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  1. [Q] : how working decay timer ? How remoce it

    Thank you i will check and setup these update on my server.
  2. HI, I've questions regarding decay timer : What is maximum value for these timers? Does it possible to turn off ? Best Regards
  3. Wind after 1.70

    Hi same here looking for option to reduce level of wind noise
  4. EpochZ: Takioone

    Hi, any screenshots to share ?
  5. [SOLVED] : autorun feature ?

    Thank you @Ghostrider-DbD- one more scripts very usefull
  6. [SOLVED] : autorun feature ?

    Thank you for your responses, I will check both scripts and try them.
  7. Taxi & Bus | Transport for Arma

    Nice mod, i will try it soon. thank you.
  8. [SOLVED] : autorun feature ?

    Bump Still dreaming about this feature
  9. [SOLVED] How to have perma bot on server to keep mission always active ?

    Oh nice tips I will try tonight. Thank you @TheVampire
  10. Hi, I'm searching for the parameter or script to have specific daytime at start of mission. Does this parameter or script exist ? Regards
  11. Hi, I want know if it's possible to have an perma bot on server to keep mission always active ? Regards
  12. a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Deployed and tested : working fine. thank you.
  13. Thank you @Ghostrider-DbD- I will try this setup soon as possible (tonight or tomorrow) because I'm out of game for next 3 weeks.
  14. Hi, not working for me : blck_RunGear = false; blck_RunGearDamage = 0 Still have msg for AI put IED
  15. [SOLVED] : autorun feature ?

    Hi, I've played on some servers and some have autorun feature. I've searched in Epoch forum's but found nothing. Any one have sources code and install guide ? Best Regards.