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  1. lesvieuxcrevards

    Epoch Altis v1.+ : MAP legendary ?

    Hi, Anyone can share link to Epoch 1.0 Altis map legendary for earch standard icon's. Regards.
  2. lesvieuxcrevards

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.82

    @Ghostrider-GRG I've wipe my 0.5 to fresh 1.0 epoch without any customizations :) I will glady test this mod if you can share it
  3. lesvieuxcrevards

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.82

    I'm currently not Active on my Arma3 server due of my job. I've to deploy epoch v1.0. will be done in fews days.
  4. lesvieuxcrevards

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.82

    Hi Ghost, poke me for testing ;) But I'm still in Epoch 0.5, I'm waiting for 1.0 master from Nitrado.
  5. lesvieuxcrevards

    A3EAI - Roaming/Vehicle AI Patrols - Discontinued

    Hi, 3 questions : I've setup this ADDon seem working fine, but how can i force NPC/dynamics/patrol spawn at start of server or when I've only 1 player onto? I've this line in my log file "[A3EAI] AI spawn settings: Static: true. Dynamic: true. Random: true. Air: false. Land: false. UAV: false. UGV: false.". How can I active last 4 values to be true ? Still in log file : "[A3EAI] AI spawn settings: Static: true. Dynamic: true. Random: true. Air: false. Land: false. UAV: false. UGV: false." But i've setpu maxDynamicSpawns at 40, maxLandPatrols at 30...
  6. Dismiss my question : found inside \trader\init.sqf Hi a question regarding NPC blackmarket shop , does is possible to define fixed position for 1 blackmarket shop ?
  7. lesvieuxcrevards


    @Eugene HI i've download your files but i've error in log : '13:21:19 Warning Message: Script \x\addons\ZEVMission\ZEV\ZEVMissionInit.sqf not found' I've created directory 'arma3\@ZEVMission' with inside subdirectory 'Addons" and a file 'a3_epoch_ZEVMission.pbo' I've add @ZEVMission to my start command I've modfied init.sqf : execVM "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionClientInit.sqf"; I've modified my description.ext : #include "ZEVMission\ZEVMissionSounds.hpp" Any idea?
  8. lesvieuxcrevards

    Altis Addons

    @natoed a stupid question : how to be sure this mod is loaded ? Does it possible to load in editor to check location of area added ?
  9. lesvieuxcrevards

    Altis Addons

    @natoedThank you for tips, I will try.
  10. lesvieuxcrevards

    Altis Addons

    Hi, @natoed a quick question for installation you wrote: But where is pbo in archive? I've to make the PBO with content of directory ..\a3_epoch_custom?
  11. lesvieuxcrevards

    [Q] : how working decay timer ? How remoce it

    Thank you i will check and setup these update on my server.
  12. HI, I've questions regarding decay timer : What is maximum value for these timers? Does it possible to turn off ? Best Regards
  13. lesvieuxcrevards

    Wind after 1.70

    Hi same here looking for option to reduce level of wind noise
  14. lesvieuxcrevards

    EpochZ: Takioone

    Hi, any screenshots to share ?
  15. lesvieuxcrevards

    [SOLVED] : autorun feature ?

    Thank you @Ghostrider-DbD- one more scripts very usefull