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  1. Rust

    Skin problem

    Hey, just posting my interest in this as well. If you wouldn't mind would you be able to post how you've got them to work so far? I've tried AllPlayers = And no avail for me either.
  2. I'm using JasonTM's loot table's currently, and I want to learn how to edit/make my own custom tables Link for his I'm going to use the Construction.hpp file as an example If I wanted to add say a safe 'ItemVault' to the loot that would spawn in groups of 3, how would I do this? What does each part of a line mean, what would I need to add for the above example. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks so much, after I installed all of those it worked. However once it was working hit me with the hard reality that the computer I was transferring to was too old to host a server efficiently (pulling around 15 server fps and taking forever to first connect). This is completely unrelated but to host a quick responsive server all thats needed is a strong low core (4, or dual) cpu + high mhz ram? As the PC I was attempting to host on is very weak in both departments. Eitherway thanks for your help on that problem, that was the sole thing left to fix.
  4. Hello, I've setup a new computer running microsoft server 2016 so that it can run my server permanently from that. Currently I'm running it from my main PC, which is alright but it means I have to leave it on all the time which is a big strain and uses more power then the computer running microsoft server. I managed to transfer all the files succesfully and export/import the database for my players however when I launch it, no error I can see happens as it allows me and other players to connect to the server, but once connected it gets stuck on 'waiting for server to start authentication' until it times out. The one thing I am seeing is normally when a player connects it starts spamming out green lines '12:42:04 HiveExt(0): [Information] Result: ["PASS",[2017,12,4,13,42]]' like that, however on the new computer it just sits on 'Game started' and never puts a new green line. Below is my mission rpt Steps I took to move the server 1 - Backup everything 2 - Install heidisql/xaamp 3 - Transfer over database and server files 4 - Give permissions to database that are exactly the same 5 - Redo paths for my launch/restart bats (this was fine) 6 - Launch server, no error I can see, allows players to connect and download mission then gets stuck on waiting for server to start authentication I've tried using a clear database too which didn't work, it must be some option I'm missing.
  5. Rust

    Editing GUI in

    Thanks so much !
  6. I'm using your script and it runs fine, works etc. However players are saying they don't get the option to pack or its very difficult to see (EG it only stays for half a second and then they have try and get it again). Whenever I look at the bike its very easy to pack, is there a reason why its hard for players to see the option?
  7. Rust

    Editing GUI in

    Would you be able to share your rewrite?
  8. Rust

    Editing GUI in

    I've been looking at old resources of GUI's however nothings been working out, the closest I got was following an old tutorial from, it worked however it also overlapped with the base gui images/values of hunger/blood etc so I ended up removing it was what I used Is there anything similar that can be used in
  9. Thanks so much, will try and get on this asap
  10. I assume someone's already made something of the like however I'm struggling to find anything that fits what I'm looking for. Basically what you'd have is a script that just broadcasts a global message (in chat, red text) a random message from say an array every X amount of seconds Has this been done before? I have no knowledge of coding in arma whatsoever so I wouldn't even know how to start if I wanted to.
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