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  1. Sneer

    A3EAI not working since arma3 update

    I know what your saying but two servers where it all worked from prior all stopped after the update. This is what it complains about and spams the logs since the update: 9:55:58 Warning Message: Bad vehicle type I verified all the vehicle class names in a3eai. If I disable all the vehicle spawns, UGV, heli, LandPatrol, etc then the errors stop. It works if I disable verifying for classnames, and configuration but I get the spam messages.
  2. What does the masscheck do?
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0orztko75813wf1/AADbI1F7HkiXG6ChjJhAJ_Gqa?dl=0
  4. I have a player who gets "Authentication Failed, Disconnect and try again". Player gets this message with a black screen then gets kicked back into the lobby. If I delete the player from the database, he loads in fine. He'll be good for a a month or so then it happens again. It's very strange. Here his client rpt log, since the server logs show nothing except he connected and disconnected. client rpt error
  5. Sneer

    A3EAI not working since arma3 update

    no it didn't, I found its an invalid class name, if I have validate classnames set to verify it wouldn't work. I get these spamming my rpt but it seems to work regardless, its something that changed since the last arma3 update. 9:55:58 Warning Message: Bad vehicle type
  6. I won't have time today and I'm leaving to florida tonight for a week.
  7. Though since the last arma3 update 1.88, my A3EAI doesn't work anymore. It loads but the AI monitor in the logs never shows, AI and vehicles never spawn.
  8. I found it here, version 1.0.1a https://github.com/82ndab-Bravo17/A3EAI/tree/master
  9. It all seems to be working, I tried metal garage, concrete garage, metal and cinder doors with no issues. I tried safes and vehicles which check out good. The stairs with locking bars above are still an issue though.
  10. Just curious if a fix was found/developed?
  11. I noticed A3EAI is not working anymore since the last Arma3 update, anyone else notice this? It loads but no AI or vehicles show. No errors either.
  12. Sneer

    arma3 1.86 update

    Thanks Grahame. I verified the update this morning fixed it.
  13. Sneer

    arma3 1.86 update

    Is there a link to this problem? I can't seem to find anything online about it. I see others playing on these servers but all I see are a lot of signature mismatch. This includes my own server.
  14. Sneer

    arma3 1.86 update

    Since the update my mods all show signature mismatch, I noticed some other epoch servers also show this, what's up?