with trying to solve for the meaning of life to get one stat to track!!!!

Speaking of humanity, when I coded in the community stats system I did in fact make humanity stat and changes on PvP kills. Expect to test this humanity on my experimental server soon!

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