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  1. Hello Community can someone help me where i can find the building parts from the normal trader areas i want to disable them and set my own stuff in it Thank you for your time and aswere
  2. i have searched for a while to install overwatch on my dedicated server and found many solutions but nothing of them work for me i added the overwatch folder [email protected]_overwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server the bikkey in the key folder added in mission.sqm the addons and follow the instructions of this torturial https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43225-overpoch-106/ im dont know what im doing wrong that it is not running or loaded Thank you
  3. what type of numbers i need to speedup the transfer time?
  4. i got some Problem after the mission dosent spawn the lootcrate knows anyone that kind of problem? and maybe some fix? thank you
  5. I need some Help with Mad arma i got same version from server in my mod list and get all the time Wrong signature Chums buggy !!! what can be wrong?
  6. my BM dosent load the HSPricing.hpp i edit the description #include "trader\HSPricing.hpp" dont work for me pls HELP :(
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