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  1. god mode bases

    Your in the arma3 forum, you'll get advice if you post in the right area.
  2. Sarge AI

    no static units. But I do use A3EAI.
  3. Sarge AI

  4. Sarge AI

    I think its working, I'm just not sure its working that's all. Also that error happens when in town, not sure if any town or always in town. and its not spamming though if there were a lot of connected clients in town I suppose it would spam.
  5. Well they have been wrong in previous versions and the install worked fine. Make sure you have the same version of the client files "@epoch" on your server. That one always gets me. :)
  6. I don't think so, they just missed updating those files.
  7. Sarge AI

    Does the HC need a particular name to work?
  8. running linux with the new 1.78 17:43:38 BattlEye Server: Player #0 sneer ( connected 17:43:38 Player sneer connecting. 17:43:38 BattlEye Server: Connected to BE Master 17:43:40 BEServer: cannot find channel #909127439, users.card=0 17:43:45 BEServer: cannot find channel #909127439, users.card=0
  9. [RELEASE]Perfect Night Time Settings! (Within EPOCH)

    I'll try it again as soon as my linux server gets the 1.78 update which doesn't seem to be available with steamcmd yet.
  10. [RELEASE]Perfect Night Time Settings! (Within EPOCH)

    I tried 420 and its like daylight, maybe this went right over my head, I'm too logical for sarcasm.
  11. Sarge AI

    running it, so far so good. Getting this error though 23:02:58 Error in expression <tposATL (_units select 0); _attackpos = _currpos; If ("deletethis" in _bldpos) > 23:02:58 Error position: <_currpos; If ("deletethis" in _bldpos) > 23:02:58 Error Undefined variable in expression: _currpos 23:02:58 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\Scripts\UPSMON\MODULES\FORTIFY\fnc\UPSMON_patrolBuilding.sqf, line 29
  12. Planting gardens

    So I can grow goldenseal however it doesn't always survive a restart. twice I planted 3 hemp and three goldenseal the 3 hemp is all that remains after a restart. as a sapling it survived but not as a plant.
  13. Planting gardens

    If you get a chance try growing goldenseal. It didn't work for me but the others did.
  14. Ok great. Thank you!
  15. question about playerLocationMarkerGPSOnly

    Is this new for 1.0.0? I never knew about the map dyna menu. Thanks.