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  1. Did you fix the HALV_Spawn_map.LineMarker error? I still get this error.
  2. I'm almost positive restart, I can move the objects just by restarting the server over and over.
  3. Objects are still moving, I had put in the line then rebooted and replaced the items and they are still moving. This only affects Tanoa, my Altis server is fine.
  4. Yes I did, I still get the error. It did fix being able to spawn at jammer though.
  5. I have made the line change. I'll run it for the next day and get back to you. Thanks
  6. Thank you! I'll try it out tonight.
  7. Where would I put this script? and what does "you have to replace the [] by {} " mean?
  8. Placing objects (burn barrel, water pump, sink, sun shade, field toilet, watch tower, portable lights, bar gate) all move after server restart and keep moving to the east in small increments. Very annoying. Light poles, any floors, walls, safes, shelves, solar panels, jammers, work benches do not move and stay firm.
  9. That was just me making a typo, it should be HALV_spawn_map.LineMarker. I do get the error though.
  10. Does anyone have this script working so the tanks from the tanks DLC can rearm weapons? With the Tanks DLC the only thing you can re-arm are the machine guns on these tanks, I'm guessing they changed the way to add magazines to turrets? I think this also goes for the Jets DLC.
  11. Getting a spawn error when the map comes up to select location to spawn. Anyone know what the fix is? No entry'mpmissions\_CUR_MP.Altis\description.ext/Halv_spawn_dialog/controls/HALV_spwan_map.LineMarker'.
  12. adding this here, it wasn't in the recent update. Epoch_custom_EH_KeyDown params ["_display","_dikCode","_shift","_ctrl","_alt"]; _handled = false; private ["_key"]; for "_key" from 1 to 20 do { If (_dikCode in (actionKeys (format ["User%1",_key]))) exitwith { if !((player nearObjects ["Constructions_static_F", 5]) isEqualTo []) then { _handled = true; }; }; }; _handled
  13. epoch_server\init\server_securityfunctions.sqf To set Max: Line:33 To add +/- values for adminmenu Line:99 @epochhive\epochah.hpp Line:68 add same values as you added in Line:99 above
  14. I thought your 2 decimal point fix might work here. Not sure though since I don't see the 2 decimal point as a problem in my case. Would a Virtual suit loaded with gear be a problem?
  15. Found it in serverDZ.cfg storageAutoFix = 1; // Checks if persistence files are corrupted and replaces corrupted ones with empty ones (value 0-1)
  16. My server is not up at the moment but somewhere there is an option to delete and recreate any persistence files that are deemed corrupted. Sounds like some terrible workaround, This could be what happened? Personally I've never had this problem but I do a persistence wipe with every new update.
  17. FYI Step 2 and step 5 there are issues with copying and pasting. If you manually type those lines out then its fine.
  18. Hey Ghostrider, I have a server running using this mod for Malden, I get a Mafia fisherman mission way up in the black off the northwest corner of the map. What do you think that might be?
  19. I know what your saying but two servers where it all worked from prior all stopped after the update. This is what it complains about and spams the logs since the update: 9:55:58 Warning Message: Bad vehicle type I verified all the vehicle class names in a3eai. If I disable all the vehicle spawns, UGV, heli, LandPatrol, etc then the errors stop. It works if I disable verifying for classnames, and configuration but I get the spam messages.
  20. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0orztko75813wf1/AADbI1F7HkiXG6ChjJhAJ_Gqa?dl=0
  21. I have a player who gets "Authentication Failed, Disconnect and try again". Player gets this message with a black screen then gets kicked back into the lobby. If I delete the player from the database, he loads in fine. He'll be good for a a month or so then it happens again. It's very strange. Here his client rpt log, since the server logs show nothing except he connected and disconnected. client rpt error
  22. no it didn't, I found its an invalid class name, if I have validate classnames set to verify it wouldn't work. I get these spamming my rpt but it seems to work regardless, its something that changed since the last arma3 update. 9:55:58 Warning Message: Bad vehicle type
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