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  1. This worked for me, I changed it to 300 and it works, not sure it needs to be that high though.
  2. https://youtu.be/3MDKW2XDxBA
  3. Where do i change the service point marker name?
  4. I looked at this again and got it working, the missions spawn now. I added what you put above but also needed to change sem\scripts\fn_missionController.sqf line:87 _runningMission = [_missionPos, _randomMission, _runningMissionID, _missionType] spawn compile preprocessFileLineNumbers format["%1%2.sqf", _missionPath, _randomMission select 0]; So if anyone is running linux you need to run like this.
  5. I had messaged the developer about this, asking if it had been fixed. he replied: " @Sneer not jet, sadly the BI tools are always signing this one pbo false... "
  6. My server uses the epoch restart times too but I have no issues, mine looks like this though. Not sure if double quotes would matter. serverRestart = "true"; forceRestartTime = 10800;
  7. I don't know, it just doesn't run with out the change you specified. I'm using running on Linux. I just updated it last week. No issues with anything else. Strange.
  8. no older SEM. I do have VEMF running but that's it. I ran the stock PBO from here and it doesn't work for me. I used the default PBO with all default, just moved the PBO right over no modifications. It is dated as April 2 2017. Is there a more recent one?
  9. That got it loading. It seems a a bandit camp runs then a weapons convoy then they stop.
  10. I had also used the default pbo from your git, same thing.
  11. sem_config.sqf fn_semInit.sql
  12. I'm thinking sem_config.sqf has errors so it doesn't continue. I should get "#SEM: Loaded settings."; but I don't
  13. I copied the pbo to @epochhive/addons, I get this in the rpt but nothing else and no missions spawn. I have debug on full but get no info. The last thing I get is this below and no errors. 9:57:10 "#SEM INIT: Initialize Simple Epoch Missions"
  14. ok thanks guys. Everything is working,