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  1. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    Also, I love the fact you added the option to use the Cfgpricing for equipment. Makes life so much easier. Thank you for this addon, you have done a tremendous job!! Well done sir!
  2. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    Its working now, the missions were disabled in blck_custom_configs.sqf, I don't ever use that file so I didn't think to look there. Now I see why my altis advanced time seemed to never turn off. lol Thanks
  3. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    no nothing in the logs, I noticed you have some maps defined in GMS_fnc_findWorld.sqf but nothing about Malden. What does debug do that would allow the missions to run but not when its disabled?
  4. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    I'm trying to run this on Malden, everything loads fine no errors but the missions do not spawn. If I enable debug the missions work fine. Any ideas?
  5. Sneer

    how to unlock vehicle as admin

    This works very nice! Thank again He-Man
  6. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    Your right, that was my mistake, in my troubleshooting of the original file I had forgot to remove that. Its working now.
  7. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    Tried the latest version, missions don't spawn, getting errors in rpt.
  8. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    I have confirmed that mission vehicles do not unlock with an HC connected.
  9. Sneer

    WAI nuke mission help

    I'm using the WAI nuke script, there are some lines in epoch.Altis\wai\nuke.sqf I would like these three to affect the player if they are near the nuke when it goes off. I though I seen toxicity jump up but then quickly went back to zero. I'm guess these use to work since toxicity and soiled where already there. Any idea what I have to do to allow this?? isInside = call EPOCH_fnc_isInsideBuilding; if((isPlayer player) && (player distance _position <= 750) && !_isInside) then { EPOCH_playerToxicity = 85; EPOCH_playerSoiled = 85; EPOCH_playerRadiation = 85; };
  10. Sneer

    Health Regen for Epoch

    Nice, I'll try it out.
  11. Sneer

    Health Regen for Epoch

    So if your hunger is half you have half damage?
  12. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    It seems to work ok even with the error, I see the HC connect.
  13. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    Yes it does, same error.
  14. Sneer

    [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.84

    get this error in headless client log 0:18:20 "[blckeagls] debug mode settings:blck_debugON = false blck_debugLevel = 0" 0:18:20 "[blckeagls] Loading configurations for Non-militarized servers: blck_configs.sqf" 0:18:20 "[blckeagls] Loading Configuration Overides" 0:18:20 "[blckegls] blckegls simulation manager enabled" 0:18:20 "[blckeagls] for HC version 5-28-18 4:00 PM Build 6.81 Build 130 Loaded in 0.149002 seconds" 0:18:20 Error in expression <me - _blck_loadingStartTime]; [] spawn blck_fnc_HCmonitor; > 0:18:20 Error position: <blck_fnc_HCmonitor; > 0:18:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: blck_fnc_hcmonitor 0:18:20 File q\addons\custom_server\init\blck_init_HC.sqf, line 41 0:18:20 Mission id: e49f3f31bfcb7f6a48f1a755e523442b1e94f72f
  15. Hey works great, my friends and I had a great time with this.