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  1. Sneer

    adding items to epoch loot

    How / where do I add items for epoch to spawn loot? I have some custom items I'd like to add. Thanks
  2. Sneer

    how to unlock vehicle as admin

    I'm using default AH, any other way to do this?
  3. Sneer

    A3E DZMS

    I think I found it, there was a magazine listed under primary rifles, I may have done that.
  4. Sneer

    A3E DZMS

    I get an annoying /bin/config message when some missions start, I think there is a typo in the crate items though I can't find it. You will also see a blank item in the crate. Has anyone found this typo or bad item?
  5. Sneer

    Traders Overhaul Discussion

    I see your point, I don't mind them the way they are as long as I can say how many traders, and what goods they have and currently you can. My problem is the way I add goods. It is not good the way it is now. putting items in and then adding the number all the way down at the end of a very long statement is prone to errors and just a major headache. Plus I have to add them in the DB or kill the trader which isn't easy in a safe zone. The file epochconfig.hpp should not be the place to add items to traders. It should have its own well organized file like cfgpricing.hpp. If I could sell AI vehicles at epoch traders that would be the win. I could ditch the BlackMarket traders. I have two servers and I have on many occasions had players login message that the black market kills the game then logout. The prices varying across the map is nice but lets get to the bigger issue, a rework of the trader system is overdue!
  6. I commented out those lines. Thanks He-man!!! I don't see any need to have that option when I'm looking at a well to get a drink or unlocking a vehicle. If I had to get use to it I could but now I don't have to. lol
  7. ok, its no biggie, just annoying.
  8. I made the changes but I've noticed something new that I hadn't noticed prior. Everywhere I go around the base I get this Build Mode: Snap Alignment option when hitting spacebar on any object/vehicles. Does anyone else get this? https://youtu.be/mmUkunVxVUQ
  9. I'm trout fishing in the mountains this weekend. Can't test.
  10. I also don't get Remove Parts option for any vehicle
  11. That has fixed the vehicle from being automatically repaired when selecting "Vehicle Maintenance". However, if I select "Vehicle Maintenance" then "Repair Vehicle" on a badly damaged hatchback for example, I only get the option to Repair Glass.
  12. This started after updating the Tanks DLC along with all the other fixes and things that came out on April 11 from Bohemia. When approaching any vehicle and holding space bar and selecting "Vehicle Maintenance" the vehicle automatically gets repaired.
  13. Sneer

    traders don't buy rocket launchers

    That worked! Thanks.
  14. Sneer

    traders don't buy rocket launchers

    I added launchers to traders to sell, however they do not see them to buy them back.
  15. The traders will not buy rocket launchers, not sure if this is a bug or on purpose. I can buy rocket launchers and ammo and can sell ammo but not the launchers. If this can be straightened out then I won't need the black Market traders, I would love to ditch that script.