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  1. Does this still work? I tried it and it looks like it doesn't see the epoch mod.
  2. Dead body marker

    No I gave up. lol
  3. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    The mission circles never disappear, there is an error in deleteMarker.sqf you have: private["_markerName"]; _markerName = _this select 0; _markerName = "label" + _markerName; deleteMarker _markerName; In the past you had this and it works: private["_markerName"]; _markerName = _this select 0; deleteMarker _markerName; _markerName = "label" + _markerName; deleteMarker _markerName;
  4. new villian?

    I feel epoch needs a new villain, something that comes at night. I love the cloakers but they are rare to see at night and though scary they sometimes just stand there and are too easy to kill. Maybe some horror that comes not in a horde but one or two and they are hard to kill. I seen somewhere on the forum I think someone was working on a model for some kind of creature that looked horrifying. No zombies or dinosaurs. Maybe a ghoul/Vampire thing that steals blood, has a horrifying scream and moves and floats like the cloakers. Like the sappers they are victims of the cultists experiments. I also know people can make or use mods but then every other server mod uses them, sappers, and cloakers are unique to epoch and I love epoch for that. WHat do you think? Also, can you configure somewhere the chance of cloakers appearing? I see you can for zombies and sappers, not sure where for cloakers. and whatever happened to the construct, can this be an option? I've checked him out in the editor but he needs some kind of module to go with him for mechanics or incorporate him in the game.
  5. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    ok, Thanks but I still don't see any changes on git. I also found why the colored circles weren't disappearing, line 11 of deleteMarker.sqf was commented out.
  6. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    It also says the last commit was jun 12th.
  7. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    I did make sure. The colored circles remain whether you complete the mission or it times out.
  8. [CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.71 build 77

    I updated to the current version and doing missions I eventually get an overflow error spamming rpt. Also the mission markers stay on the map.
  9. Default AH and Bloodlust Lite Mod

    maybe security_checks.h remove "HitPart", and "Fired" from the addEventHandler. Not sure sure about unlimitied Ammo.
  10. The rangefinders, nightstalker, etc do not show range. Not sure its a bug or needs to be enabled somewhere. It worked in 4.0.
  11. [LOOKING FOR] : Halo respawn system

    This worked for me, I changed it to 300 and it works, not sure it needs to be that high though.
  12. https://youtu.be/3MDKW2XDxBA
  13. epoch 0.5 service point

    Where do i change the service point marker name?
  14. #SEM - Simple Epoch Missions v0.8.1 + 0.8.3 test

    I looked at this again and got it working, the missions spawn now. I added what you put above but also needed to change sem\scripts\fn_missionController.sqf line:87 _runningMission = [_missionPos, _randomMission, _runningMissionID, _missionType] spawn compile preprocessFileLineNumbers format["%1%2.sqf", _missionPath, _randomMission select 0]; So if anyone is running linux you need to run like this.
  15. Mad Arma issue

    I had messaged the developer about this, asking if it had been fixed. he replied: " @Sneer not jet, sadly the BI tools are always signing this one pbo false... "