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[Request Guide] HPPs, SafeZones, GUI and another things


Hello. Tried to understand system of creating "windows" on GUI, but unsuccesfull..
Tried to understand this system by reading this topic on wiki, but didnt understand it....


So could somebody make a guide how to make ur own gui, add "windows" and another thing, will be very-very cool.

If somebody very clever havent time to make guide, I can pay for private lessons. 


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If you want to create proper Dialogs or GUIs I can recommend this editor.

Its pretty easy to use.


x and y are the coordinates where your window/dialog is located on the screen

w and h are the size of the height or the width


safezoneX, safezoneY, safezoneW, safezoneH are just the coordinates/size of the actual monitor resolution.

These can help you to fit your dialog better to the screen resolution you are using.

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      I've received tremendous help from SHIX. Most of the credit goes to him for explaining to me how to do this.
      also, I've used the code he provided as a template and built this from that.
      He kindly allowed me to share with all of you
      Ok, now for the fun part.
      This is NOT for someone new to the world of epoch server management. (probly because of my instructions lol)
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      I'm far from being a coder lol
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      PBO Tool
      patience...with my instructions ;)
      TextView (optional)
      How to create new pages
      Known issues
      Many thanks to SHIX. Without him explaining this GUI stuff to me I wouldn't of made it lol
      Thanks to Kill Zone kids blogs, they are amazing to learn from.
      Hope you guys enjoy it.
      I will support this to the best of my knowledge :)
      16/02/2017 UPDATE
      Thank you to @Casual_Jeff for this 1.0.6 FIX
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