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  1. Deployable Sleeping Bags as Spawn Points

    What do the numbers mean in CfgLootTable.h and somethings are classified magazine or CfgLootTable.
  2. Deployable Sleeping Bags as Spawn Points

    Can you refresh my memory on how to add to loot tables?
  3. epoch 1.1.0 build 1194

    I found the Fire Extinguisher, its there.
  4. epoch 1.1.0 build 1194

    You are a He-Man thanks for checking that. I added that line. One last thing, there are no radiation suits for male or female or a Fire Extinguisher that I can find in CfgPricing.hpp.
  5. epoch 1.1.0 build 1194

    It was in 1.0.0-1074 which was were I was before I upgraded to 1.1.0
  6. epoch 1.1.0 build 1194

    ok great. I also noticed the sapper gas does not affect toxicity though the toxic grenades do. a bug maybe.
  7. [UPDATE July2017]-[RELEASE]DP Real Health System v0.6

    It would be nice if this was working for 1.1.0 with the radiation effects added. Please.
  8. epoch 1.1.0 build 1194

    Do the heli crashes work? I don't see them spawning. Also, did something change with vehicle storage? The vehicles seem to all be maxed out.
  9. ammo boxes

    Well I got this from Arma3 CfgMagazines 1000Rnd_20mm_shells 20 mm Shells ' B_20mm_Tracer_Red gatling_20mm Twin_Cannon_20mm gatling_20mm_VTOL_01
  10. ammo boxes

    There are 30mm and 40mm but no 20mm
  11. ammo boxes

    Hey thanks, that works. I like the crafting too! I added 1000Rnd_20mm_shells to CfgPricing.hpp but they can't be loaded into a blackfoot and the icon doesn't show up. Is there somewhere else this needs to be defined?
  12. ammo boxes

    I have an ammo box for the HMG on a prowler, anyone know how you reload the ammo?
  13. m200_low_ti_ca.paa missing

    Thank you!!
  14. m200_low_ti_ca.paa missing

    Getting these very annoying messages, anyone know why? Warning Message: Cannot load texture a3\weapons_f\machineguns\m200\data\m200_low_ti_ca.paa.
  15. When I purchase a vehicle from trader I can't unlock it. I need someone else to walk up and unlock, then I can lock and unlock it. Anyone know why this might be? I did recently install blckeagles missions.