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How to make loosing humanity after die?


Howdy guys. I tried to make lossing humanity after die by adding this code:

_DeadHumanity = player getVariable["humanity",0];
_DeadHumanity = _DeadHumanity - 1000;
player setVariable ["humanity", _DeadHumanity , true]; 

to player_death.sqf. After die I can see, that humanity changed, but when I spawn, my humanity amount is like was before death. 

I just think, that I should make it in server side, but dont know how and where.

I have few ideas about that, but dont know how to realise them:
1. Data base script, that changes humanity when creates new body of already existed player.
2. Mission side script. After spawn change humanity of player.
3. Server side. Idk where :c

Hope that someone clever can help me :) Thanks!

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