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Found 13 results

  1. hi! How to add new hpp file,new trader,new items (No wepaons,no truck) Static guns trader Thanks Im created trader,activated server_trader.sqf,activate mysql,cfgservertrader,napf. Not worked :/ , Not loading Trader menu, Does not produce
  2. Assomnia

    Add item trader

    Plop all ! new problem .... i want to add the pipebomb to the hero and the bandit traders. Therefore I made a new category banditexplosives.hpp and heroexplosives.sqf new number of the category is new and fine I include the new category to the traders basically I can see the category in game. I can buy the items via trader or advanced trading. But I can't sell the pipebomb and only this one, from the inventory. I can sell them from the backpack tho... someone can help ? i use epoch 1051 and the coins system and advanced trading from @Zupa, who else ?! ;) thanks folks
  3. Hi guys, In Arma2Epoch I was using Zupa's Single Currency system and the developer functions allowed me to add/remove money: How can I do the same in Arma3Epoch? Simply put, from inside a server-side SQF script, I would like to do things like: add n krypto to playerBankAccount remove n krypto from playerBankAccount add n krypto to playerCash remove n krypto from playerCash Thanks!
  4. Hello :) i use a lootspawner script so spawn some crates in different buildings.. So.. i open the crates but they contains no loot... My mate added the LS script.. so i don´t know which script he used.. But i think it was the LS script which spawns more weapons too (@MAS) I want to add new items to this crates but i cant find the file where the loot is defined... Crates: Box_East_Wps_F Box_East_Ammo_F Box_NATO_Wps_F Box_NATO_Ammo_F Box_IND_Grenades_F How can i spawn random Weapons, Ammo, Items, and so on... in this crates? Please excuse my bad english.. Hope you understand my problem :) Best regards Tom :)
  5. hello, is it possible to add new islands to chernarus without creating a whole new map, like using the map editor and creating a floating city or using sandbags to simulator an island. thank you
  6. Hello, I have been searching google for the proper way to add the guns that are in the overwatch part of overpoch, to the tradercities. I haven't been able to find anything helpful. I have overpoch installed and do not see an option to purchase overwatch guns in the trader cities. Any files you need me to attach or link I will be able to do. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I have been wondering if it is possible for me to add normal class buildings from Arma 2 and make it so players in game can build these just like they do with a normal cinder wall. If you have any information you could share with me please post below please.
  8. Wish List/Ideas For DayZ Epoch Last Updated On Adding or Editing Ideas : 12/23/2013 1:55PM RH Weapon Packs - I want the RH Weapon Packs,The guns in Epoch right now are kind of boring you could say,We just need more variants and modern newer guns.This could then crush DayZ Overwatch if we get this on Epoch. Fast Roping - I believe there is a script for that,But it would be easier for it to be in the mod itself. More Scenery - Epoch needs more custom buildings already on the mod,Have a secret military outpost guarded by AI but with great promising loot,Kind of like DayZ Origins Salvation City. F18 - This is like a NEED, Atleast add some more airplanes that are armed and some you could store at your base easier. More Helicopters - If we had more helicopter variants or just more Helicopters,I could see some more players joining onto the community itself. Farms - Have a system of farming set up so people could survive much easier and sell it for currency. Include More Animals - If we have more animals like Deer perhaps people could use the fur for clothing or other things. Better Loot Tables - I think the loot tables are kind of bad currently,I don't want buildings to have a tin can in it nor a KSVK. Under Ground Buildings - This is a great idea people could make bases under here. Great Idea @Munkeskov Wrecks Now Useful - Wrecks around north east or airfields etc. they should add something to where you can salvage parts from them like wheels and engines and some scrap metal that's rusted and if you have enough you can craft it into scrap metal for vehicles and buildings etc. Custom Survivor Vehicles - Adding Survivor Vehicles like DayZ Origins could be something tat would bring players from everywhere. Moats - If we added moats this could be a great base defense mechanism. Base Defenses - Traps you can build for base defenses. Severe Weather - Just because its a zombie apocalypse doesn't mean there cant be Tornadoes or Snow storms,And if people don't like this they can turn it off through a config on there server. Trailers - This would be great for looting expeditions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOU CAN HELP WITH IDEAS TOO !! COMMENT YOUR IDEAS IN THIS THREAD !! AND WE WILL ADD THEM TO THE LIST !! ALSO PLEASE DO ADD REASONING WHY YOU WANT THIS !!
  9. Hey there, I was wondering how to add things to my traders i do have acess to the database but haven't found a solid tutorial on it, was searching the forums same result nothing. Can anyone explain or link something that will teach me thanks. -DarkWolf
  10. Hi there, my second tutorial about the epoch admin tools, this will show you how to add another menu to the list, I heard a lot of people where struggling with that. http://youtu.be/cjlN58OaE9s how to install admintools: http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1937-tutorial-how-to-install-admin-tools-on-dayz-epoch/ http://youtu.be/Mil0hgZzvJo I hope you enjoy it, if you have anymore requests, i'll try to make them! also, if this video reaches 30 likes, i'll upload my admintools folder, included: all the epoch items, medical kit, all toolbelt items, supplies -> Mortrar, Cinder blocks, scrap, ... Greetings, Matijs
  11. Hi folks I hope that you can help me here: I am trying to add vehicles to my server. I have the locations of the vehilces, and have pasted them into the database. However, they do not spawn unless i get the objectUID just right. I added the name of vehicles i want to spawn (example: SUV_Pink), but it does still not spawn. I tried to type random numbers in the objectUID, and it spawned some vehicles. Not the vehicles i want, but others. Is there a way to add vehicles to the server, or is this a form of security so you arent able to add any? I have attached a screenshot of some of the vehicles i successfully added to the database. Best regards and thanks in advance //Warpten
  12. Hi again guys, I asked a question about the Trader Stock as I want to add Cinder Blocks and Mortar to them. I have received a response that I should look for file called "traders_data" file but I cannot find it anywhere. Today I was told that I should add the stock in MySQL... I have no idea on who to do this and I have searched the forum for help but didnt find anything good. Can you please let me know if you know, where and how to add these two Items. Screenshots, anything is helpful. This is all I need to get my server completed and I would love to have it done soon. Anyone with this knowledge or Vilayer server willing to help out? Thanks!!
  13. Hello, My name is Austin, and I hope you enjoy these suggestions, Thank you! Fixes: *Nothing Yet* Add: Buildable - Heli Pads (Concrete or Dirt) Buildable - Parking Spaces (Concrete Slabs) Buildable - Antena (Decoration) Buildable - Dog House (Decoration) Buildable - Trash Can (Small & Large) (Decoration) Buildable- Sirens (Useable, Like Horn) Buildable - Spot Light (Useable) Buildable - Cones (Decoration) Buildable - Latter (Not Stairs, Useable) Buildable - Light House (Light need Lightbulb to work) Buildable - Scaft Fold Buildable - Ammo Crates Buildable - Turrets (Machine Gun & AA) Battle Bus (Bus with Guns) Scrap APC (Box of Steel) Paraga Copter (Pickup/Heli) Remove: *Nothing Yet* If you guys want me to add something, comment, Ill edit post and add that stuff! Thank you guys!
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