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  1. hi, i have not work on my system on several month, i want to resume for Tanoa. I have not big problem, but, i want help to work on GUI (design, create box with editor, i can do it, but that's take many time for me : i'm a developper, not a designer :) ). But was it Epoch Life ? is your mod ?
  2. Hello dude.

    Am strugeling setting up a epoch australia server.

    I saw you're posts so i thought maybe you can help me.

    Am willing to pay, as long my server on verthosting is online.


    Ty chris

    1. elbabar


      hi what do you exactly ?

  3. no for the moment, i finish the first version and release normally for next week ... I try to simplify my pbo server side for use with many configuration and adaptative with ia and epoch updates. With the arma update 1.56, and the mission trigger EntityKilled, now all units (epoch ia, all ia) can be accessible for my calcul. The mod use faction function for determinate why is killed (not for ia epoch, i check the classname unit), this is a the first good news. i think release this part on next week. The second part is the "player info" for see stat (kill, ia kill, zeds kill ...), level, level progress, stat for each weapon used (count fired, count killed, best distance kill). And the template buy on level's traders. I want to release this on next week but i think i wouldn't be ready. The last : the traders level : buy for leasing (if u loose your weapon, it's loose ...) and buy definitively : template (uniform, skins, weapons ...), weapon, the others : vehicule, amno, food/drink/items can't be buy definitely. you can spawn trader for a range of level. Features : add achievement system : kill x units of this type y => you win a title (ex : Zed's Killer, ...) or unblock a weapon on level traders ... : But, now i try to find how to block to sell weapon by with template definitely on Epoch's Traders. I think do this : set variable on object buy with template, but next ... If i had a trigger on epoch traders for block sell, if traders move, i need to recalculate trigger position ... or block Trader for not moving ... no idea for this for the moment.
  4. hi, i have script this today and that's works, on server side with random pos, if u want it : _center = createCenter sideLogic; _rad = 1000; //radius of gamelogic _pos = [0,0,0] // position of gamelogic _r = [ [_center,_pos], 0.9, 0.6,0.37,0.4,[] 0.5, 0.9, 0.9, _rad, 3,20 5, 300,1,0,20]; _r call xxx_fnc_createunitlogic; ////fn_createunitlogic.sqf private ["_center","_group","_logic","_side","_type","_type2","_type3","_type4","_activation","_activation2","_activation3","_activationRadius","_aliveamount","_totalamount","_start","_frequency","_delay","_density","_hordesize","_item1","_item2","_data"]; _data = _this select 0; _center = _data select 0; _pos = _data select 1; _side = _this select 1; _type = _this select 2; _type2 = _this select 3; _type3 = _this select 4; _type4 = _this select 5; _activation = _this select 6; _activation2 = _this select 7; _activation3 = _this select 8; _activationRadius = _this select 9; _aliveamount = _this select 10; _totalamount = _this select 11; _start = _this select 12; _frequency = _this select 13; _delay = _this select 14; _density = _this select 15; _hordesize = _this select 16; _group = createGroup _center; _logic = "RyanZM_ModuleSpawn" createUnit [_pos, _group, " this setVariable ['Side', _side]; this setVariable ['Type', _type]; this setVariable ['Type2', _type2]; this setVariable ['Type3', _type3]; this setVariable ['Type4', _type4]; this setVariable ['Activation', _activation]; this setVariable ['Activation2', _activation2]; this setVariable ['Activation3', _activation3]; this setVariable ['ActivationRadius', _activationRadius]; this setVariable ['AliveAmount', _aliveamount]; this setVariable ['TotalAmount', _totalamount]; this setVariable ['Start', _start]; this setVariable ['Frequency', _frequency]; this setVariable ['Delay', _delay]; this setVariable ['Density', _density]; this setVariable ['HordeSize', _hordesize]; ", 0.60000002]; // I don't know if that's really work : _item1 = _group createUnit ["Ryanzombieslogicdelete",_pos,[],0.60000002,"NONE"]; _item2 = _group createUnit ["Ryanzombieslimit",_pos,[],0.60000002,"NONE"]; for information on the variable => editor, create your gamelogic, save, and read it ... if i managed that, u too :p
  5. hi, same problem on my linux but, if I'm waiting, 1 or 2 minutes, the game start .
  6. I have this same idea to night too :p player addAction [ "Equip this Uniform ", " _radarObject = _this select 0; _activatingPlayer = _this select 1; _actionId = _this select 2; _activatingPlayer forceAddUniform _radarObject; " ,"",1,true,true,"", "(_target distance _this) < 4 && (name _target) == 'gign_uniform'" ]; but that's not work, the _radarObject, don't see the object on ground, i suppose is the uniform is "bugged (??) ". I have workaround, and make pbo with uniform of arma 3, with a new skins ..., simpler ...
  7. to night, i have same trouble on my server, i'm scripting my ia bot, and on start, i can't access on body when i have kill them, and same on my storage on my building. and i have remove my setfriend when i write in my script (because is present in epoch code) , and now no problem, ... and set my ia on resistance side. perhaps on idea for debug for another ia script ? or not ... sorry for my bad english ...
  8. sorry for this noob question but, i have many bot on my server with nice uniform, and i can't use it. how to change this ? edit : that's not work with the mod unlockUniform ... , i search a solution with an addaction ...
  9. helicopter or planes, and with an no admin account.
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